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Beyond presenting ideas to the masses, the humble projectors are also awesome as being your home entertainment. Read about projectors here.

Overview Easy to Carry The Lightest Portable LCD Projector in its Class Easy Setup Easy Setting Function with Focus Assist, Wall Color Compensation, and Screen Fitting Easy Operation Connect and Project from Single or Multiple PCs/Tablets without a Cable Brightest Featherweight Performer Yet Despite its light weight and compact dimensions, the Pt-Vw420A outputs a spectacular 4,500 lm of brightness for bright, clear, and color-saturated images even in well-lit rooms. High 12,000:1 Contrast A new iris mechanism optimizes light output according to content. Blacks are deep and rich while colors and highlights are reproduced with realism. Up to 7,000 hrs. Maintenance-free When used for eight hours per day, lamp and filter replacement is not required for up to four years (or 7,000 hours* of operation), significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Daylight View Basic Panasonic's Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark areas of the image, which were previously difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and Daylight View Basic function adjusts halftone color and brightness levels according to the surrounding illumination. Quiet Operation The quiet design keeps noise levels down to a low 29 dB on Eco Mode with the cooling fan hardly audible, minimizing distractions during presentations. Low Power Consumption on Standby With Standby Mode set to Eco, standby power consumption is a mere 0.5 W. This lowers running costs and helps to reduce environment impact. Specifications Power supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption 100-120 V: 310 W, 220-240 V AC: 290 W (0.4 W when Standby mode set to Eco, 1.3 W when Standby mode set to Network, 9 W when Standby mode set to Normal) Panel size 15.0 mm (0.59 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio) Display method Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/g/b) Pixels 1,024,000 (1,280 x 800) pixels Lens Manual zoom (1.6x) (throw ratio: 1.2-1.9:1), manual focus, F 1.60-2.12, f 15.30-24.64 mm Screen size (diagonal) 0.76-7.62 m (30-300 in), 16:10 aspect ratio Resolution 1,280 x 800 pixels. Brightness 4,000 lm (input signals: PC, lamp power: Normal, picture mode: Dynamic) Lamp 230 W x 1 lamp (240 W driven) Lamp replacement cycle 5,000 h/7,000 h (lamp power: Normal/Eco) Center-to-corner uniformity 85% Contrast 10,000:1 (Full On/Off) (input signals: PC, lamp power: Normal, picture mode: Dynamic, Iris: On) Scanning frequency Hdmi IN fH: 15-80 kHz, fV: 50-85 Hz, dot clock: 162 MHz or lower RGB fH: 15-100 kHz, fV: 50-100 Hz, dot clock: 162 MHz or lower (Signals exceeding the dot clock rate of 140 MHz are downsampled.) Ypbpr(Ycbcr) fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 59.94 Hz [525i (480i)] fH: 31.50 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [525p (480p)] fH: 45.00 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [750p (720)/60p] fH: 33.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [1125 (1080)/60i] fH: 28.13 kHz, fV: 25 Hz [1125 (1080)/25p] fH: 27.00 kHz, fV: 48 Hz [1125 (1080)/24sF] fH: 67.50 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [1125 (1080)/60p] fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [625i (576i)] fH: 31.25 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [625p (576p)] fH: 37.50 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [750p (720)/50p] fH: 28.13 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [1125 (1080)/50i] fH: 27.00 kHz, fV: 24 Hz [1125 (1080)/24p] fH: 33.75 kHz, fV: 30 Hz [1125 (1080)/30p] fH: 56.25 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [1125 (1080)/50p] Video/S-Video fH: 15.75 kHz, fV: 60 Hz [Ntsc/ntsc4.43/pal-M/pal60], fH: 15.63 kHz, fV: 50 Hz [Pal/secam/pal-N] Optical axis shift 49:1 (fixed) Keystone correction range Vertical ±40 ° (±30 ° when using Auto) (maximum value of Wxga input) Horizontal ±30 ° (maximum value of Wxga input) (maximum value of Wxga input) Installation Ceiling/floor, front/rear Terminals Hdmi IN Hdmi 19-pin x 1 (compatible with Hdcp, Deep Color) 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/60p, 1080/50p, 1080/30p, 1080/25p, 1080/24p, 1080/24sF, VGA (640 x 480)-Wuxga (1,920 x 1,200), audio signal: linear PCM (sampling frequencies: 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz) Computer 1 IN D-sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1 (Rgb/ypbpr/ycbcr x 1) Computer 2 IN / Monitor OUT D-sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1 (Rgb x 1), (input/output selectable using on-screen menu) Video IN Pin jack x 1 (Composite Video) S-Video IN Mini DIN 4-pin x 1 (S-Video) Audio IN 1 M3 x 1 (L-R x 1) Audio IN 2 (Mic IN) M3 x 1 (L-R x 1) for audio input or for microphone connection (variable) Audio IN 3 Pin jack x 2 (L, R x 1) Audio OUT M3 x 1 (L-R x 1) for output (variable) LAN Rj-45 x 1 (for network connection, 10Base-T/100Base-Tx, compliant with PJLink™) Serial IN D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (Rs-232C compliant) Built-in speaker 4.0 cm (1-9/16 in) round shape x 1, output power: 10.0 W (monaural) Operation noise 37 dB (lamp power: Normal), 29 dB (lamp power: Eco) Cabinet materials Molded plastic (Pc) Dimensions (W x H x D) 352 x 98*4 x 279.4*5 mm (13-27/32 x 3-27/32*4 x 11*5 in) Weight Approx. 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) Operating temperature 0-40 °C [32-104 °F] (less than 1,400 m [4,593 ft] above sea level, High Altitude Mode: Off) Operating humidity 10-80 % (no condensation) Read more
*Prices updated on 21 Jul 2017

Projectors : Presenting Ideas For The Whole World

Little did we know that projectors are more than just tools for presentations or briefing your team. As there are bigger TV screens with better image quality, everyone thinks that projectors will have no place in being part of home theatre. However, you should be looking at the projectors as they truly reflect what it means to have your own home entertainment experience as you can have supersized screen that makes everything to be larger than life itself. In other words, the projectors provide for epic entertainment that will change the way you think about the projectors as they are not the old projectors that you see in office and school.

Bringing Light To Your World

There are many reasons for you to get a projector. Aside from watching movies, you can actually enjoy playing video games with projector. If you enjoy the larger than life feel when watching movies, playing video games is not an exception to such wonderful experience. With its ability to project images that larger than what can be shown on a TV, projector is certainly bringing much illumination to your eyes as you feast upon the impressive cinematic experience before you.

Before getting a projector, you must know the basic thing about the projector : types of projectors. Firstly, the LCD projectors are the same ones that you see on the basic LCD TVs. Despite being seen as the lowest in its class, newer LCD projectors make sure they do not stay the same anymore as they can be one of the best projectors in the market. Next, the LED projectors are distinguished by their light source as opposed to type of projection. As for the DLP projectors, they are like the one in the cinemas as they boast more powerful performance that enables higher resolution images.

Top Brands That Make Great Projectors

  • BenQ

Established since 2001, BenQ has experienced dramatic growth as one can find its extensive range of products in more than 100 countries. The name, BenQ, actually stands for "Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life". As such, BenQ products have been designed with such philosophy in mind as its customers can enjoy the experience when using its products that enhance their lifestyle at the same time. As an example, the BenQ projectors are awesome because they are one of the easily affordable projectors that boast impressive performance. This can be seen in its projectors that best to be described as brilliant and bold when they offer such vivid yet clear images.

  • Epson

One of the world's largest manufacturers in office appliances and other products, Epson designs its products to reflect its own statement, "exceed your vision". True to its statement, you will find that Epson products to be exceeding your vision because they are better that what you expect as they offer better build quality as well as offering higher performance. Similarly, Epson projectors are wonderful projectors because they boast some of the fluid and realistic movement that you have ever seen on the projection screen.

  • Excelvan

Since 2003, Excelvan has been making a huge range of products that include car electronics, automotive interior accessories, outdoor lighting, home lighting and others. Through its 9 years of exponential growth, Excelvan truly excels in building audio and video solutions that make the real difference in the lives of those who used its products. In addition, Excelvan also pioneers several ground-breaking innovations that make the headlines in the industry. Having said that, Excelvan projectors are truly remarkable as they provide highly detailed images that can captivate your eyes.

  • Sony

From its humble beginnings in 1846 to a superpower of the modern world, Sony certainly takes a high leap as a one of the giants in the world of consumer electronics. It is definitely not stranger to several key innovations in both market and industry. As such, Sony products can be very rewarding when you are using them as they offer tremendous performance that can surprise you. Its projectors have been hailed to be both stunning and sophisticated as they unleash spectacular display that keep you in awe.

Great Things Do Appear When You Have The Projector

Once the projector has worked its magic for the first time, you will be treated to a wonderful and tantalizing cinematic experience that you have never seen before except in the cinemas. Whether you are watching your favorite movie or playing your game, you will be glad that projectors can make you smile as you gaze upon the beauty of projection.

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