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Computer Hardware

Computers make up the bulk of our daily interaction today. Gone are more traditional and "analog" machineries in place of digital computing. In the past, computers and their hardware components cost a lot, but as years go by and technology develops further, the prices are becoming more affordable.

Each computer is made up of several different components, and depending on your needs, you may or may not need some of them, such as a discrete graphics processing unit.

Computer Motherboard

The motherboard is a core component to any computer. It has a variety of input and output slots to connect other computer hardware components. It is the foundation of the computer They have network adapters built in as well, enabling Wi-Fi and wired networking.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is the brain of a computer, and is where all of the processing of data and tasks happen.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

All kinds of visuals on the computer go through a GPU. There are two types of GPUs: Integrated in the CPU block, or a discrete GPU which is significantly more powerful for media software and gaming purposes.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is where the CPU stores temporary information as a placeholder while it runs tasks on your computer. Generally more RAM enables the computer to multi-task better.

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD)

Your data storage devices where your data is all stored. HDDs are mechanical storage drives whereas SSDs are flash-based data storage.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

It plugs into an electrical wall outlet and powers the computer and the rest of its components.

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Did you know that you can buy computer hardware online? Yes! It's true! For those of us who love customizing our computers, be it laptops or desktops, you can get all your hardware needs right here. Shop for your hardware needs with iprice Malaysia to avoid the shopping hassle. Find out more here.

Get all the best hardware in Malaysia to upgrade your computer

The computer age has come on us like an avalanche. In the past two decades, computer technology has advanced beyond reckoning. Even so, what makes computers is basically hardware and software. That’s all. Without hardware, there would be no computers, no social media, no means of communication, heck, you won’t be reading without the appropriate hardware. That’s why at iprice.my, you can upgrade your hardware to keep up with the times. Get all your hardware needs right here! Whether you use a Mac or Windows, laptop or desktop, all your hardware needs are met with the right hardware in Malaysia. Find out more about hardware Malaysia with the links below or browse the products above.

What hardware to get?

Let’s look at all your hardware options. It is best if you already know what item you would like to customize in your computer. But if you’re not sure, just have a look. Here are some suggestions as to the different hardware options you can get:

Motherboards – look out for the best in motherboard hardware right here. Choose from a variety of PC 4-digit code mainboard motherboards that come with diagnostic analysers for each. Each motherboard in 100% brand new and have LED lights to display results from diagnosis analyser.


Choose from a variety of RAM from iprice without all the hassle. Every type of random access memory is available for you to customize your laptop is here. You can find big brands like Kingston RAM to fortify your desktop.


Enhance your system with the best soundcards for crisp, clear audio stimulus. Sound cards, also known as audio cards, convert audio waves from programs and other interfaces to become music and other effects.

Cooling units and fans

Computers tend to overheat. That’s where cooling units and fans come in so handy. The right cooling fan can keep your computer working at optimal performance. Find all your cooling units and fans right here.

Computer cases

Customize your computer to not only perform well, but look good too. Computer cases come in various designs and shapes to intrigue your fantasy. Get all your needs for computer cases by shopping online.

Graphic cards

Good graphics is what every gamer wants. Upgrade your graphics card with GDDR 5 Graphic cards from PowerColor and other big brands for optimal performance. Want smoother games with vivid details? Upgrade now to get better graphics.

As Malaysians, we tend to search for hardware at all the wrong places. The chances for counterfeit products are always high. The first thing that we do when we encounter a malfunctioning unit in our laptops or desktop is to run to the cheapest shop to get a ‘technician’ to fix it. Little do we know that the products used may not be certified or original. Thankfully, you can buy all your hardware products online with iprice. Just browse the hardware products and shop till you drop. Happy shopping!

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