While the Playstation or Nintendo Switch is sufficient for casual games, gaming on a PC is a whole different story. PC gaming computers with top-tier specs can elevate your gaming experience no console ever could. From Alienware to HP, find out which gaming PC Malaysia you should consider buying in the article below.


Top PC Gaming Computer in Malaysia You Should Consider Buying

A gaming PC needs the best specs and the best features. This is so that all your gameplays, no matter what kind of game it is, can run without interruption. While desktop PCs are still the way to go when it comes to specs that can support all kinds of gaming, the right gaming laptop with a powerful specification can do that just as well. Here are the best PC gaming computers in Malaysia you should consider getting if you’re looking for a new gaming computer to play on.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10

If you’re in search of the best of the best, then Alienware gaming PC is for you. The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is considered as one of the best PC gaming computers due to its superior specs, sleek design, and affordable price tag (for an Alienware PC). The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is equipped with a 16-core 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processor to support all kinds of gaming seamlessly. It also has thermal control that can optimise airflow inside the gaming PC to keep it cool and maintain high performance.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition 10 Specs

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500 - 9 3950X (16 cores, 32 threads, 64 MB L3 Cache, 4.7 GHz max boost)
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5600 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
  • RAM: 8GB - 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB 7200RPM SATA - 2TB M.2 PCle NVMe SSD + 2TB 7200RPM SATA
  • Dimension: 481.8 x 222.8 x 431.9mm
  • Weight: 17.8kg

HP Omen Obelisk

While the Alienware brand offers top-notch specifications at a high price, the HP Omen Obelisk can offer you all the good stuff without the high price tag. The HP Omen Obelisk is described as a no-frills gaming PC as HP removed all the unnecessary features in order to keep the cost and price low. It also has a straightforward design; there’s no RGB lighting or a complicated cooling system. It all comes in a sleek, black box with red lighting to match the red Omen Obelisk logo.

HP Omen Obelisk Specs

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 8700 or AMD Ryzen 7
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - RTX 2080Ti
  • RAM: HyperX 32GB DDR4-2666w SDRAM (2 x 16 GB)
  • Storage: 1TB HDD - 1TB SSD, 3TB + 3TB HDD
  • Dimension: 6.5 x 14.06 x 17.05 inch
  • Weight: 10.4kg

MSI Trident 3 10th

Gaming PCs can often be heavy and bulky. If that’s something that you’re not looking for when purchasing a PC, then you can opt for the MSI Trident 3 10th. At only 3 to 6kg (depending on which variant you opt for), this MSI PC is considered one of the smallest PCs in the market today. Despite its size or lack thereof, the MSI Trident 3 10th is equipped with all the necessary CPU and graphic cards to bring you the best gaming experience. It has a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and MSI GeForce RTX 2060 graphic cards.

MSI Trident 3 10th Specs

  • CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core i7 - 107000 processor
  • Graphic Card: MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Super ITX 8GB GDDR6
  • RAM: up to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • Storage: 1 x M.2 SSD (SATA/PCle Auto switch) + 1 x 2.5” HDD / SSD
  • Dimension: with stand: 353.73 x 97.56 x 251.35mm, without stand: 346.25 x 232.47 x 71.83mm
  • Weight: 3.17kg/6.09kg

Corsair One a100

Another contender for a small gaming PC, the Corsair One a100 still packs a punch thanks to its specs. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU and paired with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. It also features an all liquid cooling system to keep all of your gameplay running smoothly. The one downside of this gaming PC is its price tag. If budget is not an issue for you, this sleek Corsair PC should be the gaming PC of your choice.

Corsair One a100 Specs

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - 3950X
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX RTX 2080 Super - 2080 Ti
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4-3200
  • Storage: 1TB Force MP600 M.2 NVMe SSD - 2TB 5400RPM 2.5” HDD
  • Dimension: 200 x 172.5 x 380mm
  • Weight: 7.38kg

Asus ROG GA15

While gaming laptops are easier to maintain, nothing can compare with the performance of gaming desktops. The Asus ROG GA15 is revered for its design, performance, and specs, with experts finding little to no flaw with this gaming PC. It’s equipped with a Ryzen 5 CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 to RTX 2080 GPU, and plenty of storage to store all of your PC games.

Asus ROG GA15 Specs

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X / 7 3700X / 3800X
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 to RTX 2080
  • RAM: 8 GB to 32 GB DDR4-2666
  • Storage: Up to 512 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD
  • Dimension: 189 x 421 x 498 mm
  • Weight: 10kg

The price of these gaming desktops vary, but they usually start in the mid-thousands. The more powerful and advanced the processing performance is, the more expensive the gaming laptop will be. However, rest assured that there is the perfect gaming PC for every budget.

Gaming Computer vs. Video Game Consoles

While many gamers in Malaysia like to draw comparisons between the two gaming devices, each of them serves different purposes and different types of gamers. For gaming desktops, it’s perfect for those who prefer games that require advanced and powerful processing power to be able to run the games they choose. This includes World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and more. Meanwhile, video game consoles like PS5 or Nintendo Switch have limited ability when it comes to running certain games. For instance, a gaming console is unable to run many MMORPG in the likes of WoW.

The Longevity of Gaming PCs

Considering the amount of money invested in a gaming PC set, it should be able to last up to 5 years with proper maintenance. However, if you run heavy games often on your dekstops, the ideal shelf life of a gaming PC ranges from two to three years.

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