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Get your printer toners right here! From brands that include Fuji Xerox, HP, Samsung, and Canon, don’t let your printer spit out greyish pieces of documents. Have your printer’s toner cartridges replaced by purchasing one of the many we have in store for you here! Want to know more about printer toners, click here.

Product Details Brother Pc-501 Fax Cartridge produces richer, deeper colors and delivers superior results for all your printing needs Brother® Black fax cartridge is designed to produce clear, easy-to-read text on demand and yields up to 150 pages. High-quality cartridge ensures fast printouts for all your important faxes and is compatible with Fax-575, IntelliFax-1550MC, Mfc-1750. Yields up to 150 pages Ink/toner color: Black Consistently high quality results that help you save time and money Brother original cartridges guarantee continuously high-quality output and high performance Clear text, smooth graphics with color shades and halftones Packaging: Each Compatible with: Fax-565, Fax-575, Mfc-660Mc, Personal Fax-560, IntelliFax-580MC Cartridge produces richer, deeper colors and delivers superior results for all your printing needs Print technology: Fax Thermal transfer ribbon ensures a longer life for your Brother fax machine while at the same time giving you dependable performance Thermal printing does away with smudging, smearing or bleeding that comes from using some other types of printers and eliminates the need for drying or wait time Thermal fax ribbon can save valuable time, producing the copies and fax printouts Can provide up to 150 pages of fax print-outs at 5% coverage on standard A4 size sheets Fax machine ribbon model no: Pc501 Specifications Supply Type: Fax Cartridge Page Yield Per Package (Up to): 150 Cartridge Yield Type: Standard Ink/Toner Cartridge Type: Original Ink/Toner Color: Black Ink/Toner Pack Size: 1/Pack Wide Format Compatibility: No Compatible with: Brother Fax Machines: Fax-575 Read more
*Prices updated on 21 Sep 2017

Have Your Printer Fed with Toner Cartridges Right Here!

What Are Toner Cartridges?

Toner cartridges are holders of toners which are essentially powder used in photocopiers and laser printers to produces printed text and images on paper. A toner is a mixture of carbon powder and iron oxide. Typically to improve the quality of printouts, toners’ mixtures are mixed with polymer. The particles within the toner cartridges will be melted by the fuser of which will bond to the paper.

Back in the olden times, photocopiers require the carbon toner to be poured from a bottle into a little reservoir within the machine. When more advanced photocopiers and laser printers are introduced, the toner re-imagined to be able to feed directly to the machine from a sealed toner cartridge.

It was later throughout the journey of photocopying and printing that the need of color copiers and printers came into play. Thus, the creation and inclusion of the cyan, magenta, and yellow toners, allowing greater variety colors to be able to be printed out.

Tips and Tricks on Choosing and Replacing Toner Cartridges

We thought that when you do actually purchase these toners from us, you would like to know simply tips and tricks on how to make full use of them. Here are steps and actions to take if you start to doubt how well these toners can perform:

  1. Shaking the toner cartridges would help in making sure that they are not clogged. Often this is the case with toners that appear to be “running out”.
  2. Checking for clogged nozzles would be the second thing to do. This can be done by using a damp paper towel to wipe the bottom, then wiping it again with a dry one, and then putting it back. Perform a test print.
  3. Switching to Draft Mode can help you save both time and ink. You will be able to print out pages quicker and your toner will last longer. What Draft Mode does is that it reduces the number of dots-per-inch (dpi) to make documents appear lighter and less vivid.
  4. Using the Toner Save Mode should be second nature in concerns of using a photocopying machine or a laser printer. This mode can save you tons of ink and the options for it can be found in the “Printer Preferences” or “Print Settings” section.
  5. All people know that you should refill toner cartridges instead of buying brand new ones. Refill toner kits can be bought both online and at shops and refilling a cartridge is quite simple.

If you can manage to figure out our tone in actually persuading you to follow our tips and tricks on toner cartridges, then you should know that replacing toners are as easy as pie. We do have to say that in order for you to follow these tips and trick, you have to first purchase a toner from here. Have your pick at ones from Canon, Fuji Xerox, HP, and Samsung.

Happy Shopping!

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