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ZTE Axon mini 32GB Gold prices in Malaysia

The first ever smartphone that boasts a pressure sensitive touch screen which could recognize touch pressure and its different levels. This newest feature provides a more enhanced function and experience for users, that have yet to be utilized by most smartphone makers today. Aside from that, there’s a bunch of high caliber features such as a 13MO Camera, Finger Print Scanner, Eye Print ID, Full HD Display, 3GB and a lot more. Check out the full details of this smartphone right here!

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Pressure Sensitive Screen

One of the main highlights of this phone is its pressure-sensitive touch screen pressure. This feature opens a way to navigate, play, or work with your phone. What is does is that it can determine the level of pressure placed on the screen of the phone and utilize it for different functions such as security features, weighing scale (up to 1 gram), and shortcut menus. This new feature that’s only available in a few smartphones such as the ZTE Axon Mini gives users a new way to play and interact with their phone.

Top Notch Security

The ZTE Axon Mini provides users with different ways to lock and unlock their phones. First up, the pressure sensitive touchscreen adds a new security feature called the 3D password, which makes use of pressure patterns as a security measure to lock and unlock the phone. Another security feature of the phone is their fingerprint sensor, a standard in most of the high caliber phones today. The latest one is the phone’s eye print id, a new biometric solution that could transform your ordinary selfie into a key that will protect your phone. The front camera will basically recognize its user's face to implement the security measure on the device.

Premium Design, Robust Build

This phone’s body is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum-titanium alloy, the material that gives the phone a solid and premium finish. Its sleek body boasts an even sleeker bezel which is only 0.85mm, it perfectly matches with the phone’s 5.2-inch Super AMOLED Full HD 2.5 curved edge screen. The ZTE Axon Mini is one of the solid yet sexiest smartphones in the market right now.

Sharp Shooter with Powerful Internals

The camera of this device offers a very pleasing 13MP rear camera that could do a quick focus as quick as 01 seconds. On the other hand, its internals provides a seamless, smooth, and highly responsive user interface because of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa-core processor and 3GB RAM.

The ZTE Axon Mini is a phone that unlocks a whole new world of user experience and new ways to do things. For a very reasonable price, you’d get a phone that’s future proof, feature packed, and very powerful.

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