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Vivo Xshot prices in Malaysia

Aptly named, the Vivo Xshot truly excels when it comes to delivering exceptional performance in snapping pictures effortlessly. Read more about Vivo Xshot Malaysia below to find out.

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Vivo Xshot Malaysia – Inspiring A Clearer Vision

Possessing remarkable ability in designing and developing amazing smartphone designs, Vivo is all about providing the products that emphasize user experience. As such, it releases the incredible Vivo Xshot smartphone that proves to be versatile and powerful at the same time.

Shoot Like A True Professional

Incorporating the fearsome 13MP rear camera that comes with optical image stabilizer and autofocus, you can expect Vivo Xshot to be rightfully admired for its exceptional camera performance. Moreover, you will be able to snap sharper and clearer images even when you are moving around.

Not just that, its main camera proves to be one of the biggest attractions as its camera displays superb capability in being able to achieve the quality of pictures that you desire. In other words, it takes gorgeous shots effortlessly without breaking a sweat. Hence, the Vivo Xshot allows you to shoot pictures like a true professional photographer.

Exciting Options For Your Creativity

As if it is not enough, the Vivo Xshot offers several cool options that enable you to take pictures in the way that you want. Featuring options such as quick shot, Bokeh mode, children mode and night mode, this Vivo Xshot proves to be one of the most amazing camera-centric smartphone that you can find in the current market. All of these amazing features give you the freedom and flexibility that you never expect to find in a smartphone.

Shooting Creatively With Vivo Xshot Malaysia

In quick shot mode, your Vivo Xshot will activate its camera instantly and shoots five continuous pictures like a true gunslinger when you double click the shutter. When it comes to bokeh mode, the Vivo Xshot operates like a DSLR camera as it snaps a photo which highlights the focused subject and then blurs the background.

What is interesting about the children mode is that your Vivo Xshot will generate cute sounds that will attract the children and immediately takes a picture of them when they look at the camera. While most smartphones struggle in taking a great picture during the night, the night mode allows Vivo Xshot to take sharper and clearer photos via its advanced image processing process.

Your Dedicated Selfie Master

Possessing a 8MP front camera that proves to be equally impressive, the Vivo Xshot can create your perfect selfies without much fuss. As your selfies tend to be highly detailed and sharp at the same time, they will immediately draw likes when you post them in your social media. Not only that, you can trust Vivo Xshot in enhancing your selfies further with the incredible Face Beauty mode. This feature provides several previews of your face in different styles of makeup. In conclusion, the Vivo Xshot is a great smartphone that you will love to get.

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