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Sony PlayStation 3 500GB Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 3 320GB Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 3 160GB Offer unavailable
Sony PlayStation 3 12GB Offer unavailable

Sony PlayStation 3 Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
ModelPlaystation 3 250GB
DateNov 2012
Ports & interfaces
HDMI ports quantity1
USB 2.0 ports quantity2
Digital audio optical out1
AC (power) inYes
Ethernet LANYes
Ethernet LAN data rates10,100,1000 Mbit/s
Wi-Fi standards802.11b,802.11g
Bluetooth version2.0+EDR
Storage mediaHDD
Internal storage capacity259 GB
Built-in optical driveYes
Card reader integratedNo
Optical drive typeBlu-Ray
Packaging content
Number of gamepads included1
Video game includedYes
Games included2
PlatformPlayStation 3
Product colourBeige
Internal memory256 MB
Internal memory typeXDR
Processor modelIBM Cell Broadband Engine
Graphics adapter memory typeGDDR3
Video memory256 MB

PlayStation 3 Malaysia Review, Specs & Features

PlayStation 3 Malaysia - Revolutionary Performance for Game Consoles

When the PlayStation 3 was launched in 2005, it received many critical praises for its powerful internals and specifications – even for a moment, it was rivalling the specifications and performance of a gaming computer. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the PlayStation 3 is a cell microprocessor that utilizes an array of processing elements. It was considered revolutionary at the time but was ultimately rather hard to develop games for, leading to a rather shortage of great titles during the earlier stages of the PlayStation 3.

It was also praised for the use of Blu-ray Discs as its primary storage medium. As Blu-ray Discs can hold a large amount of data, large games could be stored entirely onto and operated from a single Blu-ray Disc. It is the first game console to ever use Blu-ray Discs, and also the first console to be able to natively operate as a Blu-ray Disc player for movies.

PlayStation Network

The PlayStation 3 also marked the launch of Sony's first social and digital media gaming network, PlayStation Network (PSN). Originally only meant for PlayStation consoles, the service is now extended to smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray Players, and Sony's very own line of HD television sets.

The PSN service allowed the users to stream videos, movies, and music from online servers straight to their PlayStation, acting as a sort of set-top box for TV. Recently Sony also introduced PlayStation Now, a game streaming service in which gamers can rent to stream a game direct to their PlayStation without owning a physical or digital copy. Besides these first-party services, however, third-party services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll are also made available on PlayStation.

PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation 3, along with the PlayStation Network, launched also with PlayStation Plus, a premium PlayStation online service that gave the subscriber specific benefits during their time as a PlayStation user, such as early access to games, special discounts, and automatic downloads of updates. One of the most outstanding factors of the PlayStation Plus service is the Instant Game Collection, which offers 6 games per month to a subscriber for free – although it is only active until the PlayStation Plus subscription ends. The free games offered are not only available for the PlayStation 3 but also on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Reviews of Sony PlayStation 3
Reviewed on 2017-04-24
The PS3 console takes center stage in the gaming arena. by Vaughn SmithMay 8, 2006 - Los Angeles, CA - Sony unveiled the final version of the PS3 at their E3 Press Conference today in Los Angeles, CA and to the delight of fans everywhere, answered...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-08
Smaller size. Larger hard drive.
Overall, feels slightly flimsier than the previous PlayStation 3. Sliding-door optical drive doesn't feel sturdy, and it feels like a step backward
Sony has given the PlayStation 3 its second makeover since the game system first debuted in 2006. This new version is smaller than the "Slim" update from 2009 and sports an even bigger hard drive, offering 250GB and 500GB versions that put the original 20...
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Reviewed on 2009-02-26
From the outset, the PlayStation 3 has billed itself as more than just another game console. And this machine lives up to its promise: Its one of the most capable Blu-ray Disc players available today. The 80GB PS3 ($400, as of 2/18/09) has built-in gi...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-29
The Playstation 3 has been on the lips and minds of everyone but what does it really contain and is it really as cool as they say it is? Well wonder no more with the help of this review! OverviewPlaystation 3, the third gaming console released by Sony...
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Reviewed on 2008-11-19
Terrific gaming performance. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Free networked gaming. Integrates a high-quality Blu-ray player. Supports Blu-ray Profile 2.0.
Costs more than competing consoles. Sony has removed memory card slots. Online features lag behind Microsofts Xbox LIVE. No dedicated Blu-ray remote.
Its been two years since Sony launched the PlayStation 3, and although the box itself looks the same today, a lot has changed. The price has dropped; developers have released dozens of cool new titles; and Blu-ray has triumphed as the high-definiti...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-23
The PS3 has excellent picture quality, comparable to and sometimes better than that of standalone players, Sony's PS3 is an unbelievable bargain, considering you get a gaming console, media hub and Bluray player all in one box for less than $400, The unit is proving to be somewhat futureproof, thanks to an Ethernet port and insightful firmware upgrades from a motivated Sony, which wants to de...
The included remote is cumbersome and it is sometimes hard to find the appropriate buttons, especially for the nongamer, While the audio performance is pretty strong, the PS3 doesn't have the cult following that the PS2 has developed among audiophiles. It is altogether possible that the reason why the audiophiles like the PS2 is because it isn't the newest thing (they always like the old stuff...
Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been covered in the press ad nauseum, and we're guilty, too. But no Blu-ray player guide would be complete without this iconic product, which is widely considered to be one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, despi...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-10
The 160GB PlayStation 3 will launch in November 2008 for a limited time with a few added bonuses. Retailing for $499.99, the bundle will include a copy of in addition to a voucher for the PSN title . Aside from these pack-ins, the 160GB PlayStation 3 ...
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Reviewed on 2008-07-17
Coming off the success of the PlayStation 2, Sony has clearly stumbled out of the starting blocks with its latest system. The PlayStation 3 is packed to the brim with powerful technology, impressive pedigree, and a killer Blu-ray player. However, what ...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-16
Swanky design with quiet operation; all games in high-definition; PSP-like easy-to-use interface; plays Profile 2.0 high-definition Blu-ray movies in addition to upscaling standard DVDs; built-in Wi-Fi and flash media reader; 80GB hard drive; online pl......
A USB port on the back wouldve been nice; no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes arent compatible; glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet; online gaming, media, and commerce options not nearly as developed as Xbox Live.
A handful of notable upgrades from the entry-level model, the 80GB PS3 is superb Blu-ray player and high-definition game console.
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Reviewed on 2007-11-09
Swanky design with quiet operation; all games in high-definition; PSP-like easy-to-use interface; plays high-def Profile 2.0 Blu-ray movies in addition to upscaling standard DVDs; built-in Wi-Fi; 40GB hard drive; online play is free; HDMI output with 1......
No flash media reader; cant play PS2 games; doesnt include rumble controller; a USB port on the back wouldve been nice; no infrared port means non-Bluetooth universal remotes arent compatible; glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet; online gam......
While Sony has cut a few corners to get its entry-level PlayStation 3 below $400, its still a great package for the money--so long as you can live without backward compatibility for PS2 games and are willing to wait several months for the more promisi...
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Reviewed on 2007-06-08
As an interesting side effect of convergence and cross-promotion, Sonys next generation gaming console, the PlayStation 3 is one of the more advanced offerings in the Blu-ray Disc Player market, and also one of the least expensive. But can it really perfo...
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Reviewed on 2007-06-01
The PS3 is an amazing product both in terms of performance as well as flexibility. The unit is far more than a game console, it is a full media server with interfaces designed for streaming both audio and video content. The PS3 offers customers advance...
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Reviewed on 2007-03-23
There's no denying that Sony is slightly late to the table with its next generation gaming console. With Nintendo launching its fun filled Wii at the beginning of December 2006 and Microsoft unveiling the Xbox 360 almost a year and a half ago, Sony has ma...
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Reviewed on 2007-01-28
My Thoughts On The Sony PlayStation 3Overall, I think that the Playstation 3 is a really great console. I mean itll do just about anything from surfing the Internet, to playing music/videos, the latest HD movies, and a lot of gaming. Also, I like how ...
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Reviewed on 2007-01-01
When it launched the original PlayStation back in September 1995, Sony was a nobody in...
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Reviewed on 2006-11-20
The hardware looks great, and runs nearly silently and very cool Wireless controller is light and feels great Great-looking Blu-ray movie playback Price is low for a Bluy-ray player A lot of multimedia options Solid backwards compatibility
Terrible online store Slow, unintuitive browser No background downloading Games continue to play even if you eject the disc; you have to manually restart the UI via the controller Messy UI HD scaler doesnt work right Price is high for a video game con......
There it is, sitting in my entertainment center: the PlayStation 3. Getting my PS3 was surprisingly easy—no long preorder line—and when the system was released I arrived at 8:00am and picked it up. Simple. I wasnt shot at and there wasnt a lot...
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Reviewed on 2006-11-16
Killer gaming performance. Blu-ray player. Media card reader. HDMI out with 1080p. Works with PS1/PS2 titles.
Expensive. HDMI cable sold separately. No more vibrating controller. Hard to find on store shelves.
The PS3 is, quite possibly, the biggest console gaming system ever. At twice the size—and price—of its predecessor, the PS3 makes Sonys lofty ambitions pretty clear: This is much more than a gaming system. Sure, playing games is still the prim...
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Reviewed on 2006-11-15
Awesome sound/video output Built-in Blu-ray drive, wireless networking Tilt-sensing capability Online shopping features All games HD-ready Multimedia functionality Free online multiplayer 60 GB hard drive
ole is better". Well first off all the consoles are great in different ways. However, if you are talking about performance and graphic wise the PS3 comes out on top. Yes, the launch titles werent great for the PS3 but this fall you have Assassins Cre......
its wholly feasible that this will be the true players sole console companion of choice.
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Reviewed on 2006-09-27
Even by the considerable standards of past next-generation consoles, the Sony PlayStation 3 has been subject to almost ludicrous levels of prerelease hype and hyperbole. The system was unveiled at E3 2005, where it faced derision for having a glut of u...
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Reviewed on 2006-12-02
Great graphics, Included Blu-Ray Drive, Enjoyable games
Menu unintuitive in places, Cost The Final Word While it will take a swipe at your bank balance, Sonys Playstation 3 is definitely a powerful machine. Offering incredible graphics and the added bonus of a Blu-Ray drive, it is a great console to comple......
As the long wait for the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 game console dragged on, gamers started to joke that Sony stood for Soon, Only Not Yet. The next-generation console finally went on sale in the US on November 17, although there probably wont be ...
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