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Cheapest Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 Price in Malaysia is RM 72.00

The Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 is now available in Malaysia. The cheapest Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 price in Malaysia is RM 72.00 from Lazada. Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 price details are updated December 2018.

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Country International Price Price in MYR
Hong Kong HKD 141.00 RM 75.00
Indonesia IDR 263.000 RM 75.00
Malaysia MYR 72.00 RM 72.00
Philippines PHP 1,791.00 RM 141.00
Singapore SGD 24.80 RM 75.00
Thailand THB 990 RM 126.00

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Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
ModelinFAMOUS Second Son, PS4
DateSep 2014
Game editionBasic
PlatformPlayStation 4
GenreAction / Adventure
ESRB ratingT (Teen)
DeveloperSucker Punch
Release date (DD/MM/YYYY)21.03.2014
PEGI rating16
Multiplayer modeNo
Maximum number of players1

Reviews of Sony inFAMOUS Second Son PS4
Reviewed on 2014-04-02
Infamous: Second Son marks the biggest Spring 2014 first-party release for Sony's new PlayStation 4 console. The original Infamous debuted on the PS3 years after that console was released, so the opportunity to launch on the newly released PS4 is a great ...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-28
Platform: Playstation 4After playing through Infamous: Second Son, I'm not convinced that it's enough to sell the PS4 by itself…but if you own a PS4 there's really no excuse not to add this game to your collection.Infamous: Second Son tells the story of D...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-26
Visuals are stunning, Acting is fantastic, Seattle is fun to explore, Powers are a blast
Animation stun lock, Story feels linear, Side activities wear thin quick
The inFamous franchise has always felt like Sony's middle child. While the idea of an open-world superhero game developed by the talented folks at Sucker Punch sounds like a dream, the series always had some drawbacks I was hoping to see remedied with the...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-24
It's no secret that open world games where players can let loose with a plethora of super-human abilities are a whole lot of fun. Spider-Man 2 taught us this in 2004, and numerous games have integrated this formula ever since. Has Sucker Punch refined the...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-23
I was worried about Second Son. The first two Infamous games—both personal favorites of mine—stand as high points in Sony's first-party publishing portfolio: wonderfully crafted superhero playgrounds infused with a great sense of flow and urgency.Both of...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-21
Today's the day when the latest installment in Sucker Punch's open-world action/adventure series launches up, up and away into PS4s all over the planet. While it resembles its predecessors a fair bit, Infamous: Second Son does do a few things differently...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-21
The PlayStation 4, compared to the PlayStation 3, is a ridiculous evolution in technically specifications and up until now many console exclusives have gone out of their way to show just what the system is capable in terms of visuals. Both Killzone: Shado...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-20
Admittedly, I have been anxious for this game since the end of inFAMOUS 2. The ending(s) were just too ambiguous for me to be satisfied with the “conclusion” to the series. I had hopes and big dreams of what a sequel would be. When it was announced I imme...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-20
inFamous Second Son ReviewSecond Son rations the good stuff, giving too little too late.Facebook Share Twitter Share By Jamie Trinca 20th Mar, 2014 - 2:00pm InFamous: Second Son is dull.Sometimes, it’s arduous. At almost all times, it’s underwhelming....
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Reviewed on 2014-03-20
CommentWhen inFamous Second Son was initially revealed, my first impression of Delsin Rowe was that he kinda looked like a smug, skinny jeans and beanie-wearing jerk. After spending 20 plus hours playing as Delsin, I can in fact confirm that he is inde...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-20
Seattle is a setting not often treaded in games, so that's fun to see, The game is polished and solidly fun to play, From resolution to particle effects, the graphics are truly a leap forward from similar games on previous consoles, The various powers you...
There are no original gameplay ideas here; it's a retread of what dozens of similar games have done over the past several years, The story is predictable, with paper-thin characters, Performance chugs in very large battles
Infamous: Second Son would have helped Sony out with its launch lineup had it been released alongside the PlayStation 4 as originally planned. It's a fun game that really shows off the PlayStation 4's technical capabilities. If next-gen gameplay had accom...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-06
DateApril 6, 2014 (29) Read later The lively Second Son clearly has ambitions to be more serious than the PlayStation 3 Infamous games, but even with the deeper political undercurrent this is still a comic book romp at heart. And it's lots of...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-24
Super Heroics Enter The Next GenerationThe Infamous franchise has, for better or worse, been perceived as a B-List series for Sony. While games like Uncharted and God of War occupy top spots in the hearts of gamers and critics alike, Infamous while not ha...
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