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Sennheiser PC PC 350 Special Edition 2015 prices in Malaysia

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Lowest Price: RM 728.20
from Lazada
5 Offers from 1 store available from RM 728.20 - RM 875.00

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Sennheiser PC PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Price by Country

Malaysia MYR 728
Philippines PHP 8,928
Thailand THB 6,779

Sennheiser PC PC 350 Special Edition 2015 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2013-01-29
Sennheiser recently loaned us one of their newly-revised PC 350 Special Edition gaming headphones. Sennheiser is known for high-end audio products, and I was hoping that these headphones would prove worthy of their $249.95 dollar price point. So, when the...
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Reviewed on 2012-12-17
There is a war that wages in silence. This is a civil war of sorts where the factions are, for all intents and purposes, family. That family is the endless and global tribe of gamers. The battle: sterero gaming audio vesus multi-channel audio of the 5.1 a...
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Reviewed on 2011-05-04
Introduction :Sennheiser is a widely recognized brand in the audio community and the introduction of the PC 350 G4ME headset in 2008 has really brought on to the table one of the best gaming headsets ever made. My experience with titles like Battlefield B...
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Reviewed on 2011-01-22
The main advantage of these headphones is that they bring great quality when it comes to listening to game sounds in comparison to other such devices available on the market. They are very easy to use, which is an important aspect to take into consider...
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Reviewed on 2009-11-26
All in all, Sennheiser deserves its well-regarded name in audio. The PC 350s list for $229, but you can find them for as little as $150. The set's only drawback is that it has an exceptionally long cord designed to reach..
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Reviewed on 2009-08-10
When it comes to headphones and microphones for aviation and some of the biggest names in music they have relied on Sennheiser products for years. It was only natural that they would venture into the gaming headset market. In the time sense then, they ...
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Reviewed on 2009-05-05
In the audio arena Sennheiser are one of the most well known brands serving professionals and businesses as well as the everyday consumer. Sitting amongst their huge line of products is a range of professional gaming headsets and today we are going to ...
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Reviewed on 2009-05-01
Great design, quality product with crystal-clear clarity.Not exactly cheap, but then you get what you pay for.
The Sennheiser PC 350 is truly a top quality product. We loved the clarity, the comfort and the style - if youre in the market for a top-end headset, its hard to go past the PC 350!...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-13
High end design and construction, Comfortable fit for extended use, Fairly accurate representation of audio field,Unbalanced bass and treble response, Not very versatile across multiple scenarios, Volume knob just lowers sound, but doesn’t turn off
Not everyone has the luxury of living by themselves and being able to crank your gaming system at all hours. General roommate courtesy dictates that you be aware of your cohabitant and allow them for their own time and their own sleep. So when your dru...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-24
High quality sound reproduction is something that is all too easy for the PC enthusiast to overlook on the long and arduous journey toward computing perfection. But what’s the point in spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on graphics...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-03
According to Sennheiser, this high-end gaming headset offers features such as Duofol Diaphragm technology, adaptive baffle damping and a frequency response optimised for binaural perception.However, what most potential buyers will want to know is how i...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-03
According to Sennheiser, this high-end gaming headset offers features such as Duofol Diaphragm technology, adaptive baffle damping and a frequency response optimised for binaural perception.However, what most potential buyers will want to know is how i...
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Reviewed on 2008-10-01
Sennheisers PC 350 headphones are aimed at gamers, and have a built-in microphone for taunting your opponents during multiplayer games. This microphone can be swivelled out of the way if needed. Theres also an in-line volume control. We found the ...
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Reviewed on 2008-07-09
Comfortable, Excellent sound quality, Integrated mic, Sharp looksExpensive, Microphone not removable, *
I had a very difficult time sitting down to write this review because every waking moment in front of the PC became a “testing session” as soon as I laid eyes on the PC 350s at my desk. If you are the competition - these are THE headphone...
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Reviewed on 2008-06-26
Sound quality, adjustable mic, foldable for stowage, 3m cablePressure on head, can get sweaty, expensive
The price is high but if you spend a long time in front of your computer gaming, then this will ensure you don't annoy the neighbours with thunderous detonations and the beautiful rattle of automatic gunfire
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Reviewed on 2008-06-06
Founded in Germany in 1945, just a few weeks after the end of World War II, Sennheiser has steadily risen from its humble beginnings to become a worldwide leader in the field of audio reproduction and recording technology. Although Sennheiser is genera...
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Reviewed on 2008-06-05
If youre after the best gaming headset that money can buy - that weve ever used, at any rate - here it is. The PC 350 boasts superb clarity of sound, snazzy aesthetics, a top quality build and an excellent mic. Sennheiser - PC 350 price Buy Sennheis...
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