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Samsung S22A350B Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
DateDec 2016
Display brightness250 cd/m²

Samsung S22A350B Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2012-03-12
Demand for LCD displays has risen steadily over the years and this demand has been met by a number of manufacturers. Samsung have, over the years managed to bring in a whole variety of displays. One of the interesting areas of the market is the 22-...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-24
Great for gamers: low ghosting time of 7.5 ms, Reasonably accurate colour reproduction, Good contrast: 920:1Very few, if any, accessories/hardware features
Given that the S22A350H doesn't do anything with the audio that arrives via its HDMI input, it's not much use as a spare TV or for watching movies. If you're still convinced you want to try it, then there are a few things to set up first. First of all,...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-13
We're back with another roundup of 22
Reviewed on 2011-07-13
We're back with another monitor roundup. This time, we're focusing on the extreme end of the cheap gaming spectrum: sub-£150 LCD monitors. It might surprise you to learn that, at this price range, your options are extremely limited. You could buy two ...

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