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Malaysia MYR 830

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From RM 285.00 Listen up guys! Have you ever woke up late for work and still have the ムMonday bluesメ within you? But, oh snap! There's no more time left for a morning shave and you are definitely aware that you canメt be expecting a nick-free face by shaving with the traditional razor that you have if you are in a hurry. Donメt worry, mate! We feel for you. And that is the reason why, we are proud to present to you Panasonic Shower Shaver ES-SL41R! -- Superior design -- The ES-SL41R is designed and styled in Milan. It is created solely for style and ergonomic purposes. By using the ES-SL41R for shaving, now you can officially bid farewell to those painful irritation that you normally get from the disposable razors for good because the unique ES-SL41R outer curved foil will track the contours of your face and fits uniformly against the skin for a perfectly kissable soft skin and no risk of stubble rash. -- Use it wet or dry -- Oh yes, you can definitely use this shaver conveniently while being in the shower or while standing in front of your bathroom mirror. This is because the ES-SL41 is ideally designed to be used in the shower or like any other traditional razor with any foam or gel for a more indulging, silky-smooth shave experience. Apart from that, it is also 100% waterproof so you can put your worries aside about getting the battery wet unnecessarily. -- 3 powerful Nanotech blades -- Panasonic has incorporated the Nanotech blade technology onto this magnificent shaver by combining the 30ᄚ nano-polished inner blades and multifit arc blades with a super thin finishing foil to achieve an extremely fine blade tip edge of 0.3ᄉm, reducing the cutting resistance by approximately half, for a fast and close shave while still remain gentle to the skin. -- As easy as ABC -- Need to groom your moustache or sideburns? No sweat! Just pop up the trimmer when you are ready to use and tuck it away once youメre finished. Also, the ES-SL41R comes with a convenient carrying holder cap and an easy to use charging and storage station. So, just simply carry this shaver with you wherever you need it as it is always ready to perform at any place and any time at your own convenience!
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