Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii Price & Specs in Malaysia February, 2020

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Cheapest Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii Price in Malaysia is RM 9.11

The Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii is now available in Malaysia. The cheapest Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii price in Malaysia is RM 9.11 from Kobo. Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii price details are updated February 2020.

Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
ModelSuper Mario Galaxy, Wii
DateFeb 2014
PlatformNintendo Wii
ESRB ratingE (Everyone)
Game editionBasic
Language versionGerman
Release date (DD/MM/YYYY)16.11.2007
Multiplayer modeYes
Maximum number of players2

Reviews of Nintendo Super Mario Galaxy Wii
Reviewed on 2017-04-24
Mario has flown all over the galaxy and into our hearts this time! Why is it that I always give my highest scores to Mario games? Am I just completely biased by his charm? I'm pretty sure that it's not just that.Most Mario adventure games are simply very...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-29
Over a decade ago Super Mario 64 defined the template for 3D platform games, and set a standard that surprisingly few of the games that followed would even get near to. Sadly for Nintendo, that included its own Gamecube sequel. It seems harsh to label a g...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-27
After writing the 3D platformer rulebook back in 1996 with Super Mario 64, Nintendo has had one hell of a mountain to climb to top that classic title. Super Mario Sunshine came close, but even the interesting new FLUDD mechanic and tropical setting cou...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-21
A true new Super Mario game is something we don't get all that often - in recent years it's been one per console. When that game finally does arrive, as is the case with Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, it's all too easy to get carried away. Anyone who's...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-20
Having had the chance to play quite a few Wii games to date I would venture to say that Mario Galaxy is one of, if not the best looking game to date on Nintendo’s next-generation system. Everything just screams Nintendo quality. If you think that I...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-15
Rating: Everyone Super Mario Galaxy begins with a somewhat menacing tone: Princess Peach has invited Mario to the castle because she has a surprise for him. If that werent bad enough, it is also the day of the festival. Which festival? The festival. ...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-12
Given the hour, I'm assuming that a lot of you are likely waking up to this review. Perhaps some of you have fancies of Nintendo's latest flagship title Super Mario Galaxy dancing in your heads, holdovers from the dreams cultured while you slept. Some...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-12 | Digg This | Glink It In the first week of September, 1996, an unfamiliar controller caught my attention. It was attached to a new kiosk at Blockbuster and, after staring at it for a few seconds, I realized what I was looking at: Ninten...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-12
A game light-years above the rest. Careful: minor spoilers ahead. It’s evident right from the beginning just how much effort was put into the reinvention of Mario, a task of galactic proportions. The game looks amazing, sounds incredible, and is a t...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-12
Excellent combination of retro and addictive, unique gameplay, Each galaxy is more fun than the last, Gorgeous visuals,
Multiplayer feels tacked on
For someone who got their start as a humble Italian plumber – Mario has sure had his share of occupations. Think about it – Mario has tried his hand at everything from driving go-karts and prescribing medicine to becoming a multi-sport athlete and even...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-08
Superlative gameplay; perfects and even exceeds Super Mario 64; best visuals and sound on Wii to date.
Honestly, the only thing that might put folks off is a preference against action platforming.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. Super Mario Galaxy represents the Nintendo Wiis best release to date, and takes the tried-and-tested formula from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine to a new level of perfection. Its the single best reason for naysay...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-07
Mario may be short, but hes not short on starring roles in cherished Nintendo videogames. The iconic mascots long resume features some of the greatest platformers to ever grace any home console or handheld, including hits like Super Mario Bros., Supe...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-26
In the past decade, developers have struggled to reach Mario 64s lofty heights, let alone push the platform genre forward. But finally, Nintendo has delivered a sequel as entertaining and inventive as its 1996 magnum opus. This glorious galaxy of won...
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Reviewed on 2007-11-05
The level design is superb and the new gameplay mechanics reinvigorate the Mario franchise; wonderful visual style really takes full advantage of the Wiis capabilities; definitely lives up to the high standard of previous Mario games; best title in th......
It may take some players a while to adjust to the games unique gameplay; the camera moves in strange ways during the space levels, so we hope youre not prone to motion-sickness! The multiplayer mode is weak and feels tacked on. The Final Word This is......
Mario reaches for the stars in his new intergalactic adventure, Super Mario Galaxy. Strap on your space boots and come along for the ride as we tour the cosmos and explain why Galaxy is the best Mario game since the timeless classic, Mario 64!!! Ninten...
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