Nintendo New 3DS XL Price & Specs in Malaysia November, 2020

This Nintendo has a hard drive capacity of 4GB. The number of controllers provided are 1 and was released in the year 2011.
This Nintendo has a hard drive capacity of 4GB. The number of controllers provided are 1 and was released in the year 2011.
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RM 599.00
RM 1,099.00

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Cheapest Nintendo New 3DS XL Price in Malaysia is RM 599.00

The Nintendo New 3DS XL is now available in Malaysia. The cheapest Nintendo New 3DS XL price in Malaysia is RM 599.00 from Youbeli. You can also choose between different Nintendo New 3DS XL variants with White starting from RM 959.00 and Blue at RM 930.00. Nintendo New 3DS XL price details are updated November 2020.

Nintendo New 3DS XL Price Guide

Price List by Country for Nintendo New 3DS XL

Country International Price Price in MYR
Hong Kong HKD 1,355.98 RM 715.00
Indonesia IDR 2.401.595 RM 695.00
Malaysia MYR 599.00 RM 599.00
Philippines PHP 8,403.60 RM 715.00
Singapore SGD 347.46 RM 1,060.00
Thailand THB 47,900 RM 6,473.00
Vietnam VND 3.000.000 RM 531.00

Nintendo New 3DS XL Price in Malaysia by Variants

Variants Price Store
Nintendo New 3DS XL Black RM 715.11 Amazon
Nintendo New 3DS XL Blue RM 930.00 Shopee
Nintendo New 3DS XL White RM 959.00 Lazada
Nintendo New 3DS XL Yellow Offer unavailable
Nintendo New 3DS XL Red Offer unavailable

Nintendo New 3DS XL Specs

Video Resolution SD
3D Ready Yes
Data Storage
Hard Drive Capacity 4GB
Expandable Memory Yes
Hard Drive Type MicroSD Card
Type of Memory Expansion MicroSD Card
Included Memory No
Streaming No
Online Capables Yes
Web Browser No
Video Chat Yes
Skype No
Wireless Controller No
Number of Controller 1
Motion Control Yes
USB Controller No
Bluetooth Controller No
Release Year 2011
Diagonal Screen Size 4.8"
Number of Display 1
Capacitive Touch Screen No
Multitouch No
Display Resolution 800 x 240pixels
Power Supply
Battery Charging Time 5h
Battery Life 8h
Battery Pack No
Power Adapter Yes
Battery Capacity 1400mAh
Packaging Content
Controller Included 1
Dimensions (W x H x D) 93.7 x 160 x 21.6mm
Weight 329g
Max Number of Players 1
Bluetooth No
Wi-Fi Yes

Reviews of Nintendo New 3DS XL
Reviewed on 2015-02-16
The 3D is a bit better, Speedier processor for a slightly slicker experience, Enhanced build and layout, Great games
Still dated in terms of tech, New 3D isn't perfect, Charger isn't included. Seriously
It's the games that make the system, right? That's especially true with the Nintendo 3DS, which judged on its technical merits isn't a particularly great bit of hardware...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-28
Nintendo is a confusing company, at least it is when it comes to naming its devices. After the massive success of the Wii, Nintendo confused consumers with the release of the Wii U. After the DS blew the handheld market wide open, the followup was called ...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-14
The New Nintendo 3DS XL has been available here in the States for a couple of months now, and chances are–unless you're holding out for a big holiday purchase–you've managed to get your hands on one if you wanted it Perhaps you upgraded from a previous 3D...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-25
Great 3D graphics on the go and plenty of games at a variety of prices
New, colored face buttons might be hard to see in lower light
Your iPhone and iPad are decent options for gaming on the go, but they can't do everything. Sometimes touch controls work, and sometimes they don't.If you're a dedicated gamer who wants something that combines the simplicity of touch controls with the pre...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-03
“That took long enough,” is probably what you're thinking. That's fair, though I'd argue I needed a complete picture before I started this review.The New Nintendo 3DS XL launched in North America February 13, 2015. We had a system pre-ordered, but Nintend...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-23
I've been playing on Nintendo handhelds for a long time. With the ubiquity of smartphones and the proliferation of free apps, younger gamers might not realize that back in the 90s, dedicated portable game consoles were a big deal. The ability to take Mari...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-20
Handy new control, Stable 3D displa, Faster loading speed, Supports amiibo toys
Screwed-in microSD slo, No charger included
Ever since the Game Boy became the Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo has made a habit of refining its portable consoles repeatedly, until they're just right. The New Nintendo 3DS XL — “New” is officially part of the name — is the latest product of that philosophy...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-19
When we saw the glasses-free 3D of the original Nintendo 3DS back in 2011, we were suitably impressed, and then promptly disappointed when the effect kept breaking and left us suffering headaches. Now, Nintendo is back with the New Nintendo 3DS consoles w...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-17
Last Friday, Nintendo released the new iteration of their portable hardware, the “New” Nintendo 3DS XL. This new and improved version brings a lot of new features, but is it worth the investment to upgrade? Nintendo has a history of portable hardware revi...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-16
The 3DS has enjoyed a successful life after its initial launch stumbles, turning into arguably the most highly rated mobile gaming platform of all time. Nearing four years in its lifespan, the system boasts an incredible library of quality titles from fir...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-16
The announcement of a completely new 3DS last year came at a somewhat fated moment. Due to my carelessness of leaving my 3DS within reach of my then almost two year old daughter, I was left with a handheld without its Circle Pad nub. Panicked, I was scram...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-13
For a couple of years we at Kotaku have deemed Nintendo's 3DS as an essential piece of gaming hardware. And for decades, new iterations of Nintendo hardware have immediately rendered older units obsolete. Things are different this time around.We still thi...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-05
When the Nintendo 2DS released in October, 2013, I took this as a strong indication from the company that they were finally easing off on pushing the 3D aspect of their flagship dual-screen handheld. Sure it was a console marketed to parents concerned abo...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-04
Face-tracking 3D effect works, with far superior 3D experience compared with 3DS and 3DS XL. Second analog stick. Solid build. Faster performance.
No AC adapter in the box. Second analog stick is stiff and not very precise. 3D mode still isn't perfect, and not for everyone
Despite its odd name, the New Nintendo 3DS XL is not a new 3DS XL, but an upgraded 3DS XL. It's effectively a different game system with more power, features, and controls, that happens to be completely backwards-compatible with 3DS and DS ...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-03
I've owned a Nintendo 3DS ever since the day it launched. It's not the most inventive or the most attractive portable on the market, but it features an incredible selection of first-party and third-party content. But its physical limitations have always b...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-28
We're still a couple of weeks out from the proper release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL here in America, but I was lucky enough to get an early review unit Overall I really dig the new design, and I think you will too Here's a quick rundown of ten specific...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-27
The 3D screens are improved by new face-tracking, and the larger size offers a less cramped viewing experience. Internal tweaks and updates add a behind-the-scenes boost
The poor battery life hasn't improved. Having to remove the back of the console to change the SD card is a poor design choice and the legacy data transfer process is infuriating. Also, there's no AC charger in the box -- you have to buy one separately...
Bringing 3D to the masses has been fraught with issues. The biggest of these -- amidst horrible one-size-fits-all glasses and the premium pricing slapped onto 3D products -- is the headaches it can induce: move your head slightly off-axis while viewing a ...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-12
Smoother 3D experience, Great new C-Stick and controls, Better battery life
Still a bit chunky, Face tracking has a few flaws, Removes the hard Wireless on/off switch
I've never been one for mobile gaming. Not on a phone, not on a PS Vita , or on a 3DS. Then the so-called New 3DS from Nintendo came along and showed me just how good it could be.Gizmodo loves technology. Our product reviews are presented thanks to Dick S...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-27
The New 3DS XL features a second stick about the face buttons, a hint of colour and a refined layout.While previously any movement of your head or the system would cause uncomfortable blurring or a complete loss of the effect, the new tech uses facial rec...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-15
Nintendo has done it again. With a saturated market and numerous iterations of the hardware, they are pushing out a new version of the 3DS. Back in August, when Nintendo first announced the new system, I was questioning how this new system would really do...
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