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Lenovo Yoga 900 prices in Malaysia

Quite simply a laptop that probably does yoga better than you. The Lenovo Yoga 900 recognizes that current technology is emphasizing on mobile computing, and with that many people want one device that does it all, which is what the Yoga 900 is all about. Read more below!

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Lenovo Yoga 900 Price by Country
Indonesia IDR 715,000
Thailand THB 45,390
Vietnam VND 30,790,000

About Lenovo Yoga 900 Malaysia

Transform Your Laptop

As its name implies, the Lenovo Yoga 900 can sort of do yoga. Not the literal yoga, of course. The yoga features of the Lenovo Yoga 900 allows the laptop to transform into a variety of modes to fulfill different types of needs: the traditional laptop mode for your typical laptop use; a tent mode in which the display is propped up by the keyboard; tablet mode where the laptop folds flush against the back of the display; and the stand mode where the display is lifted by the keyboard, using more space than the tent mode, but ideal for lower viewing angles.

This makes the Yoga 900 an extremely useful laptop slash tablet device in many different situations. Picture it: You are working on a desk, and soon after you are on the way to a meeting, but you have to make some last minute changes to your document. What do you do when there is no work space in sight? Flip the keyboard around and convert the Yoga 900 into a functional tablet!

The beautiful Yoga 900 hinge

This is all made possible thanks to the beautiful watch-band style hinge. It offers fluid motion when transitioning between the different modes while also having enough tension to maintain each of the different modes. The unique and elegant hinge is made up of 813 individual pieces, imagine that: 813 pieces that work together in tandem to offer elegant mechanics!

Power On the Go

As the world advances in technology, more and more of our productivity is constantly happening, no matter what we are doing or where we are doing. To keep up with this trend, our mobile electronic devices have to be more powerful and efficient to ensure that we can have a consistent level of productivity.

The Lenovo Yoga 900packs in all of the latest and greatest in specifications. Powering the versatile laptop are the latest Intel Core processors, and to provide incredibly computing speeds and totally remove the risk of hard disk failures, solid state drives are used instead. You will get legendary performance and reliability with the Lenovo Yoga 900, and a great battery life to go with it.

All of this is placed into a compact laptop that weighs no more than 2kg and is under an inch thick. This is the ultraportable laptop you will need when you are travelling to and from for work or studies.

Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2016-06-03
This new era has seen technological advancement to a large especially in terms of mobile phone, tablets, and laptops. Over the years, a large number of companies have cropped up and each one of them has their own brand to sell with their own astonishing f...
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Reviewed on 2016-05-02
Yoga 900 has to compete with its own ThinkPad Carbon X1 which is a better buy for business users...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-22
Greatly improved performance over the Yoga 3 Pro, Longer run time than the Yoga 3 Pro, High pixel density touchscreen displaygood Thicker and heavier than last year's model, Slightly underperforms relative to other ultrabooks with the same specsbad
Unlike its predecessor, the Yoga 900's isn't trying to be the slimmest reversible laptop around. It's 18 percent thicker than the Yoga 3 Pro to accommodate a more powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processor—the Pro used a Core M chip—and the larger battery and...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-18
Lenovo's Yoga series of laptops have always centred around flexibility of use as well as productivity. The new Yoga 900 , the highest-end of the series, is no exception, now fitted with a much more capable Core i processor while retaining the novelties of...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-04
Very nice looks, good performance, a good complement of USB ports, nice leatherette palm restgood Battery life could be better, keyboard layout can take some getting used tobad
While the Microsoft Surface is perhaps the best 2-in-1 tablet with a removable keyboard, there's good reason to argue that the Lenovo Yoga 900 is probably the best 2-in-1 tablet with a non-removable keyboard.It's certainly a very nicely-designed ­converti...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-01
Note: This article was first published on 17th March 2016.Now that Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processors are out, manufacturers have begun to roll out the latest convertibles and ultrabooks packed with the latest hardware in full force. Thanks to Sk...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-19
Stylish design and good build quality, Comfortable keyboard, Multimode Hingegood Pricey, Back in college, I used to lug around a brawny 15inch laptop almost everywhere. It wasn't really much of a burden as I pack it in a really comfortable backpack, but when I started my dissertation with advertising and production class assignments...bad
The Lenovo Yoga 900 is a beautiful piece of tech, and anyone with a good eye for design would agree. It parades as silver-colored metal shell that nicely shows characteristic of this light and compact device. On the outside, you'll immediately take notice...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-17
ringan + nipis + berkuasa tinggi– harga premium – badan kurang kestabilan – susunan kekunci berbeza dari biasaSalah satu produk utama keluaran Lenovo adalah komputer riba atau laptop. Siri paling berkuasa dalam barisan laptop keluaran Lenovo untuk pengg...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-15
Wellbuilt, attractive premium looks, Bright, responsive screen, Good audio outputgood Screen attracts fingerprint smudges, Difficult to hold as tablet in single handbad
The Yoga 900 is the elite consumer hybrid notebook from Lenovo's repertoire for 2016, and in many ways the successor to last year's Yoga 3 Pro. It has a pristine brushed metal surface on its screen cover and a champagne gold colour that catches the eye in...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-04
Aesthetics, Hingesgood Touchscreenbad
Looking for a work PC nowadays is quite a daunting task, especially with all the latest hardware's just popping up in laptops. A work laptop should be light, portable, fast and sturdy enough for travel. After being teased last year, the Lenovo Yoga 900 ha...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-26
The big news in laptop CPUs in 2015 was the Intel Core M, a chip so small and efficient that it allows machines such as the MacBook 12in to offer levels of performance similar to those of an Intel Core i5 system. The Lenovo Yoga 900 flips things around ag...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-09
Powerful, Stylish, Lightweightgood Pricebad
Lenovo today pulled the wraps off its latest Yoga Tab 3 Pro and Yoga 900 Convertible in India. Initially, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro was unveiled at the IFA trade show last year, while the Yoga 900 Convertible is the successor of Yoga 900.The Yoga 900 is Lenovo's...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-02
When you mention Lenovo , most people think of its black, durable, no-nonsense ThinkPad laptops. That's only a small slice of Lenovo's product lineup, though, and counted among its more ambitious consumer products are the YOGA tablets and laptops. Standin...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-28
Luxurious design with watchband hinge and fun color options, excellent performance thanks to Core i7 CPU and 16 GB of RAM, excellent QHDIPS display, lightweight form factor, four form factors in one, comes with a $50 credit for the Windows Store, small co...good A bit thicker and heavier than its predecessor, display bezel is thick, trackpad can still use a bit more improvement.bad
With its four unique modes of use, the original Yoga was a true trailblazer in the PC world. Four generations later, we have the Yoga 900. Physically, the Yoga 900 doesn't look that much different than its predecessor, the Yoga 3 Pro, but the more we have...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-28
The watchband hinge not only looks cool, but it does what its supposed to do — it allows you to fold the display all the way back, turning the device into a tablet. You can adjust the angle of the screen to your best use case, but I found myself using the...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-26
Externally, Lenovo hasn’t done much to change the recipe. The laptop is still ultra-thin – the “thinnest Core i convertible laptop&#8221, according to the company – and Lenovo has stuck to its guns with the ostentatious watchband hinge. That’s a good thing, to...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-21
Pretty powerful, Very light and portable, Decent battery lifegood Cutdown keys take some getting used to, Trackpad driver misbehaves, Display black level could be betterbad
Listen to the wrong people and you could believe laptops are about to stop existing: soon to just pop out of existence like Betamax video players.And it's all because we're trading in our laptops for iPads with Bluetooth keyboards, apparently. Or maybe ma...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-21
Pretty powerful, Very light and portable, Decent battery lifegood Cutdown keys take some getting used to, Trackpad driver misbehaves, Display black level could be betterbad
Listen to the wrong people and you could believe laptops are about to stop existing: soon to just pop out of existence like Betamax video players.And it's all because we're trading in our laptops for iPads with Bluetooth keyboards, apparently. Or maybe ma...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-20
Ultra portable, versatile hinge, plenty of power, good battery lifegood Trackpad misbehaves, keyboard has a learning curve, screen has some minor issuesbad
Laptops are going through a change. But is it a kind of growing-up or that last pre-retirement crisis? Machines like the Lenovo Yoga 900 and Microsoft Surface Book want us to believe it's more the former than the latter. The Lenovo Yoga 900 takes what we...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-15
If you're looking for a Windows 10 Ultrabook, you can't go wrong with Lenovo's flagship Yoga 900. It has the style with power to back it up with Intel's 6th-generation Core i7 processor.Bend it, flip it, or fold it. The Yoga 900's elegant hinge allows the...
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