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Lenovo A889 Review: The Entry-Level Phablet to Watch Out For

The Lenovo A889 is a full-fledged phablet from the brand that offers a complete phablet experience. This phone is a step above the limitations of the brand’s A880 due to an improved camera, fast processor, more storage, and more RAM. This phablet will surely offer more than just a bigger screen, but a richer multimedia and overall smartphone experience.

Superior Processor

For an entry-level device, the Lenovo A889 is equipped with a processor that’s a lot faster than how it should be in its category. You get a quad-core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.3GHz on every core. The processing unit of this phone guarantees a smooth user experience whether you’re browsing, playing games, or streaming videos.

Bigger Display

From the size of the screen alone, one can easily tell that this phone is not a regular phone nor a tablet. Instead, it dwells in between that category – a phablet. The screen is a major factor in determining whether a phone falls into the phablet category or not, and its 6” screen is a pretty much explicit statement to get that message across. The screen of the Lenovo A889 sports a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and a pixel density of 184 pixels per inch. And the screen’s sunlight legibility will definitely not disappoint, as it manages to resonate its display vivid enough to easily be seen even under direct sunlight. On the other hand, its screen to body ratio is 70.9%, leaving a very minimal space for the bezel and unnecessary empty spaces on its screen.

Camera Advantage

You can expect better-looking photos with the Lenovo A889’s primary and secondary camera. The primary camera sports a very generous 8MP sensor, a resolution which is above the phone’s “pay grade” and a better camera sensor is always a welcomed feature. On the other hand, its front camera is a delight for people who love to take selfies because it of its 5MP camera that could produce high-resolution photos. Both cameras will serve whatever purpose you need it for, and it can produce top-notch photos.

Room for More Files

The Lenovo A889 has an onboard storage of 8GB and is expandable up to 32Gb via MicroSD slot. This means you can carry around a large number of music, movies, documents, and apps. On the other hand, it comes with 1GB RAM for a better multitasking experience.

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