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Lenovo A390 prices in Malaysia

An affordable smartphone that is solely made for an efficient call and text feature, that is what the Lenovo A390 is all about. This phone is a handy go to phone if you just need a sturdy and fully functional phone for your communication need. Read more about it here!

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Lenovo A390 Malaysia: Basic Phone for Your Basic Needs

A basic smartphone with a set of basic features is what the Lenovo A390 has to offer. It has done all the phone essentials right but doesn’t try to be stretch its capacity beyond its category. If you want a smartphone you can use for simple call and text features with a little social media on the side, this phone fits the bill.


The Lenovo A390 Malaysia is as simple as it gets. It’s ran by a 1GHz Dual-Core Processor which is complemented by 512MB RAM. The phone is far from being a powerhouse but it can get all the basics done. It can also allow light multitasking with basic apps. This phone is meant to be just a phone with a little fun on the side, and that is exactly what it gives us.

Screen Display and Camera

This phone sports a 4-inch multi-touch display which could sense 5 fingers at the same time. Its screen’s resolution is a standard 480x800 pixels and a pixel density of 223 pixels per inch, enough to hide those pixels from our naked eye. Despite being a basic phone, the Lenovo A390 is able to provide a decent camera which produces 5MP photos. Its camera comes with autofocus feature with VGA video recording. The still photos and the video of this phone are social media friendly in terms of their overall resolution.

Battery Life

Basic phones are usually outstanding when it comes to endurance, as their core hardware tend to use up a little amount of battery compared to its high-caliber counterparts. And, the Lenovo A390 is basically a perfect example of that. Despite its 1500mAh removable Li-ion battery, it can endure all throughout the day with just a single charge under light to moderate use. Also, you can always carry around an extra battery pack in case, thanks to its removable battery.

Other Essentials

One of the best thing about the Lenovo A390 Malaysia is that it is a dual sim smartphone, allowing users to use two sim cards at the same time. Both sim cards can be placed on active stand by eliminating the need to switch sim cards every now and then. Its internal storage is 4GB but it’s expandable up to 32GB via microSD slot.

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