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In the world of beauty, Korean makeup trends have slowly but surely dominate the market. The makeup style vastly differs from the contouring trend in Western countries and focuses on softening as well as smoothing. The makeup is usually less noticeable and emphasizes subtle accentuation of one’s natural assets. A good product that will easily help you achieve the look is the Laniege BB Cushion which combines the coverage of a light foundation with skincare formulas. Click here to find out more about the product.

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Laniege BB Cushion – For all day long clean and smooth looking skin

When it comes to Korean makeup trends, BB cushions totally live up to the hype. This is because, instead of the cakey foundation, BB cushions offer a more lightweight and moisturizing coverage for your skin. Laniege BB Cushion is a game changer for a multitude of reasons. If you don’t already own the product, read below to find out why you should!

World’s first revolutionary cushion mechanism

Typically, the regular BB cream has large particles which tend to clot and cake the skin. Hence, it is not suitable to be used as long-lasting makeup. Laniege’s revolutionary BB cushion mechanism has more than 800,000 pores allows the BB cream to spill out onto the pores finely just like how a delicate spray would. Applying it through a stamping motion allows for better affinity and hydration without caking.

Sponge is kept fresh and moist

You do not have to worry if the sponge dries out as the double-layered container keeps the cushion contents isolated from heat. This is so that it is remains fresh and moist until the next time you utilize it.

Customized puff that maximizes soothing and cooling effect

Instantly absorb moisture with the unique air-cell puff. It also helps to quickly transfer moisture onto the surface of the skin and offers easy and smooth application.

Achieve more than just flawless skin

Laneige BB cushion takes you to a whole new level of Korean cosmetics. Aside from the coverage that it provides, Laneige BB cushion also protects your skin from harmful UV rays with its SPF 50 protection, as well as a hydrating formula that keeps your skin soft and smooth all day. Laneige BB cushion combines Korean skin care and cosmetics into one amazing product that brightens and moisturizes your skin with every application. On top of that, the cushion is also water-proof, lasting up to 12 hours with strong resistance to oil and sebum, making it an ideal product for everyday use. Laneige BB cushion has everything you need to kickstart your beauty, and makeup needs!

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