LANEIGE BB Cushion (Pore Control) prices in Malaysia

Hate wearing makeup due to your oily skin? Can’t stand the sight of your visible pores? Whether you are suffering from one or both of these beauty issues, LANEIGE has the perfect answer for you with their popular BB Cushion Pore Control. Click here to learn more about this beauty product.

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Give Your Skin a Fresh, Matte Look All Day with LANEIGE Malaysia’s BB Cushion (Pore Control)

Finding the right foundation/BB cream product for your face is important. This is because the foundation/BB cream will help create a smooth, evenly-toned canvas for the rest of your makeup to go on. With LANEIGE’s BB Cushion (Pore Control), you get all that benefits and more. LANEIGE’s BB Cushion (Pore Control) is specially formulated to help people that suffer from oily skin and/or have large pores.

If you are looking for the perfect canvas that will last all day, then LANEIGE’s BB Cushion (Pore Control) is the perfect one for you. It has a Dual Powder Formula that helps to keep skin soft and smooth as well as sets to a semi-matte finish that will last all day. The formula contains anti-darkening powder that ensures that the BB cushion color will stay the same regardless of how long it has been worn.

Skincare and Makeup Combined in One Slim Package

LANEIGE’s BB Cushion (Pore Control) is formulated with their signature Pore Purifying Complex (one of the main features in LANEIGE’s Pore Line) that will help to refine your pores while also strengthening your skin’s natural resistance. Isn’t that an awesome skincare benefit hidden in this beauty product? Also, the BB Cushion contains elastic Silicone Elastomer and Soft Focus Powder that will help to conceal your pores.

Getting the Most out of LANEIGE BB Cushion (Pore Control)

Like many makeup products, the LANEIGE BB Cushion (Pore Control) must be used in a certain way to ensure that you can get the most out of this awesome product. Firstly, make sure that you have cleansed your skin and applied your regular routine of skincare products. Then, using the antibacterial air cell sponge puff that is included, take a small amount of the product and gently stroke it along your skin, dabbing a little to give it a more natural-looking finish. If you need more coverage, then apply a second layer. When you are done, make sure that you clean the puff (using lukewarm water and a small amount of neutral cleaning agent).

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