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Intel SSD 730 Series 480GB Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
DateMar 2014
SSD form factor2.5"
SSD capacity480 GB
InterfaceSerial ATA III
Memory typeMLC
Read speed550 MB/s
Write speed470 MB/s
Security algorithms256-bit AES
Data transfer rate6 Gbit/s
Random read (4KB)89000 IOPS
Random write (4KB)74000 IOPS
Read latency50 µs
Write latency60 µs
Lithography20 nm
End-to-End Data ProtectionNo
Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection technologyNo
SSD temperature monitoringYes
Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER)<1 sector per 10^17 bits read
Mean time between failures (MTBF)2000000 h
Market segmentMBL
SSD usage tagConsumer
Harmonized System (HS) code8523510000
Temperature monitoring and loggingYes

Reviews of Intel SSD 730 Series 480GB
Reviewed on 2015-02-24
We have mentioned many times in previous SSD reviews that the market for SSDs is extremely competitive and price-sensitive. And the only way to remain competitive is to own your NAND production facilities or intellectual property in the form of the SSD co...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-24
It has been a few years since Intel launched a new suite of solid-state drives (SSDs) in the enthusiast market, but the $449 480GB Intel 730 Series SSD (SSDSC2BP480G4R5) is designed to mark Intel's return with a vengeance. The new SSD leverages the same c...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-05
There once was a time, not so long ago, where an Intel SSD was the gold standard against which all other consumer SSDs were measured. That didn't last long as other drive makers improved quickly and a handful of third party controllers emerged to level th...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-07
Intel 730 480GB SSD RAID 0 and RAID 1The latest Intel SSD, the 730 series brings enterprise class hardware to the consumer market. Intel made some tweaks to its Data Center SSD, the DC S3500 and re branded it as the 730 series. Unlike the DC S3500 line, w...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-01
Intel recently announced the series 730 SSD, and here we review it. The arrival of the new 730 series for consumers and is interesting as it is a product that uses the server slash data-center SSD DNA from Intel's current gen enterprise class products, an...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-21
Solid State drives have come a long way since the early days. They are now searingly fast at even the smallest capacity, and the movement towards more mature hardware controllers and operating systems being more adept at utilising them has meant that y...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-04
The days of Intel being the dominant player in the client SSD business are long gone. A few years ago Intel shifted its focus from the client SSDs to the more profitable and hence alluring enterprise market. As a result of the move to SandForce silicon, I...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-28
Strong 5-year warranty, Enterprise-class controller, 7mm height
Only mid-range performance, Top-shelf price tag
Intel's performance guys have a thing for skulls. They delivered a high-performance, dual-CPU motherboard setup named Skulltrail a few years back. Now they've announced the new 730 Series of enthusiast-class SSDs emblazoned with fleshless noggins. Do thes...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
We first saw it in our report of the Intel DC S3700 way back in December of 2012, followed in June of 2013 when we reported on Intel's new SSD DC S3500 Data Center SSD. In our opening paragraph, we eluded to the fact that the DC S3500 was going to grab th...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
The Intel SSD 730 Series has a high endurance rating and comes with a five-year warranty. The drive offers a huge boost in performance compared with regular hard drives and can handle RAID configurations
The new drive doesn't support encryption, and its performance isn't the best among similarly priced SSDs
Intel's latest 730 Series solid-state drive (SSD) is the first from the company that comes with a factory-overclocked SSD controller and NAND bus speeds. However, performance is not its strongest suit, but rather, its endurance.In my testing, the new SSD ...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Intel's X25-M solid-state drive was a special piece of hardware back in the day. The SSD market was still in its infancy, and the X25-M represented the chip-maker's initial entry into an exciting new arena. It was a pretty good first offering, too. The dr...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Intel's old school X25-M SSDs leveraged the company's 50 nm flash and a controller designed in-house. That once-bleeding-edge SATA 3Gb/s-capable processor could be equipped with up to 10 channels of memory, which helped bolster its performance and potenti...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Typically when most individuals think of Intel, their thoughts drift to that of Intel's superiority in the CPU market, even though their product diversity is far more vast then some can imagine. Intel's products range from CPU's to chipsets, integrated gr...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Does well in gaming workloads, Excellent engineering of the drive, Five-year warranty, 2 million hour MTBF
Performance doesn't live up to price premium, Only offered in two capacities, Heavy power consumption
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Strong Performer, Proven Technology, 5 Year Warranty
Not Available Yet, Enthusiast Class Pricing
Intel has established a strong record in the solid state storage space, dating all the way back to 2008 with its debut of the excellent X25-M series of drives. Back then, Intel upped the ante in enthusiast-targeted solid state storage, and they want to...
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Reviewed on 2014-06-20
Intel has been part of the SSD revolution early on, with their X25-M being a fairly popular drive around 2009. Embarrassingly, this drive also suffered from several firmware bugs, which may have driven Intel to perform stringent validation of their produc...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-27
Intel has a history of bringing datacenter products to market as high-end prosumer products. The first time this occurred to my knowledge was Skulltrail, a special dual socket LGA771 motherboard paired with two QX9775 processors for the ultimate, at the t...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-01
Intel’s newest enthusiast SSD, the 730 series boasts their X25 Gen3 controller and a premium price. But with so much competition near its $250 price, is there enough to set the 730 apart?...
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