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Intel Core i7 Price in Malaysia

Constantly complaining about your computer being slow? It doesn't start up or open applications fast enough? You need the top of the line CPU (computer processing unit) with all of the bells and whistles that makes a computer a high-performance computer ā€“ you need an Intel Core i7 processor. Read more below!

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Specs of Intel Core i7

Intel Core i7 Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
ModelIntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7-2700K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz)
DateNov 2011
Processor family2nd gen IntelĀ® Coreā„¢ i7
Processor frequency3.5 GHz
Processor cores4
Processor socketLGA 1155 (Socket H2)
Component forPC
Processor lithography32 nm
Processor modeli7-2700K
Processor threads8
System bus rate5 GT/s
Processor operating modes64-bit
Processor seriesIntel Core i7-2700 Desktop series
Processor cache8 MB
Processor cache typeL3
CPU multiplier (bus/core ratio)35
Processor boost frequency3.9 GHz
Bus typeDMI
Processor codenameSandy Bridge
Memory channels supported by processorDual
Maximum internal memory supported by processor32 GB
Memory clock speeds supported by processor1066,1333 MHz
Memory bandwidth supported by processor (max)21 GB/s
ECC supported by processor
On-board graphics adapter
On-board graphics adapter modelIntel HD Graphics 3000
On-board graphics adapter base frequency850 MHz
On-board graphics adapter dynamic frequency (max)1350 MHz
Number of displays supported (on-board graphics)2
Thermal Design Power (TDP)95 W
Execute Disable Bit
Thermal Monitoring Technologies
Maximum number of PCI Express lanes16
PCI Express slots version2.0
Supported instruction setsAVX
Processor package size37.5 x 37.5
CPU configuration (max)1
Embedded options available
On-board graphics adapter ID0x112
Processor ARK ID61275

True Ultimate Power every Malaysians need

Intel Core i7 processors are the flagship processors, they are top of the line for ultimate computing performance in Malaysia. Your computer will be lighting fast and programs will open and close almost instantaneously with nary a hitch. With clock speeds of up to 4.00 Ghz on the high-end quad-coremodel, you definitely cannot go wrong with an Intel Core i7.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

Intel Hyper-Threading is a very innovative breakthrough for Intel core processors. What it does is that it helps the processor to run more efficiently, enabling multiple threads on each single core, thus increasing the overall performance of the processor. In layman's terms: It enables each core of the Intel Core processor to run several different demanding programs at the same time, while maintaining consistent responsiveness throughout the system.

If you are a person who runs several different programs and applications on your computer at the same time, you will undoubtedly see smoother performance throughout the computer's overall performance in Malaysia.

Intel Iris Graphics

Most computers that run on Intel Core processors typically also have an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) in the chipset as well. Though theolder integrated GPUs have a decent enough performance for most basic and casual graphical tasks, they are typically not powerful enough to run anything intensive.

With Intel Iris Graphics however, it is powerful enough to play a number of games on low to medium settings for the gamers in Malaysia. The powerful Intel Iris Graphics can also output Ultra High Definition (4K) videos on three screens without any slowdowns or screen tearing. If you are a video maker, you can even edit videos with the integrated GPU! This is especially most beneficial to video producers who are constantly travelling and often use a laptop or Ultrabook for their work.

Overclocking with Unlocked Intel Core i7 processors in Malaysia

Intel Core i7 processors are already very powerful, but there are those who still want to go further, who want to push the limits and acquire outstanding performance. That is where unlocked Intel Core processors come in. Unlocked Core i7 processors come with Intel's own overclocking toolkit that will allow you to unleash the beast within. The processor will accelerate its clock speeds to its limit and you will experience processing speeds unlike no other that you have seen before.

Reviews of Intel Core i7
Reviewed on 2012-12-23
Benchmarking 86 CPUs takes a while. After long last, though, we have 51 models from AMD and 35 from Intel tested in our current suite. If you want to know how your processor sizes up to its competition, you'll find plenty of comparison data inside! 86 C...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-16
Measuring electrical quantities of PC enclosure is a curious task. It's particularly interesting and informative to measure platform's consumed power and energy consumption, two different things people tend to mix up. Let's clear the definitions first:...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-20
The fastest Sandy Bridge chip available. Good for overclocking.
Expensive for a mainstream processor. Integrated video capabilities are insufficient for enthusiasts. Not much faster than the Core i7-2600K
When Intel released its line of second-generation Core processors a year ago (under the ā€œSandy Bridgeā€ code name), it offered consumers new opportunities in various areas of CPU performance, regardless of how much you wanted to spend. The top chip at laun...
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Reviewed on 2012-03-09
Although Intel has released some super high-end CPUs in the $1000+ range recently, not everyone is looking to spend that much on a system build. On the lower end, the Core i5 series is still offered, with the 2500K leading the way with its 3.7 GHz tur...
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Reviewed on 2012-01-29
The new LGA 2011 platform for enthusiasts didnā€™t really impress us that much at launch. Of course, it was not worse than the previous LGA 1366 and LGA 1155 platforms, but it still couldnā€™t be called a real break-through revolutionary product, to be hon...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-24
Intel has finally launched the Intel Core i7 2700K Sandy Bridge processor! It wasn't a well kept secret that Intel was going to be releasing the Core i7-2700K processor this fall. The Intel Core i7 2700K first popped up on our radar last month when ...
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Reviewed on 2011-03-31
Let's show the basic specs of all Core i7 processors released to date in a series of quick-reference tables. The Core i7 was the first Intel processor to bring an integrated memory controller, feature available on AMD processors since the Athlon 64. In...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-01
The fastest CPU in the real world, Lots of overclocking headroom
Barely any better than the old 2600K, No new features
The vanilla Sandy Bridge lineup has a new chip in the Intel Core i7 2700K . As well as populating a new socket with the Sandy Bridge E Intel Core i7 3960X, it has seen fit to give us another brilliant processor, but what makes it different to the Intel Co...
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