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Looking for a lipstick that will not only give your lips a healthy flush of color that lasts long, but will also keep your lips moisturized? Enter Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick that is all that and more! Click here to learn more about the product.

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Give Your Lips a Tint of Color and Gloss with Innisfree Malaysia’s Creammellow Lipstick

It is difficult to find a lipstick that can moisturize, last long and give your lips a beautiful color. If you are still searching for that dream lipstick, then we are here to tell you that your search is over as Innisfree presents their lovely Creammellow Lipstick. The lipstick formula is made to fill and hug the curves of your lips, giving it a beautiful, even color that is glossy and long lasting.

The Perfect Lipstick Formula that You Will Love

Do you shy away from lipsticks due to dry lips? With Innisfree’s Creammellow Lipstick, no longer will you shy away from adding color to your lips. The lipstick contains camellia oil that is not only moisturizing, but will form a shield that will keep your lips from drying out. As the lipstick has a moisturizing formula, those who love matte lipsticks would not enjoy the glossy finish of this lipstick. The lipsticks have a sweet, candy-like scent that is not very noticeable or disturbing. It goes on smoothly and is very comfortable to wear for the entire day.

The lipsticks are packaged in a thin tube that makes it easy for you to carry them around. Not only that, each tube has a color indicator at the base of the case that makes it easy for you to grab a tube of lipstick and run (if you happen to be in a hurry).

Buildable Lipstick Colors

The lipstick is available in 10 different shades to suit anyone who has a preference of either subtle colors (that are perfect for everyday wear) or into bold colors (that will draw the eye). Each lipstick shade is buildable. So, if you are looking for just a hint of color on your lips, then lightly apply the lipstick to your lips, sticking to one layer of color. If you want a color that is more obvious, then apply the lipstick with a heavy hand, added more layers of color until you achieve the shade that you want. Take note though that the lipstick may cling to dry patches if it is applied too thickly.

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