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HUAWEI Y625 prices in Malaysia

The Huawei Y625 is Huawei’s mid-tier offering that features simple yet robust smartphone experience. Its overall build paired with its internal specs, this device is without a doubt a humble champion of the midrange market. Read more about Huawei Y625 here!

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Huawei Y625 Malaysia: Augmented Simplicity

The Y625 comes with a very humble front – its design and build are quite conservative when it comes to the style and shape. However, for a good reason, the façade that this device is flaunting can be misleading, because inside it is a faster than life performance that you won’t see coming. Its build, on the other hand, may be simple, however, its canvassed texture is tailored well and is the most appropriate material that is compact enough for the device’s build. That is why the Huawei Y625 is comfortable and easy to use.

Lightning Fast Connectivity

3G technology has made it a long way in the smartphone industry; it paved the way for our smartphones that could do more than just browsing the internet. The 3G network of the Y625 is capable of downloading 42Mbps - it’s 3 times faster than the regular 3G technology (HSDPA) and 21 times faster than WCDMA. With this fast download speed capability, downloading applications to your phone or browsing the web is more enjoyable than ever.

Capture Vibrant and Colorful Photos

Never miss out capturing those precious moments in your life that deserves to be relived through photos. The 8MP rear camera of the Huawei Y625 offers more than just high resolution, its lighting and quality is also one of the best in the midrange market. For low-lighting condition, its LED flash will surely be your best buddy in capturing natural-looking yet well-lit photos. For selfie enthusiasts on the other, its 2MP front camera will surely make you crave for more shots.

Magic Touch

The Huawei Y625 will surely please you in every swipe. One of the stellar features of its touchscreen technology is the magic touch – just touch the screen and draw a pattern by lightly swiping your finger through it, and it will turn it into your lock screen pattern. Another feature is its touch to awaken feature, just by simply tapping on the screen twice, it will awaken it. Another is its gesture recognition: the screen can instantly be unlocked with a swipe pattern of your choosing.

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The bigger the screen, the bigger the impression – that’s what the Huawei Y625 is out to prove. Its 5-inch screen offers a rich display (854 x 480 resolution), which supports 16M color for excellent color accuracy. Its visibility under the direct sunlight is also great, as it can keep the screen as vivid enough to be enjoyed.

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