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HUAWEI Y 6 prices in Malaysia

Sometimes it is the little things that make or a break a smartphone – or anything else, really. The Huawei Y6 is an amalgamation of the littlest of things that make it a value entry-level smartphone. Read more below to find out!

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More Than A Phone, It's A Style Statement

Picking up the Huawei Y6 will a surprise to most people with its fantastic build quality. The overall quality of the smartphone feels like something that punches above its price point of about RM500. It feels incredibly solid in the hand, unlike smartphones with a rather flimsy feeling – and it is entirely made out of plastic! Its rounded corners nestle gently and comfortably in the palm, meaning that you will not have any sharp corners digging into the palm of your hands during use.

Seeing Is Believing

The Huawei Y6 comes with a gorgeous 5-inch High Definition (720p resolution) display that produces rich and brilliant colors to all of your media, be it videos, pictures, or texts. Huawei has put extra effort into the display to ensure that it performs consistently throughout, and also when viewed from different angle thanks to IPS (in-plane switching) technology. Unlike other smartphone displays with extreme contrasts and saturation to produce richer images, the Huawei Y6 retains colors and contrasts as realistically and natural as possible.

Experience Better Audio

The Huawei Y6 features a BOX integrated sound chamber to deliver richer audio output from its two built-in speakers that sit at the bottom of the smartphone, flanking the micro USB charging port. It gets really loud too, letting you enjoy your music and movies without the need of a headphone, as well as allowing you to make loudspeaker calls with superior clarity. It also has up to 150% volume enhancements to make sure you will never miss a single detail.

Powered by Android Lollipop and Huawei EMUI 3.1

At the very heart of the Huawei Y6 sits an efficient quad-core MSM8209 processor that runs your phone along with most tasks and applications with nary a hitch. The phone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, bringing all of the great features and flexibility of Android to the smartphone, making it an efficient smartphone. On top of Android Lollipop is of course Huawei's very own user interface, EMUI 3.1.

EMUI 3.1 is an intuitive user interface that many users will learn to appreciate. It comes with a powerful "Pro Camera" that lets you adjust almost every single aspect of the camera, just like a DSLR! The camera application also comes with several different modes for you to truly personalize your memories.

Other intuitive features make handling the smartphone much easier as well, such as using your knuckle to knock on the screen to instantly capture a screenshot, as opposed to the traditional method of pressing the Power and Volume Down button at the same time.

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