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Huawei nova Plus prices in Malaysia

When it comes to challenging the expectations, the incredible Huawei Nova Plus smartphone gives you its heightened performance so that you can enjoy everything fully. Read more about Huawei Nova Plus Malaysia below to find out.

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About Huawei nova Plus Malaysia

Huawei Nova Plus Malaysia – Challenging the Expectations

Heralding a new era of boundless innovation and creativity, Huawei continues to be recognized as one of the most popular smartphone brands. As such, the release of Huawei Nova Plus smartphone represents the next step of smartphone technology as it is empowered to challenge the concept of smartphone as well as exceeding your expectations.

Exquisite Design that Defies the Normal Rule

As the perfect blend of minimalist and elegance in its design, the Huawei Nova Plus smartphone certainly exudes its sophisticated vibe. Such exquisite design exhibits such incredible level of craftsmanship that can be found on every single detail. With its cut-to-measure contour and curve, the Huawei Nova Plus sports its elegant beauty effortlessly. Its sleek and slim profile also makes it possible for you to hold and handle it comfortably with just one hand.

Incredible Experience Performance with Huawei Nova Plus Malaysia

Incorporating the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa core processor, the Huawei Nova Plus is all about accelerating your smartphone experience. In a simpler term, this Huawei smartphone will bring you to the next level of digital revolution as everything just works smoothly. Such fluid performance enables you to experience your content without much trouble at all. As if it is not enough, its 3GB RAM makes sure that it delivers consistent performance at all times. This long-lasting performance also shows that your Huawei Nova Plus is truly reliable.

Impressive Camera Performance

Experience the power of its camera in snapping gorgeous photos that contain high level of depth and detail at the same time. The Huawei Nova Plus is truly impressive as it allows you to unleash your inner creativity with its cameras. Featuring optical image stabilization, this means that you can take sharper pictures without worrying that a slight movement can ruin your shots. In addition, the Huawei Nova Plus can offer breathtaking photos even in areas with poor lighting conditions.

Quick & Secure Access

Utilizing the next generation 3D fingerprint technology, the Huawei Nova Plus can be unlocked with relative ease. The use of its 3D fingerprint sensor enables you to enjoy the much improved security and convenience at the same time. Located just at the back of the smartphone, it is well-placed strategically so that you can truly enjoy its one-handed operation. More than just unlocking your Huawei Nova Plus, you even can snap selfies, browse photos and share them with its fingerprint sensor. In conclusion, the Huawei Nova Plus smartphone is a fantastic smartphone which exceeds your expectations.

Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2017-02-05
Performance, AestheticsNone
Huawei has many phones out there that have captured the eyes of the masses like Huawei Mate 9. But how about the unsung heroes of Huawei? Launched few months back is the Huawei nova Plus, a mid-range phone out there to capture the hearts of smartphone use...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-10
Huawei's Nova Plus is a solid, affordable mid-range phone which delivers performance and battery life in a device under $500. With USB C, decent software and good connectivity, you could do worse for yourself or to recommend for others.Huawei have demonst...
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Reviewed on 2016-12-14
Handsome design and nice display, Stable performance, Doesn't overheat, Good audio performanceBloated UI, Middling camera, Less battery life than boasted, Photography by Patrick O'Rourke
The Huawei Nova Plus' sticker price is likely the first thing that will draw the eye of a potential buyers.At $400 CAD outright and $0 down through Rogers, Fido and Virgin, the Huawei Nova Plus is certainly within most smartphone seekers' budgets. But p...
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Reviewed on 2016-12-07
high build quality, USB TypeC, good display, reliably fingerprint scanner, good cameras, long battery runtimeshigh SAR values, only 2.4 GHz WLAN, no App2SD / microSD cannot be formatted as internal storage, only hybrid dualSIM
Finally 4k recording! Huawei's Nova Plus leaves a premium impression in the mainstream segment and is the first smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer with Ultra-HD video recording. However, Huawei does not use its own Kirin SoC, but a chip from Qualcom...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-27
Contest page – Last Week's Contest Page – Welcome back to the Sunday Giveaway! This week we're teaming up with Huawei to give away the Huawei Nova Plus! It's an upper midrange phone that doens't suck.Huawei Nova Plus review! – Download the AA App! – Stay...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-21
Good battery life, Jack of all tradesMaster of none
Huawei has launched a new, second-tier Android phone called the Nova Plus. But while it's some distance off the current top-tier of Android phones in terms of price, the specs are less far behind. It appears at a time where the flagship, Huawei Mate 9 has...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-14
Looking back two years ago, we can really see the evolution of Huawei in terms of product design, feature choice and camera technology.Huawei entry-level and mid-range smartphones of the past were cheap, plasticky and looked and felt inexpensive. While th...
Read More >
Reviewed on 2016-10-24
Design, finish and craftsmanship, Excellent display contrast, Above average battery autonomy, One of the best fingerprint sensors in the worldHigh pricetoperformance ratio, Poor display visibility when exposed to direct sunlight, Display has no protective layer, Poor lowlight camera performance
Here's the Huawei nova plus formula: upper mid-range hardware packed in a metal unibody with a flagship finish. That's not different from other handsets from China-based makers, which typically balance price, performance, and the right cut corners well. T...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-24
Huawei has gone from strength to strength in the UK, with releases including the flagship Huawei P9 proving popular in Britain – and it isn't finished yet. Announced at IFA 2016 , Huawei launched a new range of smartphones to take on the mid-range market...
Read More >
Reviewed on 2016-10-14
For years phone manufacturers, with the honourable exception of Sony, have been releasing smaller versions of their flagship handsets, but slyly scrimping on the stuff that made them so great in the first place. It's a sensible, if somewhat cynical, strat...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-13
At IFA in September, Huawei announced a pair of new mid-range smartphones , introducing their Nova line. But, the Nova Plus and the Nova only seem to share a name — Huawei used different designs for the two phones, on top of making one bigger than the oth...
Read More >
Reviewed on 2016-10-13
Excellent camer, Speedy performanc, Impressive displayDisappointing battery lif, Too expensive
Plus-sized smartphones typically have quite a bit in common with their miniature siblings , but the DNA running through Huawei’s Nova and Nova Plus handsets couldn’t actually be more different. While the regular Nova looks a bit like a wee Nexus 6P, the N...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-08
Huawei Nova Plus is the new Android smartphone from Huawei media range with a 5.5-inch display, recently unveiled at IFA 2016.Huawei Nova Plus testifies high attention to detail right from the box in which it occurs, as with all black and minimalist writt...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-04
­­­­­­­Huawei is riding on something of a wave right now. The Chinese name has become the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and with contracts like 2015's Nexus 6P under their belt, the Chinese brand has become better known than ever bef...
Read More >
Reviewed on 2016-10-04
Strong media creds, Excellent battery life, Rugged designPatchy performance, Bettered by rivals
We review the mighty Huawei Nova Plus, a super-sized 5.5-inch version of the Huawei Nova boasting an improved 16-megapixel camera and an even bigger Full HD display. Here's what we think of the Nova Plus after using it as our full-time phone, including a...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-29
Build quality and design are well considered, battery life is greatEMUI software can hamper the experience, lacks competitive price for midrange
Huawei hasn't been shy about the fact it wants to dominate the European market. Unlike the likes of Apple, or HTC, its strategy isn't just to release one or two phones it thinks everyone will buy. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer releases dozens of phone...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-22
Huawei released quite a few devices this year and the Nova Plus is one of them. It is a premium midrange smartphone that has great looks, good camera but it costs around 430 EUR. Learn more in our full review.In the box, you are getting all the usual stuf...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-14
The Huawei nova plus is one half of the nova pair that debuted at IFA just weeks ago. It's a new generation of an Android smartphone by Huawei, mixing midrange with flagship, premium with everyday, trying to deliver a fresh experience in an increasingly b...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-08
We just got our Huawei Nova Plus review sample and we wanted to share our initial impressions about it. In fact, we played with it at IFA Berlin already and now I'm working on the full review.In the box, you are getting all the usual stuff that includes a...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-04
Large display, Cool designSlower loading times, Price unknown
It's always weird when a brand brings out a 'plus' variant of a phone – it feels like a tacit acknowledgement that it likes what Apple did with the iPhone 6 Plus. But when said variant is filled with a decent tech upgrade for a lower price, it's forgivabl...
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