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Boasting solid performance and features, the HP Pavilion 15 is tasked with energizing your experience. Read more about HP Pavilion 15 Malaysia below to find out.

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RM 7,010.80
RM 3,123.80

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HP Pavilion 15 Specs

Processor Type Intel Core i7
Processor Speed 2.8 GHz
Operating System Windows 10
CPU 64 bit
Graphic Card NVIDIA
Integrated Graphic Card
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Size 15.6 "
Storage Type Hybrid
Battery Capacity 1 TB
Weight 2.2 kg
Material Plastic
Packaging Data
Warranty 1 Year
Connector Ports
Card Reader
USB Type-C
USB 3.0
Headphone Jack
Touch Screen
Face Scanner
Detachable Screen
Fingerprint Reader
Backlit Keyboard
Optical Drive
DVD Writer
Blu-ray Writer
Capacity 1 mAh
Battery Life 14 h
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11b

HP Pavilion 15 Malaysia – Fueling Your Imagination Like Never Before

Steadily raising the bar of designing exceptional computers, HP is one of most leading brands in the world of computers. Scoring well in terms of both performance and price, the HP Pavilion 15 laptop proves to be highly appealing laptop that many will love and enjoy.

Designed To Feel Good

Emphasizing the feel-good style, the HP Pavilion 15 boasts sophisticated vibe that makes it easily stands out from the rest. Not only that, this HP sleek laptop also displays exceptional level of craftsmanship that transforms it to be a captivating design. When you are looking at the clean lines on its body, you cannot help but agree that HP Pavilion 15 exemplifies the meaning of beauty and practicality.

This super slim and light HP laptop allows you to bring it anywhere without much fuss. In addition, you will appreciate it as you are slipping it inside your bag as well as carrying this HP laptop on it effortlessly. Moreover, this attractive HP laptop allows for comfortable yet secured grip when holding with just one hand. Emphasizing ergonomic in both matter and mind, the HP Pavilion 15 laptop offers peace and pleasure in using such awesome laptop. Hence, the HP Pavilion 15 exudes that feel-good spirit that you can see not just in its style but also in its overall design as well.

Solid Companion

Incorporating a great keyboard that proves to be helpful at all times, it turns the HP Pavilion 15 to be even more reliable. At the same time, this amazing keyboard is your trusty sidekick that makes sure that you have a great time when using the laptop. Unsurprisingly, it is ergonomically crafted so that you will enjoy such immersive typing experience that proves to be more comfortable, accurate and therapeutic.

Long-Lasting Performance

Housing an highly efficient battery, it enables HP Pavilion 15 to reach up to 9 hours of battery life. In other words, this means that you can use it for a long time without worrying about it will die so soon. This is pretty handy especially when bringing it around during travelling for fun or business. Now, you have plenty of power to spare to enjoy doing your work or getting entertainment.

Despite its affordability, you will not be able to believe your ears when you are being greeted with such rich audio quality that HP Pavilion 15 boasts. Thanks to its dual HP speakers that are enhanced by the HP audio boost, you will be experiencing totally new dimension of immersive audio experience. Moreover, the audio system in this laptop is also being tested by Bang & Olufsen so that it meets its requirements. In conclusion, the HP Pavilion 15 is bold laptop that is designed to fuel imagination like never before.

HP Pavilion 15 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2013-08-21
In addition to its expensive Envy range of Ultrabooks , HP also offers a number of more affordable slimline laptops in its Pavilion range. These are sometimes referred to as Ultrabooks and sometimes as 'Sleekbooks', depending on which web page you look at...
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Reviewed on 2013-04-07
To be allowed to carry the actual Ultrabook label, all kinds of requirements have to be met, and these aren't cheap. It's why Ultrabooks tend to be expensive. Well, you can also make a notebook look like an Ultrabook and leave out some of the less visib...
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