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A combination of a desktop, laptop and smart phone all into one powerful device, with superior battery life and strengthened build. Read more about the Elite X3 here.

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RM 3,908.00
RM 3,599.00

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HP Elite x3 Specs

Screen Size 5.9"
Display Resolution 1440 x 2560pixels
Pixel Density 494ppi
Scratch Resistant
Water Resistant
Rear Camera Resolution 16MP
Dual camera
Front Camera Resolution 8MP
Battery Capacity 4150mAh
Talk Time 33h
Processor Quad Core
Operating System Windows Phone
Weight 195g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 161.8 x 83.5 x 7.8mm
Body Material Plastic
Expandable Memory
Card Slot
Release Year 2016
USB Connectors Type-C
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11a
Dual SIM
SIM Card Nano-SIM
Virtual Reality Capable
Heart Rate Sensor
LED Notification Light
Face Recognition
Iris Scanner
Fingerprint Scanner
FM Radio
3D Touch

HP Elite X3 Malaysia - A League Above Others

With a constant vision of reinventing technology to make life better, HP has a rich history in creating life-changing technological innovations. Experience a 3-in-1 device that combines the power and productivity of a PC with the versatility and capabilities of a smart phone with the new HP Elite X3.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

With the ability to seamlessly access desktop Windows apps via the HP Workspace application, users are able to perform their tasks on-the-go. The HP Workspace works as a middle person between the Elite X3 and your desktop apps – just tell HP what apps you want to utilize and they will host them. Then when the user docks the Elite X3 with the Lap Dock or Desk Dock, they will be able to access those apps remotely without switching devices. This feature is ideal for individuals who are on the run more often than they are at the office.

Strengthened Build

The Elite X3 and its components (Lap Dock and Desk Dock) – features commendable build quality that makes the devices last longer and perform better. The Elite X3 has seals against dust and liquid to enhance its durability and usability. The Elite X3 also boasts military-grade toughness with a MIL-STD 810 certification, meaning that this phone can take a beating. Furthermore, the Elite X3 comes with a IP67 rating, same as the iPhone 7, so it can withstand the occasional splash.

Powerful Speakers

Sometimes, using a mobile device for conference calls can be a big hassle, due to the lack of power in its speakers. HP manages to solve this issue with the Elite X3’s built-in speakers. The speakers pack a powerful punch which offers increased volume and voice clarity, with reduced distortion. This feature will be ideal for Skype calls or when for calling in congested areas with high noise surroundings.

Elite Battery Life

The Elite X3 also boasts a 4150 mAh battery with an estimated 18-hour battery life with regular usage before charging. What is more impressive is that the Elite X3 comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, hence the phone can be recharged faster. With the infused technology, the Elite X3 can be charged up to 80% charge is about 70 minutes and full charge in slightly over 2 hours. The Elite X3 also supports Qi and PMA wireless charging. This is an essential feature, especially for individuals who are constantly on-the-run and need a smart phone with reliable battery life to sustain their high-volume of activities.

HP Elite x3 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2017-06-10
fast SoC, outstanding voice quality with ANC, robust design, large AMOLED display, extendable storage, USB 3.1 with DisplayPort/HDMI, iris and fingerprint sensor, strong business ambitions, large batteryincreased power consumption under load, PWM flickering
Business racer. Currently as the single manufacturer, HP offers a premium device with Windows 10 Mobile, which is mainly targeted towards business customers. Besides a large display, the customer also receives a strong battery and robust case and can even...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-10
Windows phones aren't in a good place, with its awfully slow rollout, limited app support and Microsoft's own underwhelming handsets. HP wants to turn the tide with its new business-focused Elite x3 phablet.This massive phone promises to be your all-in-on...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-09
There's no doubting it: the HP Elite x3 is a capable smartphone. It's packed with high performance hardware that positions it in the same pack as industry leaders, like the LG V20, Google Pixel and iPhone 7.When connected to its included dock, the phone c...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-05
The HP Elite x3 runs Windows 10 Mobile. PHOTO: Alfred SiewWhen I first saw the HP Elite x3 a few months ago, it reminded me of a similar device from some seven years ago – the Motorola Atrix.The Motorola what? Yes, from the company that invented the cellp...
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Reviewed on 2017-04-12
Great battery life, Nice screen, Explores interesting ideasUnderwhelming performance, Continuum is still too slow to be practical, Lapdock is an expensive extra
Outright Cost: From $1099HP's Elite x3 is one of the few remaining Windows phone flagship devices currently around. In fact, you could even call it the Windows Mobile flagship, given that Microsoft hasn't made any new high-end smartphones since 2015.On to...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-26
Excellent build quality, Great performance, Wellexecuted concept of future computingContinuum experience is still flawed, Lack of apps still a problem, HP Workspace an expensive addon
A smartphone is supposedly just that – a phone. Yes you can take great photos with it, comb through your social media, and install all kinds of apps on it. But once you get to the office, you set your phone down and fire up your PC to get some ‘actual' wo...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-26
There is only one way you should consider HP's interesting Elite x3 – as one of the world's smallest pocket computers that, as a benefit, can also make phone calls and do other smart things.This is not a consumer device so consumers need to stop reading n...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-12
Design, Display, General Performance, Continuum Support, Fast Iris Recognition, Camera Performance, Battery Life, Quick to Charge, Sound Quality When Using HeadphonesPrice (Around PhP38,000), Build Quality, Sound Quality from Speaker, Performance When in Continuum, Small library of apps instore, You have to purchase the Lap Dock seperately, Does not come with a Displayport cable, Poorly optimized software
Business phones are devices which are aimed at people who are on the go, jumping from one meeting to another, meeting colleagues and customers, and are in need of a companion which can both be with them wherever they go, and can serve as an effective tool...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-28
Sleek, executive design, Very smooth performance, Accessories for almost any use case, Excellent battery life, Enterprise focused features, Significant value for priceWindows Phone platform is limiting, Lap Dock accessory is buggy when wireless, Continuum lacks creature comforts, Requires expensive infrastructure for full potential
Don't be fooled by the form factor and your initial impressions -- what we have before us is not a typical smartphone. Well, technically we suppose it is, but the experience is not intended to replace your commonplace iPhone, Galaxy S, or other handset...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-11
Beautiful screen, Continuum compatible, Great support from HPIt's big, even for a phablet, Only on Windows 10 Mobile, Expensive
These days it's hard not to feel a sense of doom and gloom surrounding Windows 10 Mobile.A series of major services have withdrawn their apps from the platform in the last few weeks and even Microsoft appears to have admitted that the operating system is...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-10
While Windows 10 Mobile's appeal is limited, it definitely caters to the needs of business owners. For those entrepreneurs who choose to conduct their business through mobile retail, the HP Elite x3's new accessory might be a big draw for some people to c...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-09
The review process for smartphones used to be simple - the device would arrive, I/we'd test it for a week or two, and then deliver an illustrated verdict. However, things are more complicated with the HP Elite x3. There's the long, drawn out initial avail...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-06
For the last month or so I had time to experience the HP Elite X3, a full blown Windows 10 Mobile experience. The HP Elite X3 is probably the top Windows 10 Mobile device available today, a business-oriented workstation on your hands.Out of the box you wi...
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Reviewed on 2017-01-25
The HP Elite x3 is probably the best phone that nobody bought last year. The six-inch phablet has impressive hardware that matches those of the top Android and Apple handsets. However, the Elite x3 runs on Windows 10 Mobile, a platform with a minuscule nu...
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Reviewed on 2016-12-19
Build QualityPhone Set UpFeaturesCamera & VideoBattery LifeThe HP Elite x3 gives three experiences, on one device that is every device. Most likely to be attractive to professionals, the three experiences are:We will take a more detailed look at the secur...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-25
HP's Elite x3 was among the most anticipated Windows phones of 2016. With a large 5.96-inch QHD AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 820 chipset, fans of Microsoft's mobile platform finally felt like they had something to look forward to after the handset was...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-22
When doing a review its always good put the product into context, and for the HP Elite X3 the context is business!For those of us who are constantly on the road, the ability to seamlessly pick up where you left off is vital to maintaining sanity and this...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-11
More Ways To Secure It Although fingerprint scanners to secure your mobile device has been around the block for the past few years now, HP has decided to take it one step further with an integrated iris scanner located at the front face of the device. No...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-08
No pressure, then. The proposition is that the Elite x3 is a phone that doubles as a PC and tablet replacement. Once connected to an external display, keyboard and mouse, either wirelessly or via a dock, this hefty Windows 10 phablet can run full-screen...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-04
Massive battery, Stunning design, Can transform into a PCLousy app support, Unwieldy size for some
There's no doubting it: the HP Elite x3 is a capable smartphone. It's packed with high performance hardware that positions it in the same pack as industry leaders, like the LG V20, Google Pixel and iPhone 7.When connected to its included dock, the phone...
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