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Google Pixel 2 prices in Malaysia

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9 Offers from 2 stores available from RM 3,599.00 - RM 4,299.00

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Indonesia IDR 9,000,000
Malaysia MYR 3,599
Philippines PHP 40,900
Singapore SGD 1,145

News on Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Leaks Reveal a Top-of-the-Line OS and Processor

Reymart Jan Sarigumba

(Image Credit: https://www.forbes.com/)

So far, the year 2017 may be all about the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8, but Google is dauntless to go head-to-head with these two remarkable devices with their own flagship series – the Pixel 2.  

The successor to the original Pixel series is said to come with all-new features, much more different from its predecessors. This is according to the leaks circulating on the web. Without further ado, here are the leaks about the Pixel 2 series.

  • The Pixel 2 is believed to sport a 5-inch display while the Pixel 2 XL is rumored to come with a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch screen.
  • The Pixel 2 series will house 4GB of RAM. Also, there would be two storage models of the device: 64GB and 128GB.
  • There are rumors that the Pixel 2 would be manufactured from HTC's factory while the 2 XL would be created by LG.
  • There’s a chance that the Pixel 2 series would come with a water and dust resistance protection. This would be an upgrade over the last year's Pixel phones that lack this feature.
  • Another rumor surrounding the Pixel 2 series is that they will sport stereo speakers and a squeezable frame like the HTC U11.
  • The Pixel 2 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor and will have a pre-installed Android Oreo OS.
  • The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will sport an AMOLED screen.
  • Like Apple, the new Pixel devices could ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack this time.
  • Lastly, expect that the camera will be similar to the original Pixel phones. The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL have one of the best cameras in any smartphone today so it won’t be a surprise if they don’t offer any changes in the camera hardware in its new flagship. Therefore, you will see a 12 MP rear camera with the new Pixel phones.  

As of writing, Google has already confirmed that the Pixel 2 series will launch on October 4. However, the company hasn’t revealed the release date for Southeast Asian markets. As for the price, the Pixel 2 will cost around RM 2,700 for the 64 GB variant, while the XL will be priced at around USD 850.

Google Pixel 2 Potential Specs Revealed in Latest Rumours

7 July 2017
Jonathan So

With Google hiring the top pixel chip architect from Apple, the incoming Google Pixel 2 is rumoured to feature impressive specifications that is bound to give other flagship smartphones a run for their money. Recent rumours seem to shed light on potential features on the Google Pixel 2.

The impending debut of the Google Pixel 2 will see the tech giants improving both the specs and cameras on the devices as an effort to provide better user experience to consumers, potentially making the smartphone one of the top Android devices.

Rumours also suggest that users may see changes in the design and display of the Pixel 2, especially after LG and Samsung has introduced the minimal bezel design in their latest flagships. Google is reported to invest $900 million in the LG display which ensures that Google will have sufficient OLED displays for the Pixel 2.

Moreover, the smartphone is expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon 835 chipset – the same ones featured on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5 – making it a powerful device that should have plenty of power to handle intensive tasks with ease. XDA has also mentioned that the Google Pixel 2 will come with 4GB of RAM, a common feature found in most premium Android smartphones. The RAM should be sufficient to handle multitasking throughout the day without slowing down.

Photography enthusiasts might have something to look forward to as well as 9to5Google claimed that Google is looking to improve on the device’s camera compared to its predecessor. Google is supposedly aiming to improve the camera’s low-light photography capabilities. The camera on the first Pixel smartphone was quite remarkable, hence the cameras on the incoming Pixel 2 will be much anticipated.

Moreover, according to Steven Hall, managing editor of 9to5Google, the Pixel 2 smartphone will also be water resistant, a feature that was non-existent on the original Pixel smartphones launched last October.

Google Pixel 2: Compilation of Rumours So Far

16 June 2017
Jonathan So

The rumours for Google’s next-generation flagship – the Google Pixel 2 – are appearing frequently online in recent weeks, in anticipation of its upcoming release. With the wealth of information available online, keeping track with the latest development hence the need for a compilation of Google Pixel 2 rumours circulating so far.

In fact, recent rumours have caused confusion as to how many Google Pixel devices will be released. Initial rumours indicated that there would be three separate Google Pixel 2 smartphones scheduled to be launched this year. However, recent rumours suggest that one of the three devices may have been shelved. Latest rumours are suggesting that the Muskie variant will be dropped completely, with the Walleye (Pixel 2) and the Taimen (Pixel 2 XL) remaining.

Other rumours suggest that the Pixel 2 will also be featuring minimal bezel displays, a recent trend that has been significant in the smartphone industry. The Samsung Galaxy S8 started the trend with its Infinite Display design, and many upcoming flagships, including the Pixel 2 is expected to feature this display to keep up with competitors in the market.

In terms of the processor, it has been reported that the upcoming Google Pixel devices will house the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8995 chipset. The same chipset was featured in the Samsung Galaxy S8, widely considered as the best smartphone in 2017 so far. Hence using the same chipset in the Google flagship will lead to an intense competition between the two devices.

Moreover, 9to5 Google has also claimed that the Pixel 2 will come with waterproofing technology, a central feature that is available in many smartphones today. This is part of the company’s efforts to improve the functionality of its devices.

Analysts are also predicting that the Google Pixel 2 will feature a dual-lens rear camera, with reports suggesting the likelihood of a 16MP camera accompanied by a secondary 12MP lens.

More Details Revealed on the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

19 May 2017
Jonathan So

Image credit: https://www.forbes.com/

There have only been a few leaks and rumours about Google’s new smartphone offerings for 2017, one of them being the much-anticipated Google Pixel 2. However, the device has now appeared and revealed its basic specifications thanks to tests done by benchmarking software Geekbench.

Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh confirmed earlier in the year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that the company will be releasing the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 smartphones, after its predecessors, the Pixel and Pixel XL received positive responses from customers. Osterloh further emphasized that the Pixel 2 will be designed to cater to premium audiences.

Google is expected to release three devices this year, internally codenamed as “Walleye”, “Muskie”, and “Taimen”. Google has a tradition of naming its devices based on fish, as the Pixel and Pixel XL phones last year were nicknamed Sailfish and Marlin respectively.

According to Geekbench’s records, the upcoming Google Pixel 2 smartphone will feature a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM. To put things into perspective, the Snapdragon 835 is the same chipset used in the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, largely recognized as the most powerful Android smartphone to date. The smartphone was also reported to run on Android O, the next generation of Android operating system bound for release sometime later this year. Experts have also rumoured for the Pixel 2 to include an OLED display and water- and dust-resistant build for the phone to be relevant in the premium segment.

In terms of which company will oversee manufacturing the Google Pixel 2, it will be HTC as the Taiwanese company has bagged a two-year contract from Google to manufacture its Pixel line. HTC will be competing with three other manufacturers – LG, TCL, and Coolpad – to obtain the contract for the upcoming Pixel 3 devices scheduled to be released next year.

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