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Gigabyte GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD prices in Malaysia

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1 Offer from 1 store available from RM 1,948.80 - RM 1,948.80

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Gigabyte GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 3,900,000
Malaysia MYR 1,949

Gigabyte GV-R9285WF2OC-2GD Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2015-06-26
Although I didn't spend much time playing Batman: Arkham Origins, I remember the game rather well after testing it on no less than 30 graphics cards and 20 CPUs. Arkham Origins appeared to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 3, it ran smoothly on afforda...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-13
If you wanted to show off today's best PC gaming graphics, which title would you choose? There are many games to consider, but 2013's Battlefield 4 stands out as a prime candidate, perhaps along with Dragon Age: Inquisition that is also powered by the Fro...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-06
At first we would like to thank Gigabyte Taiwan for offering a sample of their AMD Radeon R9 285 WindForce OC video card for testing and reviewing.“GIGABYTE was founded in 1986, establishing our uncontested position in continuous technological innovation....
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Reviewed on 2014-09-19
WINDFORCE 2X cooling is superb, Great fan speed/temperature ratio, Sleek and rugged aesthetics, Improved thermal properties, Improved acoustical performance, Factory Overclock, Overclock headroom, Great performance, Abundant connectivity optionsLimited bundle, Lack of software voltage control, Final Thoughts, What we have here readers is an awesome graphics card from GIGABYTE. If you are craving great performance without going bankrupt, then the GIGABYTE R9 285 OC WINDFORCE 2X graphics card is...
The smell of new hardware is very refreshing to me, especially the scent from that of a new graphics card. Of course, I am not just talking about any run-of-the-mill display adapter either. I am talking about those supercharged gaming graphics cards that...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-02
Excellent Price to Performance Ratio, Quit Operation, Low TDPBeta Drivers Need a Bit More Refinement
During their 30 years of graphics celebration, AMD announced a forthcoming addition to the Radeon R9 200 graphics card lineup, the Radeon R9 285. The Radeon R9 285 is due to replace the Radeon R9 280, which has only been with us for six months. The Radeon...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-02
Now that the NDA has lifted, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share some “preview” information about GIGABYTE's new Radeon R9 285 Tonga Pro based graphics card. Expect a full fledged review from yours truly in the coming days which will include a...
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