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Epson L355 prices in Malaysia

Crafted to deliver maximum performance at minimal cost, the incredible Epson L355 all-in-one printer is all about providing the best package that you can ever dream of. Read more about Epson L355 Malaysia below to find out.

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Epson L355 Malaysia– Redefining the Meaning of Efficiency in Your Life

Thanks to its exceptional quality and performance in its printers, Epson is certainly one of the best choices that you can get. Hence, Epson is delighted in announcing the release of incredible Epson L355 all-in-one printer. All in all, the Epson L355 printer is delivering cost-effective printing, copying and scanning.

Innovative Printhead Technology

When it comes to printing, the Epson L355 boasts the patented Micro Piezo printhead technology which makes sure that you will be getting high quality prints at ultra-low coast. In other words, it is all about enjoying the best quality results at minimal costs. Moreover, this Epson product also offers low cost printing for both black and color printing at the same time. The genuine Epson ink set of high-volume ink bottles gives you the capacity of printing up to 4000 pages in black and 6500 pages in color.

All About Simplicity

Designed to be simple to use, the Epson L355 is relatively easier to set up. All you need to do is to fill with its ink and turn the printer on before priming the ink system. Once you have done that, your Epson L355 is ready to do your bidding in an instant. Regarding refilling, the Epson L355 makes such task to be more convenient and simpler. This can be seen as its ink bottles have been labelled clearly so that you can refill them easily. Not only that, they even possess drip-free nozzles which prove to be helpful so that they will not be causing mess around.

Prioritizing Effective Productivity with Epson L355 Malaysia

As its ink tank is fully integrated into the printer itself, it enables you to enjoy the most reliable color printing without much trouble at all. Thus, you will not be encountering any mess or hassle in getting your stuff to be printed. Since the Epson L355 proudly uses its own ink tank, you will not suffer horrible problems that are commonly found in the third-party ink system that most printers utilize.

Faster than ever, the Epson L355 is also capable of reaching the print speed of 9ppm so that you can be more productive. As for its latest multi-copy function, it enables you to copy one page up to 20 times in just one go. Such performance makes the Epson L355 to be perfectly ideal for producing documents quickly for meeting. Moreover, it is incredible that the Epson L355 possesses the capability of printing documents from your tablets or smartphones via Epson iPrint.

Truly Value for Money

Designed to be as cost-effective as possible, the Epson L355 can print and copy a lot of documents without using a lot of ink in the process. In conclusion, the Epson L355 is absolutely amazing because it delivers reliable performance that brings smile on your face.

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