Dyson V11 Absolute Price & Specs in Malaysia July, 2021

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Cheapest Dyson V11 Absolute Price in Malaysia is RM 2,599.00

The Dyson V11 Absolute is now available in Malaysia. The cheapest Dyson V11 Absolute price in Malaysia is RM 2,599.00 from Shopee. Dyson V11 Absolute price details are updated July 2021.

Dyson V11 Absolute Specs

Product Details
Type Stick
Transmission Cordless
Washable Bin Yes
Battery Voltage 25V
Charging Time 270min
Battery Type Li-ion
Techincal Details
Dust Capacity 0.76l
Power 610W
Noise Emission 88dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 25 x 128.6 x 26.1cm
Weight 3kg
Colour Blue
Suction Technology
Cyclone Yes
Suction Bag Type Bagless
LED Display Yes
Charging Indication Yes
Charging Station No
Self-Cleaning Brush No

Dyson V11 Absolute Vacuum - Features and FAQs


High-performance for a Detailed Deep Clean

Dyson is one of the best brands for floorcare and their floorcare appliances are built with the best technology after meticulous research to ensure satisfying experiences for their customers. The Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum is a high-performance cordless vacuum that promises detailed deep cleaning. Built with the best specs, as well as Dyson’s patented Cyclone suction technology, this is a vacuum cleaner made for a powerful cleaning experience.

Engineered for the Best Cleaning Experience

The Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum is specially engineered and includes many high-tech features. One of the main technologies is Dyson signature Cyclone suction technology, with 14 concentric array cyclones for powerful suction, and it flings dust and microscopic particles into the bin without clogging the filter to minimize loss of suction.

The V11 Absolute also has the High Torque cleaner head - one of Dyson’s most powerful cordless cleaner heads. The stiff nylon bristles go deep into carpets to remove dirt while the soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments help work on the hard floor and crevices to capture dust. There are also three modes - the Auto mode, the Eco mode, and the Boost mode, so you can easily switch the power mode between to suit any floor types. The vacuum’s Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) uses the pressure sensors in the motorized High Torque head to automatically adjusts the motor speed when moving between carpets and hard floors.

Styled with Practical Features for Maximum Efficiency

The Dyson V11 Absolute is sleek and stylish, with an LCD control panel that is bright and easy to read. The package comes with 9 tools and accessories, which includes the High Torque motorized cleaner head, soft roller motorized head, mini motorized tool, combination tool, soft dusting brush, crevice tool, on-wand storage clip, docking station, and charger.

The vacuum can be converted into a handheld cordless with quick-release cleaner heads so you can efficiently clean and work on different tasks. The on-wand storage clip is a transparent plastic organizer that sits on the wand and allows for two tools so you can keep conveniently keep the tools you need as you move around.

The Dyson V11 Absolute is also easy to clean and maintain. The vacuum cleaner has a large 0.76L dust bin with an indicator and a ‘point-and-shoot' system makes emptying easy and hygienic. Along with displaying cleaning modes, the LCD screen also tracks battery life and provides maintenance alerts in real-time so you can always keep your device in the best condition.

The Dyson V11 Absolute can run for up to 70 minutes and takes 4.5 hours to get to a full charge. The cord-free vacuum cleaner can be both charged and stored upright with the wall-mounted charging dock, so it can fit even in tight spaces without taking up too much room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dyson V11 better than the V8?

Both the V11 and the V8 have similar functions, with notable differences. In comparison, the V8 is lighter and is slightly cheaper than the V11 but underperforms in other aspects.

When it comes to suction, the V8 maxes out to 115AW while the V11 maxes out at 185AW which means that you can get a deeper clean with the V11 than the V8. The V8 also has a smaller dust capacity compared to the V11.

Another difference between the two vacuum cleaners is the recharge time in comparison to the run time for the vacuum. The V8 takes 5 hours to charge for a run time of around 40 minutes while the V11 takes less time to charge for a longer run time.

Overall, the V11 is better than the V8 but you may choose to opt for the latter if you feel like it'll be enough for your cleaning needs.

Is the Dyson V11 worth it?

The Dyson V11 Absolute is user-friendly and packs a lot of power and handy features for all types of cleaning. From the informative LCD screen to the multiple modes for different cleaning needs, the V11 will guarantee to deliver superb results.

Despite the high Dyson V11 price point, it's a great investment because, with good care and frequent maintenance, you can continue using the V11 for a long time.

Is Dyson V11 better than V10?

Both the Dyson V11 Absolute and the Dyson V10 possess similar features - long run time, excellent power, and versatility in a cord-free stick vacuum form but with minor differences between the two.

The V11 has a slightly longer run time and more power than the V10. It runs at around 70 minutes with 185AW power while the V10 runs at around 60 minutes with a power of 151AW. However, it takes 4.5 hours to get the V11 to a full charge from 0% while it only takes the V10 around 3.5 hours.

Overall, the V11 is a more advanced choice compared to the V10 but at a higher price point for minor differences.

How loud is the Dyson V11?

The Dyson V11 Absolute only generates between 70-80 decibels of noise so it's one of the quietest cordless vacuum available in the market. The V11 is also acoustically engineered to absorb vibrations and dampen noise to keep the sound levels down so that you can quietly clean anywhere.

What is the difference between the Dyson V11 models?

There are three popular Dyson V11 models - Absolute, Animal, and Torque Drive. All three models are very similar in function and power, with minor differences in other aspects.

One difference is the inclusions that come with the vacuums. Only the Absolute comes with a soft roller cleaner head while the other two do not. The Animal model is the only one with an LED control panel, compared to the LCD on the other two models.