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Reviewed on 2011-06-27
Get 4 GB of memory for the low price of $5000.00, sounds like a bargain doesn’t it? When I was installing Compaq ProLiant 6500 Pentium II Xeon rack servers at the country’s largest beer brewer back in late 1998 that was the going discount rate for ...
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Reviewed on 2010-09-28
It seems that companies are concentrating a little more on the lower speed end of the memory market at the moment. Recently we looked at a new Kingston kit which carried with it a 1600MHz DDR clock and today we're looking at a kit from Corsair that ...
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Reviewed on 2010-06-10
Good Quality, Fast responsive memory, Good coolingCould not go above 1680 MHz while using default timings
Lately it seems like the 1366 socket CPU's have been completely forgotten. Ever since the 1156 socket CPU's launched most manufacturers have been busy optimizing their hardware for 1156 socket compatibility. There has been a couple new features added ...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-17
With the introduction of the Core i7 processors came the idea of triple channel RAM. This development has enabled companies like Corsair to start producing RAM that is aimed more at performance than ever before. The Corsair Dominator CM3X2G1600C8D 6GB...
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Reviewed on 2009-09-23
The DDR3-1600 memory modules from Corsair that we received for this roundup belong to the Dominator series. It means that the modules are equipped with unique tall aluminum heat-spreaders with comb-shaped top edge..
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Reviewed on 2009-08-09
When we look at Corsair's Dominator kit, I can't help but admire the value you get for around €110. Those that say that Corsair is always more expensive...
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Reviewed on 2009-03-05
Those of you interested in the i7 platform know Triple Memory is the way to go. We look at Corsairs i7 Dominator and compare its performance in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
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Reviewed on 2009-02-13
If we are to call ourselves enthusiasts, we need the very latest and greatest in tech. Well, Nehalem is that tech, and it brings with it a whole new support for not only DDR3 memory - but triple channel too!This means that three sticks, instead of the ...
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Reviewed on 2009-02-04
Corsair is a brand trusted by the enthusiast and hobbyists alike, Top quality service from any number of avenues of access, Respectable headroom for overclocking frequency as well as timings, 3x2GB performance memory is becoming reasonably priced and this......Does not scale well with voltage and not ready for highend benchmarking, The inevitability of installation issues in certain setups that comes with all tall memory modules, No included fan, we would like to see all Dominator memory kits come with the Cors......
Corsair has become a corner stone brand in the foundation of memory discussions throughout computer forums. Whether it be the average user stating that "they have never had any issues with their Corsair memory", or in the overclocking and enthusiast fo...
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Reviewed on 2009-02-03
Offers extremely high CPU overclocking potential, 1600MHz of guaranteed available bandwidth, DDR3 overclocks to 1835 MHz, Solid CL8-8-8-24 memory timings at 1.65 Volts, Tri-channel functionality provides excellent bandwidth, Dual-path Heat Xchange Plus......Slight performance degradation at maximum overclocked speeds, Tall profile means incompatible fit on low profile systems
Since beginning this DDR3 series, the presentation rating has been replaced with a performance score. In our system memory reviews, we offer this score to represent the overclocking potential and memory timing capability of the product reviewed. The C...
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Reviewed on 2009-01-19
With the new Intel Core i7 platform, memory makers are required to make new kits because its using triple-channel, which only slightly enhances performance. More important is that Intel is limiting the memory voltages to 1.65V. While it was commonly s...
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Reviewed on 2009-01-16
The Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D memory uses the company’s DHX (Dual-path Heat Xchange) technology, but unlike earlier Dominator kits, the TR3X6G1600C8D features heavier heatsinks that are linked to a single array of fins along the top. Previous Dominator k...
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Reviewed on 2009-01-16
New DHX Heat spreaders, Runs very cool, Looks Great, Overclocks Reasonably Well, Can Do Relatively Tight Timings at Low Voltages, Well PricedNothing, its all good.
Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D 6GB Triple Channel Kit Review.DDR3 memory has come a long way in the last year or so, with the astronomical prices dropping and the performance soaring, it looks set to be a winner.Intels new Nehalem CPU architecture i...
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Reviewed on 2009-01-05
With CES coming later this week I figured we would start out the week on the right foot and look at a 6GB triple-channel DDR3 1600MHz memory kit from Corsair Memory. The Corsair Dominator 6GB PC3-12800 DDR3 triple channel memory kit has been special...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-25
6GB pack works flawlessly at 1,600MHz, Low latencies, Heatspreaders amongst the best in the businessBarely any pragmatic and meaningful increase in performance over a DDR31,066 CL7 set, which is £50 cheaper
In 2009, DDR3 will move from being seen as enthusiast-only memory to viewed as a necessity in decent mainstream boxes. It will happen due to proliferation of Intel Core i7 sales, particularly the 920 part, and AMDs transition over to a DDR3-compati...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-14
Bye bye DDR2, you have served us all very well and it's been nice knowing you. Sadly, all good things come to an end. An end that is if you intend on upgrading to Intel's latest CPU. Intel has finally cut it's support for DDR2, at least for the new Skt...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-13
Ease Of Setup, Overclocked Well at Stock Volts, Ran Nice And Cool, IHX (Integrated Heat Exchanger) Provides Some Nice Eye Candy, Decent Price/Performance When Compared To The Kingston 3GB Kit, Lifetime Waranty, Did We Mention Blazing SpeedMemory ICs Have A Voltage Regulator, So adding Volts Wont Help Much (We dont see that as bad on a platform where running at 1.65v is considered the hard limit for RAM voltage), Made Our Other Kits Cringe When They Saw The Dominator Coming.
When it comes to computer memory, Corsair has been at the top of enthusiasts lists of dream parts for years. One series of kit tops that list, the Corsair Dominator. With its imposing Corsair Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) heat sinks, it makes its pres...
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Reviewed on 2008-12-02
Effective heatspreader, Speedy kitPricey
Core i7 brings with it triple-channel memory, and while 4GB is better than 2 gigs, 6GB is, of course, even better. So long as you can afford it.The kit runs at 1,600MHz, so there are no problems with running at full speed. Not content with standard hea...
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Reviewed on 2008-11-26
With Core i7 now officially on the market for sale, it wasn’t going to be long before boards and memory came out to support it. In fact, boards were on the shelves even before the CPU was officially launched on the Intel site. Memory kits are now st...
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Release Date in Malaysia
ModelDDR3 8GB
DateMay 2010
Internal memory8 GB
Internal memory typeDDR3
Memory clock speed1600 MHz
Memory form factor240-pin DIMM
Memory layout (modules x size)4 x 2 GB
CAS latency8
Memory voltage1.65 V
Lead platingGold
SPD profile
Memory channelsDual
Product Categories