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Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 128GB prices in Malaysia

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Lowest Price: RM 566.90
from Lazada
13 Offers from 1 store available from RM 566.90 - RM 673.40

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Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 128GB Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 1,340,000
Malaysia MYR 567
Philippines PHP 6,342

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 128GB Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2015-05-29
We tested 42 USB 3.0 memory sticks with a storage capacity of at least 32 GB. As one might have expected, transfer speeds vary greatly, ranging from painfully slow to lightning fast. Which one should you buy? Around two years ago, when we last perfor...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-03
This bad boy is the Porsche 911 Turbo of the USB drive world. If you don't think USB transfer speed really matters, then you really won't get the appeal of this, but if you like the sound of up to 400MB/s transfer speeds (though in our real world testing ...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-07
Superfast transfer rates, Excellent build quality, S.M.A.R.T and TRIM ready, Attractive pricingFull potential requires Windows 8 or UASP enabled motherboard, Wide dimensions could hinder other USB ports
A few days ago we reviewed Corsair's new Voyager Air – a mobile storage drive for media users in the home or on the go and today we are back again looking at another storage device from the multi-award winning brand As with the Voyager Air , Corsair are ...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-01
Meeting Performance Computing Demands since 1994"Corsair is a global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market. Specializing in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, and other key system compo...
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Reviewed on 2014-08-08
A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the Corsair Voyager Air 2, a USB 3.0 capable drive which provided 1TB of storage in a 2.5” form factor with the added bonus of wireless functionality. Another recent addition to their product range is the Voyager GTX, a m...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-30
Excellent random 4k speeds, Less expensive than many competing top-tier flash drives, Big 256GB capacitySomewhat slow random write speed, Wide design that doesn't fit in some USB ports
Corsair has recently released the Flash Voyager GTX flash drive, which is optimized for speed and hailed as their fastest USB drive yet (with reported transfer speeds approaching 450MB/s read and 350MB/s write). Corsair designed this flash drive for profe...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-21
Corsair a few days ago released a new USB stick, all 3.0 compatible and it's called the Flash Voyager GTX . With GTX in the naming, that surely hints towards a nice fast product. We test the 128 GB version of this model, and well it's the fastest and most...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-16
The sheer convenience of a high-speed USB 3.0 device cannot be underestimated. Creative types have files measured in gigabytes, and even Joe Average is consuming high-definition content at a frenetic pace. Transferring between devices is easy over a decen...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-16
It has been a few months since we have had any new storage solutions come through the lab here at TweakTown from Corsair. However, today that streak comes to an end, as the new Flash Voyager GTX comes to market.The latest flash solution from Corsair is av...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-16
Insane read/write speed with Windows 8, Very fast with Windows 7, even without the UASP support, Stylish and colourful, Excellent build quality, Outstanding performance in real world use.Nothing.
You can find out more about Corsair simply by visiting their website here. Now let's start this review for the Corsair Voyager GTX by taking a look at the packaging.The packaging for the Corsair Voyager GTX is very simple, and clean looking, with red bein...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-15
Crazy levels of performance, 4K performance is excellent, fully fledged SSD controller, runs cool, small form factor, nicely finished, decent pricing considering the capacity, physical size and performanceWindows 7 without UASP support? be prepared for a huge performance hit – or install Windows 8.1
Corsair claim the new Flash Voyager GTX drives deliver ‘SSD-Performance' in a thin USB 3.0 thumb drive. These drives incorporate a fully fledged SSD controller. The theory is that the performance should be significantly improved over a traditional design,...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-15
We don't take the time to do reviews as many USB Flash drives as we used to because there are so many of them out there and people usually purchase them based on the price point with no concern about the performance. Newegg for example currently has 15,57...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-15
Corsair was founded in 1994 and originally developed Level 2 cache modules for OEMs. Once Intel started incorporating L2 cache into their processors with the release of the Pentium Pro family, Corsair switched focus on to DRAM modules.  They began with pr...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-15
Check out the video review below that Allyn and I made about the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB flash drive and then continue on to see some more pictures and our quick benchmark results.The Flash Voyager GTX is a bit large in pantheon of USB thumb drive...
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