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Cooler Master Nepton 240M Specs

Release Date in Malaysia
ModelNepton 240M
DateAug 2014
Built-in fanYes
Noise level27 dB
Fan connector4-pin
Number of fans2 fan(s)
Fan speed (min)800 RPM
Fan speed (max)2400 RPM
Minimum airflow16.5 cfm
Maximum airflow76 cfm
Supported processor socketsSocket AM2+,Socket AM3,Socket AM3+,Socket FM1,Socket FM2,Socket FM2+,LGA 1151 (Socket H4),LGA 2011-v3 (Socket R)
Mean time between failures (MTBF)160000 h

Reviews of Cooler Master Nepton 240M
Reviewed on 2015-05-25
A leading brand in the cooling industry, Cooler Master's Nepton 240M is one of the many options available when it comes to all-in-one cooling system with 240mm sized radiators.The Nepton 240M is a no-nonsense design with FEP Tubing for lower coolant evapo...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-17
Byline: By DinCooler Master has always been one of the most trusted name when it comes to PC cooling. With its years of experience, it is clear its products has always been of high quality while being competitively priced. Complete water-cooling kits are ...
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Reviewed on 2015-09-21
The Cooler Master Nepton 240M is a high-end liquid cooling system for CPUs. It has a 240 mm radiator with two 120 mm fans. Let's see how it performs.As with any sealed liquid cooling system, the Nepton 240M comes with the coolant liquid pre-filled inside...
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Reviewed on 2015-08-11
Cooler Master's reputation speaks for itself. Its many products have always been on the list for anyone looking for stylish, well built, affordable hardware. The Nepton series is the latest entry into Cooler Master's line-up of water cooling solutionsThe...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-09
For two decades Cooler Master has been delivering thermal solutions for computer users and this past October 2014, they announced the Nepton 240M AIO (all-in-one) liquid cooler for the marketplace. Featuring the new 120mm Silencio fans, the Nepton 240M is...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-12
Initially conceived of as a convenient and more affordable alternative to building a custom liquid-cooling loop, the first generation self-contained all-in-one CPU cooler units did not succeed in their attempt; performing poorly, costing a lot and if you ...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-27
Performance under stock and overclocking conditions, Build quality of the cooler, CPU block and radiator barb rotational freedom, Tubing size and construction ridged FEP prevents kinking, Low noise, high performance Selencio fans included with kit, Radiat...
Price, Use of aluminum radiator, Need for use of performance inhibiting corrosion inhibit because of mixed metals in loop, Possible galvanic corrosion over time as coolant chemicals breakdown, Machining marks on CPU block mounting surface
Courtesy of Cooler MasterCooler Master is known in the enthusiast community for their innovative designs with product offerings ranging from cases to desktop and laptop cooling implements. Cooler Master also offers their own line of all-in-one (AIO) CPU l...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-24
From supercomputers to servers to gaming PCs, water-cooling has come so far it's changed from being a dangerous, unfamiliar technology to something you can now drop into your home PC in about half an hour.We've picked a selection of the latest watery chip...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-15
Having looked at the 280L back in March we thought we'd take a gander at the smaller 240M model. As the name suggests the Nepton 240M is based on twin 120mm fans as opposed to the 280Ls twin 140mm units. Because of this, it's unlikely to better its bigger...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-06
I remember just over 5 years ago at CES was the first time I had ever seen a sealed water cooling system. At the time, it seemed a little crazy. How would it fit various PCs? What about maintenance? At that time the only real options were custom setups us...
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Reviewed on 2014-11-19
Just a short few weeks ago , we took a look at a slightly older Cooler Master all-in-one liquid CPU cooler – the Nepton 280L. That cooler has been on the market for nearly a year, which gave Cooler Master enough time to come up with a more refined version...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-22
Superior performance compared to air coolers, Very quiet in operation, Mostly easy to install
Stiff FEP tubing negatively impacts ease of installation
Okay, I've got a little confession to make.I'm a bit late to the party here.I mean, what's a custom water cooling enthusiast to do? I've been building my own water cooling loops for a few years now, and I just have never understood the appeal of an all-in...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-21
I've always been fascinated by liquid-cooling setups for PCs. When I started building my own computers about a decade ago, liquid cooling had an exotic mystique. It was the mark of the most dedicated enthusiast, a mad-scientist-y whirl of custom water blo...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-21
We test and review the all new Cooler Master Nepton 240M, a 240mm Liquid cooler that is performing quite OK in a dense LCS kit market. Cooler Master announced the new Nepton model with a 240mm radiator cooled by two active fans. These are designed to be s...
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Reviewed on 2015-03-25
Over half a year ago Cooler Master launched their Nepton 280L an impressive dual 140mm radiator AIO with an excellent combination of performance and value-added features. While Cooler Master was actually one of the first manufacturers to realize the poten...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-20
In this day and age, the capability of computers and software design tools producing high quality visual effects are exponentially becoming more prominent. In addition, performance-driven hardware are also produced to be able to support the output of high...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-23
Easy installation with thumb screws for the pump, fans, and radiator, Silencio 120mm 4pin PWM fans, Long flexible tubing, White LED lens on the pump cover / logo look nice, Separate power lead for fans (splitter), 5 Year Warranty
Cooler Master's reputation speaks for itself. Its family of cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, and fans have been at the top of the short list for anyone looking for stylish, long-lasting, affordable hardware. Cooler Master jumped into the water cooling ...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-06
Neither Cooler Master, nor a sealed AIO should really need any introduction at this point in the cooling game, as both have been around for quite a while now. While Cooler Master typically sticks to the standard sealed AIO units, at one point they did str...
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