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Are your hands itching to take a hold of a decent DSLR but your wallet’s not really as itchy? Introducing the Canon EOS 600D DSLR camera. Check out the offers that are in store below or you could click here to read more about it.

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Canon EOS 600D Specs

Picture Quality
Camera Resolution 18MP
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9mm
Sensor Type CMOS
Screen Size 3"
Off Mode
Anti Smudge Coating
Anti Scratch
Live View
Viewfinder Single-Lens Reflex
Video Resolution Full HD
ISO Minimum 100
ISO Maximum 6400
ISO Auto
White Balance
Photography Features
Continuous Drive 3.7fps
Optics & Focus
Number of Focus Points 9
Manual Focus
Lens Mount EF
Weight 570g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 133 x 100 x 80mm
Colour Black
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000s
Release Year 2011
Packaging Content
Camera Version Body Only

Canon EOS 600D Malaysia: The Triple Digit Camera You’ll Surely Want

As a big leap forward in terms of improvements and overall design and function, the Canon EOS 600D packs a super punch in likes of a new high-resolution, tilt-and-swivel LCD monitor that you could extend 180 degrees out from the body and swivels 270 degrees on its hinge. Furthermore, you can get enjoy all the new Creative Filter Effects that you can apply on the stills and videos in RAW or JPEG file post-capture. The effects include Soft Focus, Miniature, Toy Camera, Grainy Black and White, and Fisheye. Another prominent feature of the Canon EOS 600D is that it inherited the pop-up flash as a wireless commander unit from the 7D and 6D. The wireless commander unit acts to trigger off-camera flashguns. This feature is a fun and perfect for lighting enthusiasts and it’s a surprise to see such a feature in an entry-level camera model.

When capturing still pictures, the 600D is able to shoot on all the regular modes expected of a common SLR, which should include the creative quartet of Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority, Program, and Manual. You can also get Canon’s Automatic Depth-of-Field mode that features 5 individual scene modes for you to play around with. Gone are the days of the Full Auto mode and here comes in the Scene Intelligent Auto mode—which not entirely a new mode but it does analyze what it’s pointed at and then it’ll select the appropriate scene mode and color settings. There is also the Creative Auto mode which is pretty much the same with the Scene Intelligent Auto mode except for the fact that you can control how much background blur you want via an on-screen slider.

The 600D enables the capturing of very high quality photos—given that it is handled in the right hands. Furthermore, thanks to the 18-Megapixel APS-C sensor, you can take stills of high detail and definition with no problems. Adding to the fact that it’s an entry-level SLR, the 600D is ready to take pictures and videos for you as soon as you flick the on switch. The autofocus system uses a phase-detection method that enables super-fast focusing—this can only be done outside of Live View.

Should You Own It?

If you are an avid fan of Canon SLRs or if you’re looking into good entry-level SLRs that are budget-friendly and full capable of taking high-quality pictures, then a good advice would be for you to own the Canon EOS 600D because there is no such thing as taking too good of a picture.

Canon EOS 600D Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2016-10-18
If you are not yet tied into either system, the choice of cameras can seem bewildering.In this article, we will take a look at the two manufacturers' mid-range consumer DSLR cameras: the Canon T3i and the Nikon D5100. Which is the better buy? I'll take a...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-17
Its predecessor, the 550D, introduced an 18-megapixel sensor, an improved metering system and significant improvements to video capture. At first glance, the 600D seems like a much more conservative update. The 3in screen is now articulated, the handgrip...
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Reviewed on 2014-12-18
If you have kids, the impulse to document every instant of their waking lives is nearly as powerful as the impulse to feed and shelter them. I'll help you find the perfect camera to freeze those priceless moments.If you're reading this article, you've pro...
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Reviewed on 2014-08-20
Fairly inexpensive, Great quality photos, Easy to learn, Extra components are easy to add on, Pretty light weight cameraChanging modes can be slow, Auto focus is slow, Battery life does not last more than a couple of hours, Shutter speed can be affected by changing lenses, Exposure on photos
I have recently been named as the Chief photographer of my yearbook staff, not only because I know my camera's features inside and out, but I love cameras, and I especially love Canon cameras. They are the easiest cameras to use, and are pretty affordable...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-06
The Canon 600D is not as small and light as the Canon 1100D. What is also immediately noticeable is the lining of the camera body: this is less slippery than the lining of the Canon 1100D. And while I'm talking about external things: you put the memory ca...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-08
At first glance, the Canon EOS 650D (aka Rebel T4i) may seem like a subtle upgrade to the Canon EOS 600D (), but looking more closely it has a number of interesting new features and technologies. The Canon EOS 650D is already available for pre-order fr...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-08
A full Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D review is planned. ...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-30
18 megapixel camera with 3 inches LCD display, Contains Lithium Ion Batteries & comes with a charger too, Has CMOS Optical sensor, Light Sensitivity options ISO 100, ISO 125, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 600, ISO 800, ISO 1000, ISO 1200, ISO 1250, ISO 1600, ISO...Not much difference from 550D, RAW sizes are not Selectable
Canon EOS 600D Reviews suggest that this is high functional entry level camera that is small and has many features similar to its predecessor EOS 60D. It also has similar processor and sensor as seen in 550D.Canon EOS 600D Features suggest that this astou...
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Reviewed on 2012-01-11
Rebels have always delivered good value wrapped up in a compact package and it’s why I personally own two—a Rebel XT and a Rebel XTi—both of them converted to infrared-only capture. The 18-megapixel EOS Rebel T3i is clearly an evolutionary model in th...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-09
Canon's triple-digit EOS cameras are usually aimed at those new to SLR photography, but as models acquire more functionality, they've ventured further into enthusiast territory. The Canon EOS 600D sits somewhere in between the two camps, with a small form...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-02
Overall strong image quality, Wireless flash capabilities, Articulated LCD, Full HD video recording, Plenty of features for beginners to growMeagre burst rate, Not built for those with large hands
Canon's triple-digit EOS line has traditionally catered for those dipping their toes into DSLR photography, but as successive models have acquired more functionality, they've ventured further into enthusiast territory.The Canon 600D sits somewhere in betw...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-19
Quick, Good picture quality,Extremely slow Live View mode, Not as fast as the T2i, images aren't as sharp,
Some digital camera upgrades outperform their predecessors by leaps and bounds. Some camera upgrades move forward by inches. The Canon Rebel T3i falls into the latter camp. This follow-up to the Editors' Choice Rebel T2i ($799.99, 4.5 stars) adds a fli...
Reviewed on 2011-10-07
Excellent and proven 18-megapixel sensor, Lots of detail, especially in RAW files, Very good high ISO performance, Very accurate colors, Full HD video capability at three frame rates with auto or manual exposure control, Video Digital Zoom, ranging fro......Dynamic range is not up to par with the best APS-C sensors, No microfocus adjustment, Very warm auto white balance indoors, Sluggish startup and mode switching, Only center AF point is cross-type, while the Canon 60D has all nine cross-type (for those ......
The top of the Canon T3i, too, is pretty similar to the T2i, with changes on the Mode dial and a new Display button just left of the ISO button. The purpose for this seems to be to turn off the rear LCD display when you're approaching the optical viewfind...
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Reviewed on 2011-09-22
VariableAngle Screen, Excellent image/video capability rightoutthebox,Slow Video AutoFocus, Internal Mic. will pick up focus noise
Purchasing a DSLR camera can be testing for anyone new to the world of photography. There’s a lot to choose from. It’s a bit like walking into your local Starbucks; you can have your coffee with milk, without milk, with or without caffeine, in beige, i...
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Reviewed on 2011-09-19
Compact, lightweight, easier to use than ever; angle-adjustable LCD and large resolution are a boon for those who want more from their photographyOccasional clipped highlights; integral mic picks up adjustment noise
The EOS 600D is also beginner friendly but sits above the EOS 1100D in the Canon DSLR range, where it’s arguably more of a direct threat to Nikon’s equally new D5100. The asking price is £779 with 18-55mm IS zoom or £679 for body only. Like the earlier...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-23
In any competition, if you stand still your rivals are likely to overtake you, so if you want to stay ahead you’ve got to keep moving. This is why Canon has released the Canon EOS 600D just a year after it announced the EOS 550D. A few quizzical eyebrows...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-08
Great feel in the hand; impressive video capabilities; good manual.Obtuse user interface
Canon’s latest Rebel T3i offers a robust feature set, a staggering 18MP APS-C sensor, good control over your photography, and an impressive array of movie modes. At just a little more than 18 ounces, the T3i feels very good in your hand. The body desi...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-05
With even entry-level DSLRs boasting enough megapixels for poster-sized prints, manufacturers are being forced to find new ways to tempt upgraders. HD video recording is the current teaser. The 550D first introduced 1080p video recording to Canon’s ...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-01
In the case of the EOS 600D, that kit takes a bit of scrutiny before you can distinguish it from its predecessor, the 550. The CMOS is different, but has the same 18MP count, and the majority of the spec sheet looks remarkably familiar. Given that the EOS...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-29
Features, -Foldable LCD, -Performance, -HD recordingPrice
The all new EOS 600D is another interesting addition to the mid-range DSLR segment from Canon. It has come within a year after its predecessor Canon EOS 550D appeared and is slightly bigger and weighs more than the latter. Despite being in mid-range, t...
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