Canon EOS 1100D Price in Malaysia

Canon has always brought the best cameras to Malaysia. Even the lower range models from Canon have given photographers immense pleasure to shoot with. With the introduction of the Canon EOS 1100D to Malaysia, we see the same thing happening. It may be a basic DSLR camera, but it sure works well with Canon’s signature technology. Find out more about the Canon EOS 1100D in Malaysia below.

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Cheapest at Lazada
RM 3,671.70
RM 3,256.00

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Canon EOS 1100D Specs

Picture Quality
Camera Resolution 12MP
Sensor Size 14.7 x 22.2mm
Sensor Type CMOS
Screen Size 2.6"
Off Mode
Anti Smudge Coating
Anti Scratch
Live View
Viewfinder Single-Lens Reflex
Video Resolution HD
ISO Minimum 100
ISO Maximum 6400
ISO Auto
White Balance
Photography Features
Continuous Drive 30fps
Optics & Focus
Manual Focus
Lens Mount EF-S
Number of Focus Points 9
Weight 494.9g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 127.9 x 99.7 x 77.9mm
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000s
Release Year 2011
Colour Black

Anyone can use the Canon EOS 1100D

The Canon EOS 1100D, or sometimes called the Digital Rebel T3, is an entry-level camera from Canon that will amaze with its features. It comes in 2 colour variants, black and red. The red may be an acquired taste for most photographers, but if you want to stand out in the crowd, go for it!

The basics of photography is personified in the Canon EOS 1100D. If you are just learning to use a DSLR camera, then the Canon EOS 1100D is the one you want to experiment with. It has a 2.7 inch LCD screen to navigate through photos and as a viewfinder. Also, the 12MP CMOS sensor works well with the overall configuration.

Build quality

If you are used to more high-end cameras such as the 60D or 550D, you will find the Canon EOS 1100D to be cheap and plastic-like. But look at the bright side, this handy little camera is lightweight and extremely portable. Coupled with interchangeable lenses, this camera can work wonders for any type of photography.

Creative photography

Most cameras come standard with shooting modes of various types. The same goes for the Canon EOS 1100D. It comes with a creative point-and-shoot mode whereby you can create depth of field effects with a simple push of a button. Too easy!

Also, shooting modes included in the Canon EOS 1100D are Programmed Auto (P), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Manual (M) and A-DEP modes which all add to the overall customization of a beginner’s experience in photography.

Get the EOS 1100D

So should you get the EOS 1100D? The answer is so simple. If you are looking for a basic, entry-level DSLR to work with and don’t want the heavy price tag that comes along with the camera, then this is the ultimate camera for you. The Canon EOS 1100D is cheap and simply amazing to use thanks to its easy and user-friendly features. So what are you waiting for? Get the EOS 1100D on iprice online today!

Canon EOS 1100D Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2016-10-17
If you're not tied into a system, the choice of cameras can seem bewildering.In this article, I'm going to take a look at the two manufacturer's entry-level cameras -- the Canon T3 and the Nikon D3100. Which is the better buy? I'll take a look at the key...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-15
Ten years ago, our intrepid team put together a rig made up of the best cameras 2004 had to offer to recreate The Matrix's instant-classic bullet time effect. Fast forward to today's tech, and the team is now using a dozen Canon 1100D DSLR cameras to re-c...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-26
Thank you for searching out Camera Magazine's equipment review and laboratory test of the Canon 1100d DSLR Camera originally published in Camera Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011."It's been two years since the 1000D and a lot of developmental water has passed under...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-08
A full Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D review is planned. ...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-01
Many companies take the following approach when they want to sell a gadget. They don't present a new model costing very few bucks. Instead they let high-end products have a drop in their price. Until they can actually be considered as entry-level practica...
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Reviewed on 2012-05-01
The Canon 1100D is small and light for a Canon SLR. The smooth plastic body of the camera is less comfortable to hold than Canon's more expensive cameras.Unusual with a Canon camera is that an SD card is not put into the side of the camera, but under the ...
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Reviewed on 2012-02-24
The DSLR models provided by Pentax or Sony are way better looking than the Canon models and it has always been a traditional matter regarding the Canon entry level cameras that even though it manages to remain in the list of high end models yet they lack ...
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Reviewed on 2012-02-09
“We’ve got to consider the pros and cons, make a list, get advice…” —Jim Backus in Rebel Without a Cause I don’t blame you for being confused. I just tested the EOS Rebel T3i, which I really, really liked, and along comes this review of the EOS Rebel...
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Reviewed on 2012-01-02
Earlier this year Canon refreshed its entry-level lineup with the 1100D, which sits just below the 600D in the companys D-SLR range. ...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-31
Canon’s entry-level EOS Rebel T3 is a step up from Canon’s popular XS DSLR, adding a bump up to a 12 megapixel sensor, a DIGIC 4 processor, longer battery life, higher ISO capabilities, improved autofocus and metering systems and the now ubiquitous vid...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-26
Solid but basic feature set; Beginner friendly Feature Guide; Superior image quality; Superior low light/high ISO performanceNo spot metering; No dust removal system; Video limited to 720p (no 1080, no VGA); Video mode must be set via mode dial
Canon’s entry-level EOS Rebel T3 is a step up from Canon’s popular XS DSLR, adding a bump up to a 12 megapixel sensor, a DIGIC 4 processor, longer battery life, higher ISO capabilities, improved autofocus and metering systems and the now ubiquitous vid...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-25
The Canon EOS Rebel T3 is a DSLR camera who's core functionality is very similar to its predecessor although the updated model is even more user-friendly. In keeping with Canon's naming system, the Canon EOS Rebel T3 is a stripped down version of the h...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-24
Solid but basic feature set, * Beginner friendly Feature Guide, * Superior image quality, * Superior low light/high ISO performance,No spot metering, * No dust removal system, * Video limited to 720p (no 1080, no VGA), * Video mode must be set via mode dial, Price when rated: $600
Canon’s entry-level EOS Rebel T3 is a step up from Canon’s popular XS DSLR, adding a bump up to a 12 megapixel sensor, a DIGIC 4 processor, longer battery life, higher ISO capabilities, improved autofocus and metering systems and the now ubiquitous vid...
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Reviewed on 2011-10-19
Very fast, Good low-light performance,Body feels underbuilt, Similarly priced Micro Four Thirds cameras offer better performance in smaller bodies, Live View LCD suffers from painfully slow focus, Poor focusing in movie mode,
With Micro Four Thirds models and other mirrorless digital cameras growing in popularity, the digital SLR market has gotten some stiff competition. The category continues to push forward, though, and Canon, which has not yet manufactured a compact inte...
Reviewed on 2011-09-26
Good ergonomics; varied button-shapes make it easy to operate by feel, Solid build for a plastic-bodied camera, Generally good image quality for its class, Reasonably wide sensitivity range for an entry-level model, Excellent detail from RAW files, Acc......Control dial is very stiff, and not ideally angled for comfort, Flash button is easy to miss, since it lacks a screen-printed label, New viewfinder has slightly less magnification, much narrower diopter adjustment range, Very warm auto white balance wh......
The Canon T3 is much more than just a compact SLR, though; it's a good quality camera with a rich feature set that just happens to carry an entry-level price. An enhanced menu guide system makes it perhaps the most approachable Canon SLR to date for novic...
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Reviewed on 2011-09-20
Crisp & clear sensor, Decent kit lensOnly 720p HD video recording, Smallish viewfinder
As it stands, the 1100D is a good camera to buy for upgraders from a 1000D, or even Nikon shooters with a D60 who want to change over. If you are using a compact camera and looking to upgrade to a dSLR, the 1100D will expand your shooting possibilitie...
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Reviewed on 2011-09-19
Affordable; simple to use; long 700-shot battery life; crammed with auto and manual shooting options; one-touch HD video recording and HDMI outputPlasticky and a tad bulky; manual focusing required when shooting video
This 12.2-megapixel DSLR upgrades the 1000D and slots in at the start of the EOS range, where it does battle with Nikon’s equally beginner-friendly D3100. As this is supposed to be Canon’s most affordable DSLR, it unsurprisingly features a plastic, gre...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-29
A new starter model that should convert more than a few point-and-shootersWhat's hot: Fast AF; low noise to ISO 800. What's not: Video capped at 720p; top ISO 6400. Who it's for: Anyone looking to enter Canon's DSLR system for as little money as possible....
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Reviewed on 2011-08-10
The EOS Rebel T3 is a budget DSLR from Canon that offers a 720p HD video record mode. The camera certainly doesn't have the same video features or performance as Canon's more-expensive Rebel T3i, but the quality of its video mode wasn't bad for a camera...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-04
Although the 1100D sits firmly at the bottom of Canon DSLR range, it's still capable of knocking out well exposed, nicely saturated pics with no bother. The body feels small and light with a solid grip, but it's very plasticky and certainly not a rugged p...
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