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Pebble Infant Carrier
From RM 913.90 Maxi-Cosi baby car seat Pebble The baby car seat Pebble from Maxi-Cosi is suitable for your little treasure from birth up to the 12th month of life. The modern design will convince you right away - just like the ease of use and the Side Protection System. This provides optimum safety in a side impact. group/weight class: * group 0+/ for babies with a weight up to 13 kg * from birth up to approx. 15 months of life corresponds to the: * ECE R 44/04 You can fix the Maxi-Cosi baby car seat with the standard 3-point-seat belt of your car, the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix or the Maxi-Cosi Easy Base2 (FamilyFix and EasyBase2 are not included in the delivery). Thanks to a special belt guide an incorrect assembly of the 3-point-belt is prevented. However, please make sure that the baby car seat must always be driven with the back to driving direction. If you attach the Maxi-Cosi baby car seat on the passenger seat, the airbag must be switched off there. The Maxi-Cosi Pebble baby car seat is equipped with a braces-harness system. This special harness system eases the buckling on and off of your sweetheart. If the cover is dirty, you can remove the cover and clean it with hand washing. The integrated sun canopy can be removed from the flexible edge, be attached on the ergonomic handle and easily stowed away. If your darling is increasing gradually in size, the head rest and the harness system can be adjusted simultaneously in height. The Maxi-Cosi baby car seat Pebble has a weight of 4,1 kg and is equipped with a special wedge-shaped bolster - so your little sunshine lies flat. The additional belt and lock pads protect sensitive areas. You can use the baby car seat Pebble as an ideal Travel system with any Maxi-Cosi and Quinny stroller, sport stroller and Buggies. Product details: * Group 0+ * ECE R44/04 * weight: 4,1 kg * seat area: 26 cm * with the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix base, the base is attached on the Isofix hooks of the car * with the Maxi-Cosi EasyBase2, the base is fixed with the car´s standard 3-point-belt * without Maxi-Cosi base, the seat itself is fixed with the car´s standard 3-point-belt * with just one click attached on the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix base or EasyBase2 * innovative harness system allows to buckle the baby in just a few seconds * Side Protection System guarantees optimal protection against side impact * special belt guide prevents incorrect fitting with the standard 3-point-belt * long lasting and easy use because you only need one FamilyFix base for two consecutive child car seat age groups: Maxi-Cosi Pebble (Baby/ 0 - 13 kg) and Maxi-Cosi Pearl (toddler/ 9 - 18 kg) * FamilyFix base confirms visually and acoustically the correct installation of the Maxi-Cosi Pebble * unique seat position on the FamilyFix base * height of the headrest and braces-harness system can be adjusted at the front at the same time * practical travel system in combination with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny strollers * thanks to the flexible edge the sun canop...
Citi Infant Carrier
From RM 587.10 Maxi-Cosi infant carrier Citi The Maxi-Cosi infant carrier Citi is suitable for your newborn up to 12 months and offers a maximum on comfort as well as safety. The carrier is a lightweight and features an ergonomic handlebar for easy transport. Group / Weight: * Group 0+ * For newborns until a weight of 13 kg * From birth until up to approx. 12 months Corresponds to standard: * ECE R44/04 The Maxi-Cosi infant carrier Citi will be installed via the 3-point safety harness of the vehicle. Please note that the infant carrier is only be driven rearward facing, therefore the head and neck of your child will be optimal protected in case of a frontal collision. The softly padded belt-system holds your baby safely in the infant carrier. The special Side Protect system (Sps) ensures safe travel for the baby. The removable canopy can be quick and easily attached to the handlebar; it protects your child from direct sunlight and draft. The Maxi+-Cosi infant carrier Citi can be used in an airplane. The cover of the carrier can be removed and washed at anytime. Furthermore, the infant carrier is compatible with any Maxi-Cosi stroller and buggy – the perfect travel system. With just one click can the infant carrier be attached to the stroller or buggy and removed the same way. Note: stroller or buggies are not included in delivery. Product details: * Suitable form birth up to 12 months / until 13 kg * Side Protection System – optimal protection in case of a side impact collision * Ergonomically handlebar * Flexible travel system with all Maxi-Cosi strollers and buggies (not included in delivery) * Can be used in an airplane * Installation with 3-point harness * Cover: removable and washable * Incl. sun canopy * 3-point safety harness * Dimension: 43,5 x 65 x 56 cm * Weight: 3,25 kg * Made in Europe
Aton M Infant Carrier
From RM 791.50 Cybex Infant Car Seat Aton M The Cybex Infant Car Seat Aton M from the M-Line modular system has been designed to grow with your baby. It keeps your new-born safe and accommodates them in a rear facing position while driving. Group/ Weight category: * Group 0 +/ for babies weighing up to 13 kg * Suitable from birth to approx. 18 months According to the norm: * ECE R44/04 For optimum combination of safety and comfort, use the Cybex Infant Car Seat Aton M with the Isofix-Base M (additionally available). The One-Click-Installation allows the lightweight infant car seat to be fitted easier onto the base – no fastening needed. In case you wish to attach the infant car seat without the base, you can do so via the car’s own 3-point harness. The Cybex Infant Car Seat Aton M is suitable for children from birth to approx. 13 kg. The removable insert guarantees the ideal lying position for new-borns. In case of a side impact collision, the innovative side-impact protectors mitigate the intensity of the crash in an early stage. Your baby’s sensitive head is directed into a safe position while the energy absorbing shell covers them safely. An 11-fold height-adjustable head rest guarantees long-time use. When adjusting the head rest, the belt length and the recline angle adapt accordingly, this way older babies are provided with more space and comfort. The extra wide y-belts including soft belt pads and buckle pads prevent your little one from dropping out. Using an adapter, you can transform the Aton M to a practical travel system. In terms of shape, material and colour it matches perfectly with the Cybex Buggies and strollers. Even a combination with gb and various strollers of other manufacturers is possible as well. The extra-large convertible canopy with UV protection 50+ shields your child from direct sunlight and draught. When not in use, you can store it elegantly behind a matching visor. Product details: * Suitable from birth up to 18 months * Infant Car Seat made of M-Line modular system * Innovative side-impact protectors * Removable insert for an ideal recline angle * 11-fold height-adjustable head rest * Integrated extra-large convertible canopy * Integrated seat belt positioner that grows with your child for added protection * Energy absorbing shell * Measures: 66 x 44 x 39 – 57 cm * Weight: 4,2 kg

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