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Reviewed on 2013-07-26
I'm starting to get wise to the ways of ASRock, and this Z77 Extreme4 is a very good example of how it produces motherboards. For starters, there's the initial impression you get when the board comes out of the package, which is very stylish and rather im...
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Reviewed on 2013-02-06
ASRock has become a very popular brand over the last few years and it seems there is always a buzz on our forums every time a new ASRock motherboard is about to be released or just hits shelves. We've reviewed four of these popular models over the last ye...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-28
Good Looks, Overclocking, XFast 555, Quad SLI and CrossFireX, Z77 feature set, UEFI BIOS...Memory incompatibilities...
After looking at a fair selection of Z77-based motherboards, you come to the conclusion pretty quickly that performance curves will be relatively flat between motherboards. That being said, you have to then focus on what brings value to the equation w...
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Reviewed on 2012-08-06
In the past few years ASRock has climbed the ranks of motherboard manufacturers and today they find themselves the third best-selling brand. ASRock's Z77 lineup is quite impressive and currently offers no less than twelve motherboards to choose from. You'...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-23
Intel’s LGA 1155 interface is designed for mainstream buyers, yet the firm’s Ivy Bridge-based processors put it in the performance spotlight. We compare seven Z77 Express motherboards that deliver enthusiast-class performance at mainstream prices. Ever...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-23
Intel's LGA 1155 interface is designed for mainstream buyers, yet the firm's Ivy Bridge-based processors put it in the performance spotlight. We compare seven Z77 Express motherboards that deliver enthusiast-class performance at mainstream prices. Everyo...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-18
You don't always need to pay the highest price for the best possible chipset, as shown by this affordable Z77 beastie. It might not have quite as many add-ons as its bigger brother, but if you're looking for raw performance with a minimum of fuss, ...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-03
In April we published a round-up of 20 motherboards with Z77 chipsets compatible with the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors. Those CPUs weren't available yet at the time so we had to do the tests with the previous generation Sandy Bridge processors. Almos...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-06
When we talk about the leading mainboard makers we primarily refer to ASUSTeK and Gigabyte. However, lately ASRock’s ambitious plans have been giving us more reasons to believe that this company may eventually join or even defeat them. This company is ...
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Reviewed on 2012-05-07
So we have survived one of the biggest days of the year for all things computer performance related - the release of Intel's new Ivy Bridge processor. It replaces Sandy Bridge in the landscape of all things processor related, with Ivy Bridge boastin...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-25
Wonderful aesthetics, Strong performance, Lots of useful features, Overclocking is easy and effective, BIOS has been improved, Brilliant value for moneyThinner than standard ATX – lacks case mounting down far side
£113-119 inc. VAT (GBP)ASRock have been around for a lot longer than many actually realise. Prior to LGA1155 ASRock were just beginning to gain momentum within the motherboard enthusiast market – showing promising products but perhaps lacking exposure...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-17
We will have to wait another couple days for Intel's third generation Ivy Bridge processors, but the related Z77 motherboards are officially available since last weekend. So, what's new and what's different about this new 7 series? A lot of information ...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-08
Today we have the official Z77 launch and can talk about the boards based upon it without restrictions. So we have gathered a bundle from ASRock, ASUS, ECS, Intel and MSI to compare and find out which offers the best features and performance on Intels ...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-08
Well, today is a day that everyone was expecting but not the most exciting day of the month. Today, Intel officially releases the spate of 7-series chipsets for their 3 rd generation Core microarchitecture processors (read—Ivy Bridge), despite the actual ...
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Reviewed on 2012-03-16
The Intel Z77 chipset will be released in April, but we had the privilege of getting the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 for a “first look” article. It will be a mainstream socket 1155 motherboard targeted to the forthcoming “Ivy Bridge” processors (third-generati...
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