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Apple iPod touch prices in Malaysia

The iPod revolutionized digital audio players when it was launched, providing everyone with an easy to use music player that could also store lots of music. The iPod Touch however, takes it to a whole new level. Read more below!

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Lowest Price: RM 450.00
from Lazada
61 Offers from 4 stores available from RM 450.00 - RM 32997.30

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Apple iPod touch Price by Country
Indonesia IDR 1,449,000
Malaysia MYR 450
Philippines PHP 10,995
Vietnam VND 11,699,000

About Apple iPod touch Malaysia

Apple iPod Touch Malaysia

What you love about the iPhone, but without the phone

The iPod Touch is truly a revolutionary design when it was released. It offered similar functionalities to that of an iPhone, but without the telephony components and the higher price tag. Like the iPhone, the iPod Touch has a front touchscreen display, a Home button, and a rear metal casing in various shades of colors (space gray, blue, gold, pink, and silver).

Earlier models of the iPod Touch had very subpar performance due to its lower end internal components, but the latest iPod Touch models are more updated and feature the very same specifications as that found on an iPhone. The iPod Touch also runs on Apple's very own iOS operating system.

Still all about Music on the iPod

Even with all the fancy features such as a touchscreen, the iPod Touch does not forget about its origins of being an excellent music player. You can drag and drop your favourite songs into iTunes where it will then automatically sync to your iPod Touch either wirelessly or through the use of the Apple Lightning cable.

You can also purchase and download new songs through the Apple iTunes store straight from the iPod Touch itself, which is the largest music catalog in the world, covering almost everything from the greatest and latest hits to the golden oldies. Or if you would prefer, you can just subscribe to Apple Music for excellent music streaming right in the Music app itself!

Simple and Intuitive, iOS

The iPod Touch runs on Apple's very own iOS operating system – the very same one found in iPhone and iPads. It gives the user an incredibly clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate through. The iPod Touch is extremely fluid and responsive thanks to the great software.

The iPod Touch also has access to a large library of apps thanks to the Apple App Store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store; games, productivity apps, video streaming apps, fitness apps – you name it, they have it.

It's also a Camera

The iPod Touch has an 8-megapixel rear facing iSight camera that is pretty impressive, allowing you to capture a lot of great images quickly. The great camera paired with the light and small iPod Touch makes it incredibly convenient – you do not have to carry around so many devices, you just need your iPod Touch.

Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2010-07-09
The iPod touch is widely referred to as the iPhone without the phone. That’s because the iPod touch has almost all of the iPhone’s features except for the connection to AT&T’s EDGE network, meaning that it doesn’t offer nationwide connections to the In...
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Reviewed on 2010-07-07
The iPod touch fills a unique niche in the digital world. It is not a cell phone or a smart phone, but it is a small device that performs many of the other functions of a smart phone. In fact, it is like having a mini-computer in your pocket. The iPod ...
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Reviewed on 2010-06-01
The Apple iPod Touch can hold 64GB of storage,This MP3 player does not have an FM tuner.
Every once in a while there is a company that comes out with something quite extraordinary. When they do that creation redefines the way things are or the way they work. The Apple iPod Touch is one of those things. Sine 2001 Apple has been making iPods...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-02
Apps, apps, apps, slim designWeak file format support, no multitasking
The iPod touch 3G crashed into the world more than six months ago, almost an eternity in gadget time. We’ve seen a ton of new screen tech, slim audio players and the arrival of Android media players since then, so can Apple’s flagship iPod still sta...
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Reviewed on 2010-01-13
The iPod Touch is now in its third generation and we're happy to say that Apple's latest boasts numerous improvements over its predecessor.For starters the new Touch uses version 3.1 of Apple's iPhone OS and sports the same microprocessor, graphics eng...
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Reviewed on 2010-01-01
Naturally the player's jukebox ability is comparable to other iPods, but the larger screen makes it an excellent video player in its own right, with the caveat that once again file support is limited. Naturally, getting non-native video content to the device involves time consuming conversion. There are plenty of free..
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Reviewed on 2009-12-19
The best touch-screen portable media player you can buy. Increased capacities at lower prices. Faster processor in 32GB and 64GB models. Top-notch Web browser. iTunes improvements include Genius Mixes, Genius-based app recommendations, and app organization....Bundled earbuds still stink. Audio file support doesn’t include FLAC or OGG. Browser still lacks Flash support.
So, how do you improve the mighty iPod touch? Hmm. That’s a question that seems to have Apple stumped. The third generation of iPod touches looks identical to the 2nd generation models, but the capacities and prices are improved: 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB. T...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-17
64GB option, slick Voice Control featuresDented battery life, Voice Control on highend models only
Eye up the new iPod touch and you’d be forgiven for thinking nothing has changed. Externally, Apple’s finger-friendly iPod is the same as the previous generation, but inside it’s all new. Read our iPod touch 3G review now to see if it’s worth a punt...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-17
Best sound quality of any iPod. Superb interface.The iPod Touch costs... a lot.
Even the most brainwashed Apple haters out there would have to concede that the Apple iPod Touch is a remarkable bit of kit. Taking all the best bits from the iPhone – the stunning widescreen display, the mind-blowingly elegant interface, the browser a...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-14
Voice Control adds a new dimension to the already formidable control options, Now with Voice Control and VoiceOver, sightimpaired users will have superior access to their media, Faster processor not monumental, but we'll take those performance tweaks!...touch VoiceOver not to be confused with simpler shuffle VoiceOver, Refinements to this generation not as pronounced as in years past
With a faster processor and a nifty Voice Control feature, the newest iPod touch looks much the same as last year, but with a slight edge in coolness....
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Reviewed on 2009-12-13
When Apple released the original iPod Touch back in 2007, I don’t think even they knew what it would become. One button, a touch screen for navigation and a “Mac OS X” operating system… Well, the release event was the only time we ever heard the iPhon...
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Reviewed on 2009-12-01
I’m not usually a big fan of touchscreens, but I have to admit, having one in an iPod makes finding and listening to music a lot easier. The latest third generation iPod Touch may lack the video camera and FM tuner features of Apple’s other recent lau...
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Reviewed on 2009-11-18
What started as an attempt to give music aficionados and iPod lovers a way to enjoy music and video on a large touchscreen-enabled device has now transformed into multi-functional one. iPod touch in its third year, now efficiently works as a PMP, a gaming...
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Reviewed on 2009-11-10
Fluid Interface, Big & Beautiful Screen, Well balanced sound, Rich Variety of Applications, Superb Web browser, WiFi ConnectivyBattery life could be better, Average onboard speaker, No FM radio
The iPod Touch is our top pick if you are looking out for a new PMP that not only plays audio and video but also let you play touch based or motion sensor based games and explore the online world. Available in three variants (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), the ...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-20
Decent capacity; swift web browser; app store allows you to add extrasMusic controls trapped on headphone cable
Apple’s iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone with all the phone functions ripped out.You would be forgiven for wondering exactly what the point of such a gadget might be, but in practice it’s an extremely impressive and handy device....
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Reviewed on 2009-10-20
Decent capacity; swift web browser; app store allows you to add extras,Music controls trapped on headphone cable
Apple’s iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone with all the phone functions ripped out.You would be forgiven for wondering exactly what the point of such a gadget might be, but in practice it’s an extremely impressive and handy device.The Touch is now ava...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-06
Improved storage capacity. Responsive capacitive screen. Fluid video playback. Svelte looksPoor-quality headphones combined with expensive upgrade option. Pricey
The reason so little has been tweaked is that nothing can begin to compete with browsing music in Cover Flow, class-leading audio, fluid video playback, seamless internet browsing, YouTube support, over 85,000 third-party apps and, of course, native i...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-05
Decent battery life, Audio quality is good, Well designed device, Slightly better graphicsVoice Control is not always very responsive, Offers nothing very new in terms of features
Usually you’ll hear that old saying ‘Out with the old in with the new’ but with Apple these days there’s really not a very significant amount of difference. Their latest addition to their iPod media devices includes the iPod Touch Second Gen. I reviewe...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-05
Wonderful design, unmatched UI, large 3.5" multi-touch display, faster processing power, Voice Control feature, web browser, good audio/video quality, large library of apps and gamesPaid software updates add to the cost of ownership, no support for AVRCP for Bluetooth stereo headphones
Two years ago when Apple launched the iPod touch, it instantly achieved the title of the best portable media player in the market. The iPod touch was nothing more than an iPhone with the phone call functionality stripped off, which means it still had t...
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Reviewed on 2009-10-01
Of course, the fourth gen touch still handles handles music, photo, videos, etc., with aplomb (as most iPods do) but is also a fine handheld gaming machine. And a plethora of fun, reasonably priced games that take advantage of the iPod touch (and iP...
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