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iPhone 9 Malaysia Release Date, Prices, and Specs

iPhone 9 - Coming Soon?

It’s coming! The all-new iPhone 9. We eagerly await the release date of the iPhone 9 but we also need to know what this new smartphone brings. Much like the previous iPhones, the rumour is that the new one will have similar specs. We can expect Apple’s premier, flawless design in creating lifestyle instead of a product.

There is rumour of the iPhone 9 being called iPhone X2 or iPhone X Plus too. You tend to wonder why they went from iPhone 8 to iPhone X without visiting the 9. But Apple has their reasons to do so granted sales are still high.

iPhone 9 Release Date

With the huge success of the iPhone X, it is not certain as to when the iPhone 9 will appear. In fact, we aren’t certain it will appear at all. What we do know is that Apple continues to create smartphones that appeal to the market in Malaysia.

Just as any other iPhone model, the iPhone 9 is rumoured to be released in the September 2018. Its release in the Fall season is typical of most of Apple smartphone releases. You may have to wait a while until the smartphone is confirmed, but that shouldn’t stop us from speculating its specs.

Speculating iPhone 9 Specs

As there is a drive towards a bigger display, we predict the iPhone 9 will have a size of 5.8 inches or more. The iPhone 2018 will have distinctly similar specs in terms of sizing of bezels and features. No doubt the in-built apps such as Face ID will be retained as it is such a hit. Although we cannot say much about the phone itself, we look forward to next installment of smartphone Apple has to offer.

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