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iPhone 7 prices in Malaysia

The Apple iPhone 7 is the first ever iPhone to have integrated a real upgrade into their hardware ever since the iPhone 5s. A waterproofing technology, an Optical Image Stabilization for the camera, and going wireless all the way in listening to your music - the iPhone 7 in a nutshell. It's definitely the smartphone to be excited about, so check it out right here!

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iPhone 7 Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 6,800,000
Malaysia MYR 2,468
Philippines PHP 32,399
Singapore SGD 780
Thailand THB 20,290
Vietnam VND 11,500,000

News on iPhone 7

Of iPhone 7 and Drilled 3.5mm “audio jacks”

22 November 2016
Lord Tan

The new iPhone 7 is out and the tech world is going crazy about it, unboxings, reviews, and all kinds of reports about the iPhone 7 is everywhere. However, there seems to be as much hype about the lack of the standard 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 than the iPhone 7 itself – which has led to some rather suggestively irreparable pranks.

TechRax’s iPhone 7 prank video (Source: YouTube)

Going viral around the webs is a prank video by YouTuber Taras Maksimuk (TechRax), whose video channel is filled with videos of him trashing a lot of the latest tech and gadgets. The prank video is rather short 85 second video that shows him drilling the bottom left speaker grille with a 3.5 mm drill bit (of course) of the iPhone 7, suggesting that the standard 3.5 mm audio jack is actually hidden behind the speaker grill. After drilling through the speaker grille, he proceeds to plug in a pair of earphones and then play music out loud through the speakers, and not actually through the earphones – because audio jack installations don’t work this way.

A lot of people who fell for the prank were unsurprisingly upset when they fell for the prank by drilling their brand new iPhone 7. Some suffered from pure cosmetic damage where only the speaker grille was destroyed, but there have been also reports where the iPhone 7 stopped operating completely.

If you’re one of those who think the prank will work, it does not! Don’t fall for it!

  • The iPhone 7 follows Apple’s attempt for a more “innovative” future in tech.
  • The iPhone 7 will work with wireless headphones with a Bluetooth connection, with Apple’s Airpods, or headphones that are compatible with the Airpod connection.
  • Lightning-compatible headphones will work on the iPhone 7’s Lightning port.
  • A pair of Lightning Earpods are included with the iPhone 7, along with a Lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter.

Is the iPhone 7 the iPhone 7? Or is it another variant of the iPhone 6S?

29 September 2016
Lord Tan

Each year smartphone manufacturers put out new smartphones, even Apple, who have long left the one-iPhone-a-year plan long behind with the addition of larger iPhones and smaller more affordable iPhones. Apple, being Apple, is one of the most anticipated manufactures when they announce a brand new smartphone every year.

The iPhone 7 was expected to be a big refresh in design of the iPhone; but it didn’t happen. The iPhone 7 looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 6S – save for a few minor differences:

  • Redesigned camera and camera bump
  • Removal of the 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Relocation of antenna lines to the top sides of the phone
  • New colours: glossy jet black and matte black

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Source: Apple)

The small differences here beg the question: Is the iPhone 7 the refreshed iPhone model or is it just another upgrade of the iPhone 6S? There are several news sources that believe that Apple is putting out removal of the audio jack and the new colour finishes as a pre-emptive preparation of the market for their next iPhone launched next year – the rumoured Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone.

With the launch of every new iPhone model, the following year would typically see a refresh of hardware and internal components of that particular iPhone model with an ‘S’ added to its name to signify an upgrade. Apple only has a major refresh of the iPhone every two years, releasing a brand new design and major upgrades – which the iPhone 7 was expected to be.

iPhone 7: Good Bye Click, Hello Taptic

The brand new iPhone 7 is an improvement over the previous iPhone 6S (even though some may argue that the removal of the audio jack is a downgrade) in almost every way, bringing even brand new colours to the iPhone line-up. While everyone is still yet to get over the fact that the audio jack is missing, the brand new Home button seems to be forgotten.

The Home button on the iPhone 7 isn’t quite what it seems – it isn’t actually a button. The Home ‘button’ is now actually a capacitive key that has Apple’s Taptic Engine behind it. What Apple’s Taptic Engine does is it reproduces the same feeling you would get as if you were pressing on a real button on the iPhone 7; it creates a very unique and distinct tactile feel when you tap on it.

The Apple Taptic Engine (Source:

The Taptic Engine is not only able to mimic the home button sensation, but it can also provide system notifications and support audio alerts – just like the conventional vibrations in your phones, but better. The Apple Taptic Engine is both similar and not similar to the conventional vibration motors in phones; it is much more distinct and is more powerful.

Apple has also allowed developers to access the Taptic Engine for haptic feedback and responses in their apps and in the OS itself; your favourite mobile games can now have haptic feedback accompanying its actions. Even swiping and pinching on the iPhone 7 will result in haptic feedback, such as:

  • Pinching and swiping on the phone will result in haptic feedback when limits are reached
  • Swiping on the internal clock to change the time will play a clicking audio feedback as well as haptic feedback that makes it feel like a real mechanical movement
  • Tapping and switching settings will give off appropriate haptic feedback

Apple’s Taptic Engine may be brand new for the iPhone 7, but the technology has been in the Apple Watch for quite some time already. When scrolling on the Apple Watch to its limits, the Taptic Engine kicks in to give the wearer a sensation of bouncing off the limit.

Apple iPhone 7 Malaysia: Swift in Making a Splash

The iPhone 7 has finally arrived, and it splashed its way into the competition with a powerful processing chip, cutting edge camera, and a sturdy build that could withstand the challenges of the outdoors. In a nutshell, the iPhone 7 Malaysia is the well-rounded upgrade of the iPhone 6 that’s innovative enough to bring in a new era for iPhone users.

A10 Fusion Chip

The iPhone 7 Malaysia holds a supercharged chipset to land in the smartphone scene – the A10 fusion chip. This uses a state of the art architecture that allows for a lightning fast and desktop level processing speed with its quad-core processor. Despite that, it will only consume minimal battery charge while providing a highly efficient performance in running the apps that you need to use. In comparison to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 can run twice as fast than its predecessor while only consuming one-fifth of the power that it usually uses.

iPhone 7 Camera: All About Pixels, Quality, and Functionality

The camera upgrade that’s been long overdue has finally been made. First of all, at last, users don’t need to worry about camera shakes anymore, thanks to its Optical Image Stabilization. Apple has finally re-engineered their camera on the hardware department in terms of functionality. It has all the camera features that you need and as always, its lowlight capability has even gotten better.
On the other hand, its video recording feature is one of the functionality that has made the biggest leap. It can now shoot 4K videos at 30fps and could capture 8MP photos while cam cording. Its 1080p video recording also had a boost in frame rate because it can now capture 1080p video with a 120fps frame rate. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the iPhone 7’s camera will surely satisfy your thirst for an efficient and outstanding photo op tool.

FaceTime HD Camera

Another major camera upgrade that needs no second look is its front facing camera. The selfie shooter of the iPhone 7 will surely entice every selfie-holic in you to come out and enjoy the pleasures of its front camera. It’s basically intended for an HD FaceTime experience, but with a bigger camera sensor comes the bigger capacity to take a more superior photo and video in terms of quality. Not only can it capture picture rich selfies, it can also take HD videos at 30fps and 720p videos at 120p.

IP 68 Certification – Waterproof!

The feature that all iPhone users have been clamoring for – waterproofing technology. Finally, Apple has finally hopped on the bandwagon and made their very own water resistant smartphone – the iPhone 7 Malaysia. Getting your phone wet will no longer be worrisome, instead you can finally take pleasure using your iPhone 7 one-meter-deep into the water.

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Reviewed on 2017-05-09
Let's get right down to it: if Apple had launched the iPhone 7 in place of the iPhone 6S last year, it would probably have been the phone of the year.We're used to the S variants of the iPhone being minimal upgrades – just the right amount of change to en...
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