Apple AirPods Price & Specs in Malaysia July, 2021

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Cheapest Apple AirPods Price in Malaysia is RM 359.40

The Apple AirPods is now available in Malaysia. The cheapest Apple AirPods price in Malaysia is RM 359.40 from Shopee. Apple AirPods price details are updated July 2021.

Apple AirPods Price Guide

Price List by Country for Apple AirPods

Country International Price Price in MYR
Hong Kong HKD 1,299.00 RM 707.00
Malaysia MYR 359.40 RM 359.00
Philippines PHP 8,999.00 RM 757.00
Singapore SGD 149.90 RM 465.00
Thailand THB 4,390 RM 563.00
Vietnam VND 549.000 RM 101.00

Apple AirPods Specs

Operating Time 5h
Charging Case Type-C
Charging Time 1h
Talk Time 3h
Noise Cancelling No
Microphone Position On Earphones
Active Noise Reduction No
Control Panel Touch Screen
Fast Charging Yes
Waterproof No
Weight 4g
Body Colour White
Body Material Plastic
Bluetooth Range 18m
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Music Function
Pause Yes
Play Yes
Next Track Yes
Previous Track Yes
Volume Yes
Windows Phone Yes
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Call Function
Voice Dialling No
Call on Hold Yes
Answer Call Yes
End Call Yes
Retail Price Discontinued

Apple Airpods Specs in Malaysia, FAQs, Availability, and More!

Apple Airpods have been a hit ever since the first generation launched in 2016, and the second generation was released in March 2019 followed by the Airpods Pro released in October 2019. However, the first generation is now completely discontinued from their Apple store. This Apple wireless Bluetooth earbuds provide you with a whole new level of headphone experience compared to the traditional tangled wired earbuds. You can listen to your favourite track effortlessly. Is it worth it to get one for yourself? Now let's take a look at the specs.

What is so special about Airpods?

With millions sold in the market, this wireless headphone designed by Apple has gone on to be one of the most popular products by Apple for over the years. So what's so special about Airpods?

Battery Life

Apple Airpods 2 has a longer battery life which delivers up to 5 hours compared to Airpods Pro that claims a little less than 4.5 hours. However, both series offer another 19 hours added by the charging case. Inside the charging case has a battery too, allow the AirPods to charge multiple times over to give 24 hours of listening time.

Wireless Charging case

The Airpods charge inside a small white charging case. There's a quick charging feature that provides one hour of listening time after five minutes of charging. The Airpods 2 offer two options of charging case; the normal charging case like the 1st generation as well as a wireless charging case which it can charge by any Ai- Certified wireless charger and lightning cable. However, Airpods Pro comes with a wireless charging case as standard.


This noise-cancelling tech is only featured in Airpods Pro. The Airpods 2 depend on noise isolation from the buds themselves. This amazing active feature is able to eradicate noises when you are in the public or on a commute, while small noises such as chatter volume are reduced to a whisper. You can completely feel and enjoy the music, videos, or podcasts playing from your iPhone, iPad or other devices. Apart from the noise-cancelling mode, the Airpods Pro also feature the transparency mode- the two microphones feature allow outside sound to come in so you can be more aware when talking with others. By switching between 2 modes, all you need to do is simply press and hold the stem of the Airpod.

Sound Quality

Apple products never disappoint the user in terms of sound experience. Airpods Pro is deemed to have a better headphone experience as it features a design software called Adaptive EQ which automatically tunes the music or audio to the shape of your ears. If you are watching movies or TV shows, it can turn into a theatre-like experience inside your ears thanks to the spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. But overall, the sound and volume are fuller and richer in Airpods 2.

Design and Fit

The noticeable difference in terms of design is the 'universal fit' in Airpods 2 and more 'human fit' silicone tips in Airpods Pro. The pro comes with 3 sizes of flexible silicone tips to suit you best. By running through the built-in Ear Tip Fit Test once your headphones in place, it is quick to find the correct fit that suits your ears. Besides, the Pro model is IPX4 sweat and water-resistant, while the 2nd generation model has no resistance to moisture. You can wear Airpods Pro to the gym or training. Additionally, the Pro model also features a force sensor on the steam to allow more controls as well as a vent system for pressure equalisation.

Device Settings and Controls

On-device settings for Airpods 2 only allow double-tap for different control such as answer the phone call but limited to audio playback or launching Siri. On the other hand, Apple Airpods Pro allows 3 different taps for different settings. You can set one tap to play/pause audio tracks and answer a phone call. Additionally, set two taps for skipping forward the audio and three taps for skipping back to the track you are playing. In terms of compatibility with Siri, both models offer the "Hey Siri" Control with its Apple H1 chip.

New Airpods- Airpods Max

The rumour of the launching of over-ear headphones is no longer a rumour. Apple has introduced the new Airpods Max. This time, these new Airpods come with 5 familiar range of colours. It comes with a soft and slim smart case to preserve the battery in an ultra-low-power state. The Airpods Max has a 20-hours battery life even with active noise cancellation on. Besides, the beamforming microphones help isolate your voice during phone calls, you can even hear clearly in windy or rainy situations. Now for the downside of this new Airpods, it does not come with a headphone cable and socket, no power button, and needs at least one Apple device for settings and software updates.

Airpods Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Do both Airpods have a mic?

Yes, each Airpod has a microphone, either of your Airpods can act as the microphone. You can use Siri and make phone calls at the same time. You can either set the microphone to Always Left or Always Right side of your Airpods. That AirPod will be the microphone even if put it in the case or unplug from your ear.

How do I answer a call on Airpods?

  • AirPods 1st and 2nd generation - Double-tap either of your AirPods.
  • Airpods Pro - Press the Force Sensor on either of your AirPods.
  • Airpods Max - Press the Digital Crown.

How do you skip songs on Airpods?

The default setting for skipping the songs on your Airpods is by double-tap one of your Airpods and the current listening songs will move to your next available track. AirPods Pro only allows you to adjust the press-and-hold action, you may change the press and hold action to Next Track in the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone in order to skip songs.

Why are Airpods so expensive?

Firstly, Airpods are under Apple products, which you can expect high-quality build products in term of materials, design and construction of each product manufactured under the company. Next, Airpods are not cheaply made, so we can't expect them to be sold at a bargain price.

Is it worth buying Airpods in 2021?

Yes, you get what you pay for the price. If you are thinking to get a wireless headphone with exceptional sound and good battery life, you may consider getting yourself a pair of Airpods that can last for years. Or, if you're willing to invest more in better sound quality and noise cancellation, AirPods Pro may be your best bet.

Where can I buy Apple Airpods in Malaysia?

You can buy them through the official Apple Malaysia website. Alternatively, you can also find authentic products on Lazada and Shopee. If you need to inspect the product before purchasing one, you can go to the Apple authorised retail stores such as Switch, Machines, or Harvey Norman It is encouraged to be extra careful when checking the products' specs and price online before making your mind to place the orders.

Reviews of Apple AirPods
Reviewed on 2019-06-24
may explode; Apple offers free battery replacement, Xiaomi launches the mid-ranged Xiaomi Mi 9T with a Snapdragon 730 – price starts from RM1,199
Noise isolation, Earbuds design not for everyone, Still drops out of your ear when you work out
The AirPods may look like a weird headphone sticking out of someone's ear, but to many who has been using it like a staple – me included, the AirPods delivers excellent wireless performance and convenience that other wireless earbuds have attempt to compe...
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Reviewed on 2020-12-21
The AirPods Pro wireless earbuds may be all the rage these days for those heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, but they'll set you back at least $190 online these days (down from their MSRP of $259). However, if you have a more modest budget, the seco...
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Reviewed on 2019-06-23
It was September of 2016 when Apple decided to get rid of the 3.5mm headset socket from its iPhones, and the world hasn't been the same since. The Cupertino giant's contention was that the future of audio is wireless, and to that end, the company also unv...
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Reviewed on 2019-05-09
As the successor of Samsung Gear IconX, the Galaxy Buds is manufactured by AKG company, which supports wireless charge, and the battery life is up to 6 hours. What's more, it can wake up the Bixby smart assistant.And now we will do a comparison of Apple A...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-05
AirPods are a quintessentially Apple product. They do something old in a new and enticing way. When they're announced, people dismiss or make fun of them. When they sell out, people become desperate to get them.Now, Apple has moved on to AirPods (2nd Gene...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-04
Convenience remains king, Battery life improvements are noticeable, Connects faster and with more stability, Wireless charging is useful
Still no active noise cancellation, Siri requires a data connection to work, No waterproofing
The original Apple AirPods succeeded because of one core quality: convenience. Ease of connection and ease of daily use instantly set them apart from rivals, and underscored yet again how Apple's tight-knit ecosystem of hardware and software can give it a...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-04
Improved wireless performance, Same solid battery life, Supports wireless charging if you're into that
In-ear fit isn't for everyone, No meaningful change to sound quality, Wireless charging is slow
In the two and a half years since they were first released, Apple's AirPods have undergone a remarkable transformation. What started out as Q-tip-shaped curiosities have become a full-blown millennial status symbol. Now memes run rampant and a YouTuber c...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-03
Battery life, Long range, quick pairing, Wireless charging optional
Wireless charging is going to cost you
I'm often asked what my favorite gadget or gadgets are, and for the past two years, without hesitation, my answer has been Apple's AirPods and the Nintendo Switch.Also: AirPower fail: The latest victim of Apple's OCDThe AirPods took wireless earbuds and m...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-02
Handsfree 'Hey, Siri', Optional wireless charging case, Excellent comfort and ease of use
Sound quality is just okay, The best features only work with Apple devices
When AirPods were first announced in 2016, people were skeptical. Apple wants us to pay $160 for EarPods without wires? What's with those sticks sticking out of your ears? The case looks like dental floss! But then, everyone who actually used them fell i...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-01
Unrivaled comfort, Extremely compact, Good battery life, Wireless charging,
Sound quality could be better, Checking exact battery levels is a hassle
As the saying goes, there are two types of people in this world: those who find the AirPods comfortable to wear, and those who just can't get them to stay in their ears. If you happen to be in the first group, you'll probably want to know about the second...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-01
The conversation is getting old. You know, the one about how Apple isnt innovating with new hardware because the future of its business is in services and streaming video and this new Apple credit card that blah blah blah. But a lot of people point out o...
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Reviewed on 2019-04-01
At last, new AirPods have arrived! That's great news for early adopters who have experienced serious battery life degradation like me. If you have a fresh pair of the original AirPods, you can probably sit this version out for now.The differences in fea...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-31
The second-generation AirPods add a couple of small but key improvements to the original, including always-on voice recognition and a wireless charging case option. They're a top-notch headset for making calls, indoors and out. Apple's new H1 chip also al...
No design changes to help them fit more ears securely, their sound hasn't improved, and their open design allows for a lot of ambient noise to leak in
Apple seems to be doing this a lot lately: Taking an already excellent, hugely successful product like the iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) -- or in this the case, the AirPods ($145 at Walmart) -- and offering little in the way of external alterations but updati...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-29
Excellent wireless performance and reliability, Great ease of use and setup, Reliable battery life, Can easily recharge battery case with wireless pad
Won't stay in everyone's ears, Doesn't block external sound well, Cannot connect to two devices at the same time, “Hey Siri” voice response is slow
Of the many new products that Apple announced over the past couple of weeks, none have been more hotly anticipated than the second-generation AirPods. And yet, the new AirPods are the least new product Apple revealed this month.The new AirPods look so sim...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-29
Crisp, clear audio, Excellent wireless charging case design, Solid mic clarity, Hands-free Siri access, Easy pairing
Limited on-ear controls, In-ear fit and lack of canal seal can feel loose and impact audio, No IP rating for water resistance, Expensive
Apple didn't invent the true wireless earphone category, but look around on public transportation or at paparrazi photos of celebrities walking their dogs, and you'll quickly see the company's easily identifiable AirPods have come to define it. In the two...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-28
Improved internals, Wireless charging support,
Design remains the same,
Apple's introduction of the AirPods two years ago marked another trend with headphones. Ridiculed at first for its design, the AirPods quickly became one of the best-selling wireless headphones in the market, prompting competitors to release similar devic...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-28
Slightly longer battery life (for talk time), Hands-free 'Hey Siri' voice controls, Faster switching between Apple devices, Optional wireless charging case
No sound quality improvements, Wireless charging case version costs an extra $40, No improvements to battery life for music
People love Apple's AirPods. I know this because I can't walk down the street or ride the subway or go anywhere without spotting the striking white "stems" poking out of peoples' ears. They are everywhere the same way EarPods were everywhere during the h...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-28
Lightweigh, comfortable desig, Faster connection on iOS device, Hands-free Siri integratio, Good audio quality
Limited control, No equalize, Lacks ambient listening mode
You can get the new AirPods 2 with or without the wireless charging case, or you can purchase the case separately for your Gen 1 AirPods. The AirPods 2 with the wireless charging case costs $199. If you'd rather get a standard case, it'll cost you $159, a...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-27
Back in December 2016, I was ecstatic to receive my AirPods. In the first few days after they arrived, I had them in my ears almost every moment I wasn't sleeping or in conversations with others.Since then, I've worn my AirPods, on average, something li...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-27
No one was ready for the original version of AirPods. Apple announced the stubby wireless earphones in September 2016, then missed their promised October release date, and only began to trickle the first shipments out in December. Early users were at best...
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