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RM 767.70
RM 709.20

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Reviewed on 2017-03-06
We tested one more CPU from the socket FM2+ Athlon lineup from AMD: the Athlon X4 860K. Let's test it and compare it to its main competitors.At first, all processors for FM2+ platform were “APUs”, which is how AMD calls their CPUs with integrated video. A...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-20
Recently we have taken a long hard look at a lot of AMD's APU series of processors and walked away rather impressed with how far a consumer's budget can go with these various models. One thing though that all those reviews are predicated on is people actu...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-14
That the fastest processors are currently made by Intel is not really a secret, but what is the best choice when you want to spend up to £ 50, £100 or £150? To answer that question we conducted a megatest of 57 current AMD and Intel CPUs. From two to...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-26
Although I didn't spend much time playing Batman: Arkham Origins, I remember the game rather well after testing it on no less than 30 graphics cards and 20 CPUs. Arkham Origins appeared to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 3, it ran smoothly on afforda...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-22
We received a lot of great feedback after recently updating our PC buying guide and then building and benchmarking the systems. Our most affordable build, the Budget Box, caught the attention of many readers, costing just ~$500 including a monitor, speake...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-21
When it comes to PC parts everybody loves a good budget performer. While it is nice to see the latest and most powerful technology strut its stuff, most of us can only afford something mid or low-end.We recently have seen a great Integrated GPU performanc...
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