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Alienware X51 prices in Malaysia

Rejoice gamers, the time for you to rule the gaming realm beckons! The Alienware X51 is here to assist you in your conquests with its improved graphics, increased storage capabilities and an advanced cooling system. Read more here.

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Alienware X51 Malaysia - World-Class Performance At the Comfort of Your Home

American computer technology giants, Dell are at it again - expanding their prestigious Alienware gaming desktop series with the X51. Reinforced with high-performance Intel® processors, improved graphics and an optional liquid cooling system that enables overclocking, the X51 is definitely a must-have for gaming enthusiasts looking for superior performance.

Advanced Liquid Cooling for Extended Gameplay

Playing games on smaller gaming computers generally might cause high noise and heat levels, thus reducing overall performance and durability. However, with the X51’s cutting-edge liquid cooling technology, expect an incredibly quiet liquid cooling solution that effectively reduces the heat of the system. The X51 has a compact blower design that pushes heat out of the chassis with low noise levels that can be easily covered by in-game audio or chatting with friends. The advanced cooling system ensures efficient heat transfer, so overclocking is no longer an issue as well – allowing you to maximize the X51’s potential. Keep calm and continue gaming!

Enjoy the 4K Gaming Experience

You have seen the X51 in major gaming competitions so you should be familiar with the stellar graphics that it provides. By itself, the X51 boasts an impressive gaming performance at 1080p and supports up to an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 graphics card. Moreover, you can heighten your gaming experience to a whole new level with the optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier. The NVIDIA® or AMD-enabled graphics on the external amplifier enable support for Ultra HD 4K gaming with an immersive 3840x2160 resolution advanced gameplay.

Increased Storage for Favourite Games

The X51 also offers more storage options without compromising its size and overall performance. Hence, there is more than ample space to archive games, tunes, videos and so on. The X51 supports M.2 PCIe SSDs which has their own dedicated data connection, which minimizes performance sharing or loss. With the usage of the PCIe SSDs, another advantage that the user experiences is that the games, tunes and other media will load much faster with up to 4GB/s of total bandwidth.

Energy Conscious

Unlike other gaming PCs in the market, the X51 is relatively lower in energy consumption. At idle status, it only consumes 44 watts, which is significantly lower than most other gaming PCs in the market. When the CPU is activated, the wattage rises to a still impressive 76 watts only, which is still relatively low for a high performance PC such as the X51.

Alienware X51 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2016-04-14
Attractiv, living-room-friendly desig, VR-ready gaming performanc, Customizable lightingWeaker CPU performance than competitors, Can't be configured with GTX 980
With its console-like looks and relatively affordable price, the Alienware X51 has long been a welcoming gateway to PC gaming. Now, it's also a gateway to virtual reality. The new X51 R3 (starting at $1,199, roughly $1,499 as tested) is optimized for the...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-19
video review....
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Reviewed on 2016-01-07
Alienware's latest X51 gaming PC would not look out of place in an office. Yes, it still has the brand's distinctive alien head logo on the front, but the company shows uncharacteristic restraint by putting just a couple of LED lights on the X51. Also...
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Reviewed on 2015-09-09
Great looks SFF Gaming PC, Solid Performance Through 1440p, Quiet And Power-Efficient, Super Easy To Upgrade, Graphics Amp ReadyPricey At Top End Config, Not As Powerful As More Expensive, Similar-Sized Machines
The last time we looked at Dell's Alienware X51 series of console-sized gaming PCs was back in mid-2013. Back then we were working with Intel's 4th generation Haswell Core Series processors and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 600 series GPUs based on their Kepler gr...
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