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The Acer Liquid S1 truly revolutionized the smartphone market when it was launched. During the time of its launch, large phablet type devices were still new, and the Acer Liquid S1 put a shocker with its large 5.7-inch display. Read more below!

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RM 399.00

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Malaysia MYR 399

Acer Liquid S1 Specs

Screen Size 5.7"
Display Resolution 720 x 1280pixels
Pixel Density 258ppi
Scratch Resistant
Water Resistant
Rear Camera Resolution 8MP
Front Camera Resolution 2MP
Dual camera
Internal Storage 8GB
Expandable Memory
Card Slot
Battery Capacity 2400mAh
Talk Time 11h
Processor Quad Core
Operating System Android
Weight 195g
Body Material Plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D) 163 x 83 x 9.6mm
Release Year 2013
USB Connectors Micro-USB
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 b/g/n
Dual SIM
SIM Card Micro-SIM
Virtual Reality Capable
Heart Rate Sensor
LED Notification Light
Face Recognition
Iris Scanner
Fingerprint Scanner
FM Radio
3D Touch

A Solid Plastic Phablet

The Acer Liquid S1 utilizes an all-plastic shell around its 5.7-inch HD display. The plastic may feel a little on the thin side, but it does do its job by providing a sturdy frame in which to hold the smartphone. The phablet is also rather lightweight at just under 200 grams, a weight that is not too heavy nor too light.

On the rear we have a slightly curved back that helps to nestle the Liquid S1 into our hands comfortably, along with the humble little 8 megapixel camera in the middle.All in all, the Acer Liquid S1 is a rather simple looking phablet smartphone, all black with silver strips on the side of the phablet to give a little flair to its otherwise simple design.

Large High Definition Display

The display size is typically what makes a smartphone a smartphone or a phablet. With the Acer Liquid S1 however, we have a 5.7-inch HD 720p resolution LCD display. Its display may seem rather lackluster by today's standards due to its slightly paler colors and small viewing angles. But besides the slight downfalls of the display, it still gets the job done by allowing you to clearly see your content.

A processor that will get you by

In the Acer Liquid S1 sits a humble little quad-core MediaTek processor with a PowerVR GPU. Its not exactly the best and most powerful chipset around, even during the time of its launch, but it will still definitely get the job done for most simple day-to-day tasks – do not expect any intensive mobile gaming on this phablet.

The internal storage of the Liquid S1 is also rather small at just a measly 8GB, and your usable storage space is only around 4.5GB. Thankfully you can augment the small storage with a micro SD card. The Liquid S1 also has to make do with only 1GB of RAM.

Wide-angle Front Facing Camera

The front facing camera of the Acer Liquid S1 has a wide 88 degree angle lens that allows for more people to be in the frame for a great self-portrait shot or to have a group video chat with friends and family.

The rear facing camera is an 8 megapixel camera with an LED flash for those low-light situations. Unfortunately for the Acer Liquid S1, the photographs produced by the camera is rather lacking in several ways. Colors are typically overblown and the focus is rather on the soft side of things.

Acer Liquid S1 Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2014-06-29
What's old is new again has never been a mantra adopted by the mobile industry — the opposite is in fact true — but the rise of the unlocked smartphone could change that to some extent.The Acer Liquid S1 is not a new phone, but the demand for quality, ine...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-17
We can't pretend to like the term ‘phablet' but it does do a fairly good job of describing a device that is too large to be strictly speaking called a phone and too small to be strictly speaking called a tablet. Screen sizes below 7-inches but over 5.5-in...
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Reviewed on 2014-01-07
DualSIM support, Affordably priced, Wideangle front camera, AcerCloudHeavy, Build quality could be better, Display viewing angles
Over the course of 2013, the smartphone arena has gone through some serious changes as the newcomers into the scene have made quite a big splash by offering consumers very affordable devices with close to high-end specs. One of the companies that are also...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-16
Impressive display, Floating apps, Dual, sim support, Good value for moneySlightly suspect build quality, Relatively low capacity battery
If you fancy a “phablet” for Christmas, but think some of the prices are a bit difficult to stomach, then turn your eye towards the Acer Liquid S1 Duo. Its 5.7in screen certainly puts the Liquid S1 Duo in phablet territory, and its price is attractive....
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Reviewed on 2013-11-29
Impressive Float UI, DTS Audio Enhancement, DualSIM phablet, Few nicePoor screen brightness, One handed operation is impossible, Plasticky feel, Average battery life, Screen prone to fingerprints
Considering the growth in the demands of larger smart phones, I wasn't much surprised when Acer decided to launch its 5.7 inches phablet. The latest smart phone from Taiwanese tech giant is known as Acer Liquid S1 . This new phablet is featured with quad ...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-24
Good design, Good build, Good camera, Decent battery life, Large display, DTS sound enhancementTFT screen, Rattling physical buttons, A bit expensive compared to other phablets with similar caliber
The Acer Liquid S1 is the Taiwanese company's 5.7-inch offering that packs a quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2 Jellybean, and dual-SIM capabilities. Find out what this large smartphone has to offer by reading our review below.We had a hands-on of t...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-06
Taiwanese company Acer isn’t known for high-end devices to rival the industry’s biggest, but perhaps they can pull ahead in the relatively young phablet market.The S1 makes a few slip ups with its design. The plastic casing has a smooth, comfortable surfa...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-30
I’ll come out and say it, I love enormous phones, call them phablets, small tablets, massive phones or just plain old stupid. I’m a convert, I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m never going to be able to wear super skinny jeans and own a large phone. ...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-19
Dual SIM connectivity, Wideangle front cameraHeavy, crude design, Weak processor, Bad screen viewing angles, Subpar call quality
The phablet category is getting quite the love from phone makers this season, and Acer is throwing a horse in the race with the Liquid S1, too, following in the footsteps of companies like Sony or Huawei, which also made their first phablets this year....
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Reviewed on 2013-09-16
The current generation of Acer devices are pretty impressive, at the top of the pile is the “S” range, which is the flagship device range. The Liquid S1 phablet is a great big thing with a 5.7″ screen and specs similar to the Galaxy Note II. I’ve had ...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-23
Chic design, Good workmanship, Bright display, Low energy consumption, Good performance scoresLittle internal storage space, Poorly tuned monitor, Short battery life, Bad camera
Production model update: In August, Acer Germany sent us a pre-production model of the Acer Liquid S1 phablet for a short test. Among other things, pre-production meant that the device had an unstable back cover and a poorly tuned display. With the produ...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-13
Large screen, decent camera, good battery life, sensible priceCheap casing, not the fastest
Taiwanese manufacturer Acer may not be the hippest name on the smartphone block but if it keeps producing decent-quality, budget-priced handsets like the Liquid S1, it could be. It's on sale now for around £280. Design The Liquid S1 just about qualifie...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-05
The Acer Liquid S1 looks to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , which has a 5.35in display, with its even larger 5.7in HD touchscreen. We got some time with the device to see how a phone of this size fares in the hand....
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Reviewed on 2013-06-04
Acer lets Android breathe, Float UI is coolLow battery, No LTE
Considering the rise of larger smartphones on the market at the moment, we weren't all that surprised when Acer announced its very first 'phablet' handset, the Liquid S1, at this year's Computex, which seems set to cater to a more affordable, non-LTE mark...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-04
Acer has thrown its hat into the phablet ring with the launch of the Liquid S1 at Computex on Monday. With a 5.7-inch 1280x 720 screen it joins the ranks of similar devices with a couple of extra touches and we caught up with the device to see whether it'...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-04
Acer lets Android breathe, Float UI is coolLow battery, No LTE
Considering the rise of larger smartphones on the market at the moment, we weren't all that surprised when Acer announced its very first 'phablet' handset, the Liquid S1, at this year's Computex, which seems set to cater to a more affordable, non-LTE mark...
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