In the world of fashion, there is a thick line that exists between ready-to-wear and the avant garde. Designer Rei Kawakubo decided to jump way out of the safe box with designs that are more extraordinary with Comme des Garcons. If you are looking for something that would allow you to stand out, the Comme des Garcons has all your wardrobe needs covered.

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Comme des Garcons Malaysia an avant garde collection

If you are looking for a word to describe the collections from Comme des Garcons, then mainstream is not the word that you are looking for. In fact, everything created by Rei Kawakubo is far from mainstream and is not something that would be preferred by everyone. What started out as a side business making costumes for styling assignments in Tokyo in the late 60s has transformed to become a 180$ million with over 200 franchises all around the globe.

For Rei, having money meant being free. And the only possible way for her to earn money was by doing something that she could do, which was making clothes and selling them. She didn’t let the fact that she didn’t have any formal fashion training stop her from creating Comme des Garcons which became a huge hit all around Japan in the 70s. The brand was named after the title of a French soldier’s song meaning “Like the Boys” as her designs avoided anything to do with sexuality.

The first ever shop that opened in Japan did not have any mirrors in it because Kawakubo wanted women to buy clothes based on how they feel rather than the way they looked. Even through the 4 major fashion capital in the world, London, Paris, New York and Milan, the Comme des Garcons broke all the rules of fashion with monochromatic colors, weird silhouettes and unconventional patterns. This acclaimed designer that is known for her unique take on fashion on Comme des Garcons not only appeals to fashion divas but also those who contribute to the industry. Some of the fans of the label include the late Alexander McQueen, Chloe Sevigny, Tilda Swinton, Karl Lagerfeld and John Waters who wrote a whole chapter in his 2010 ‘Role Models’ on Comme des Garcons and Rei Kawakubo.

Leave a lasting impression with Comme des Garcons

Being a brand that revolves around everything extraordinary, Comme des Garcons made a lasting impression in the fashion world with its monochromatic palette and distressed fabrics with unfinished seams and fraying edges that was inspired by the work attire of Japanese individuals. Rei’s vision of fashion is a level on its own. Rather than following the shape of the body, Rei uses oversized strips of fabrics to enclose it. This big, asymmetrical attire that is heavily layered will then be accessorized with flat footwear, and finished off with cosmetics and hair styles that would seem bizarre to many. According to her, pieces that are difficult to wear allows individuals to feel a new form of energy and a certain strength and that is exactly what she want give through Comme des Garcons. Mainstream western fashion pieces are also offered to people who are afraid to tap into the avant garde realm.

Wear your heart out of your chest with PLAY

If you are not someone who keeps up with everything fashion, then you would not know that a brand like Comme des Garcons exists. But thanks to one of the greatest collaboration in the world between Rei Kawakubo and Polish graphic artist, Filip Pagowski, PLAY by Comme des Garcons was created. Or to make it clearer, PLAY is a collection of apparels with a small, red cheeky heart shaped logo that everyone seems to wear everywhere.

Launched in 2002, the PLAY collection was described as “a sign, a symbol, a feeling”. The ultra-famous and iconic logo was designed by Filip Pagowski who appeared in various Comme des Garcons shoots and fashion shows. But his collaboration with Comme des Garcons had nothing to do with his connection to the brand but because of the PLAY heart image. He got the idea to a red heart and a set of eyes all of a sudden and the first draft was chosen for the PLAY collection.

The PLAY line is not designed with a free spirit in mind and not tied down to follow seasonal changes. It uses simple color patette, with the usage of Pagowski’s logo iin warious ways, from applique patches placed on the left of the chest to multiple collage arrangements. This collection is targeted for everyone, men, women and children. But be warned, the PLAY line makes its wearer instantly part of the cult club of Comme des Garcons.

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