Being an outdoor enthusiast does not mean that you need to compromise looking great! With their wide array of outdoor clothing, Columbia Malaysia helps to keep you safe without compromising on comfort. Today, besides providing outdoor apparels, Columbia also produces stylish everyday wear. Read more about Columbia Malaysia’s clothes below.


Columbia Malaysia – Leading Brand in Outdoor Apparels

Columbia was established more than 70 years ago at Portland, Oregon to produce outdoor gear for Americans to enjoy outdoor activities. Gradually, Columbia has grown to be a global outdoor sportswear company. Today, it is an industry leader in outdoor apparel and products – offering high-quality products for outdoor lovers. With cutting-edge technology and its heritage, Columbia makes innovative outdoor apparels to keep you safe, warm, and comfortable in all situations – enabling you to enjoy the great outdoors safely.

Tough Mother that Drives the Brand Forward

Stirring Columbia into the successful company that it is today for the past 40 years is Chairman, Gert Boyle. Her tough mother persona and her infamous directive, “It’s perfect, now make it better,” has been the core principle and main driving force for Columbia. Gert never settles for less, that is why every Columbia apparel undergoes stringent testing before they are introduced to the public.

Columbia Malaysia - Tougher Outdoor Apparels to Enjoy the Outdoors Longer

People who love the outdoors will know that the outdoors bring many risks and dangers to adventurers. You might face unpredictable weather conditions, almost impassable routes, and other possible life-threatening obstacles during your ventures. Hence, having proper outdoor apparels that are durable and failproof is essential to ensure that the risks are mitigated and you remain safe while exploring the great outdoors.

Thanks to its decades of vast experience working with countless outdoor lovers, Columbia understands the needs of these individuals – making sure that they are continuously protected from harsh weather conditions and rough terrains. Hence, with Columbia’s range of outdoor gear, you can enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty with peace of mind.

Columbia Malaysia – More Than Just Outdoor Apparels

Traditionally, Columbia has built its reputation globally as a trusted outdoor apparels brand. However, its inventory is not limited to only outdoor wear as they have expanded their range of products. Columbia also produces everyday wear such as jackets, varieties of tops and bottoms, as well as footwear so that the everyone can enjoy Columbia’s trademark comfort and style. Columbia’s dedication to producing top quality apparels extend to their non-outdoor apparels as well, offering unrivalled comfort and quality without neglecting style and visual appeal.

Expand Your Wardrobe and Style Profile with Columbia Malaysia’s Everyday Wear

Despite being more renowned for their outdoor gear, Columbia still offers a wide selection of everyday wear for its consumers, such as:

Now that you know more about Columbia Malaysia, why not get yourself and your family some comfortable outdoor gear and everyday wear so that you can experience the great outdoors together for some family bonding time!