With more health and fitness conscious people emerging at this turn of the century, many new outdoor apparel brands have also come into the market with their respective apparel making technology. Among the brands in the market, one brand has stood the test of time and is still the top brand making apparel for the greater outdoors, sports and has also ventured into the production of watches. Columbia Sportswear enables wearers to keep on trying, to push boundaries and continue to try even harder to reach the next peak! Keep trying with Columbia Sportswear and greatness will follow.


Reasons to Love Columbia Malaysia

Mother Nature is blessed with breath-taking beauty but sometimes we are too occupied to truly enjoy it. As the global obesity rate continues to rise, our health and fitness is becoming an increasing concern which is why we should take the effort to start exploring the great outdoors as a form of exercise. Not only does it allow us to enjoy being outdoors, it also encourages us to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To make sure you are well-equipped for your outdoor explorations, Columbia Malaysia provides high-quality outdoor apparel and gear enhanced with Columbia Malaysia’s cutting-edge technology. An industry leader in outdoor apparel and sportswear with more than 70 years of history, Columbia Malaysia develops technology to ensure that you can keep yourself warm, dry, protected, and comfortable on your adventures.

Columbia Sportswear Technology

To be adventurous outdoors is not just about remote travels or conquering the world's highest mountains. Everyone can enjoy the outdoors; all you need to do is just open the door and go outside. From the peak of Everest to the local neighbourhood park, from jungle-trekking to cycling at the outskirts of your town, Columbia Sportswear Malaysia helps you enjoy your outdoor adventures anywhere you like them to be with its advanced technologized apparel.

Columbia Malaysia has a wide selection of apparel in its inventory for men, women, and kids. Amongst the apparel provided by the brand include:

  • Jackets and Vests – windbreakers, rain jackets, 3-in-1 interchangeable jackets, et cetera.
  • Tops – T-shirts, polo tees, sweatshirts and hoodies, and many more.
  • Bottoms – shorts, track bottoms, convertible pants, etc.
  • Footwear – Trail Running Shoes, Hiking Shoes, Sandals, Casual Shoes, Multisport Shoes, etc.
  • Accessories – Hats, scarves, gloves and mittens, leather wallets and belts, and socks
  • Equipment – Backpacks and bags, coolers, duffels and rollers, tents, and water bottles.

Not only does Columbia Malaysia offer a wide array of products for your next outdoor venture, the brand undergoes stringent and repeated tests to ensure that they are able to deliver as promised. The brand constantly undergoes research and development to ensure that their products are able to meet consumers’ needs and demands while ensuring safety and comfort. Among Columbia Malaysia’s unique patented apparel technology include:

Omni-Heat Reflective

A breathable warming technology with little silver dots that reflect and retain your body warmth, keeping you insulated in the cold. Sewn into the inner lining of your clothes and shoes, this technology retains the body heat your body generates and regulate your body temperature. Apparels and footwear that has the Omni-Heat Reflective technology have the following benefits:

  • Reflects body heat
  • Highly breathable
  • Reduces your need for bulky layers
  • Wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfortable

Out Dry

A one-piece patented construction process that offers a waterproof breathable barrier that is heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric. Seamless and gapless, this material effectively keeps water out and your body dry. Perfect if you are travelling in countries that rain often.

Omni Tech

A technology that offers air-permeable protection that is waterproof and breathable. Columbia Malaysia’s apparels that are equipped with Omni-Tech enables perspiration to evaporate quickly, providing additional comfort while you explore the great outdoors.

  • Breathable
  • Windproof
  • Air permeability allows perspiration to escape more effectively

Omni Tech technologies can be divided into several categories as follows:

  • Omni Wick – pulls moisture away from the body and enables perspiration to evaporate quickly, keeping wearers dry and comfortable, perfect for the hot and humid Malaysian weather.
  • Omni Wick Evap – a special compound that disperses sweat quickly across a broad surface area for accelerated evaporation, providing next-to-skin comfort, leaving wearers to feel dry while even sweating profusely.
  • Omni Dry – the ultimate waterproof technology that is designed to keep you dry inside and out during highly physical activity, regardless of the weather condition.
  • Omni Shade – Prolonged exposure to the sun’s scorching rays brings more harm than good. Omni Shade blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage so that you can enjoy the sun safely.
  • Omni Shield – A long-lasting water- and stain-repellent technology that helps you stay dry. It resists water from absorbing into the yarn and staining your apparel.

Providing variety and state-of-the-art technology, Columbia Sportswear Malaysia is your go-to brand for all your outdoor needs. Besides Columbia Sportswear Malaysia, you can also check out the products from The North Face and Timberland for high-quality apparel.