Want a bag that screams luxury, a bag that reflects your personality but does not hurt your wallet? Then Coccinelle has just the answers that you need. Find out more about the brand here.

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Coccinelle – A handbag that says it all

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence - which, I believe, does make the woman." – Mary Kay Ash

Let's face it, some days we only feel as good as what we're wearing. Self-confidence is a woman's best friend, but the right handbag is next in line. Hence why it's vital that you find the bag that will be there for you every day! Presenting, Coccinelle, an Italian brand that produces beauty beyond anything anyone has seen – handbags that makes a statement without you having to say anything. How can anything get cooler than that?

Coccinelle – Where tradition meets beauty and elegance

Coccinelle, a brand of reference in the production of bags and accessories in the accessible luxury sector, was founded by the Mazzieri family in Parma in 1978, where its head office is currently located. An eye for detail, quality, refined design and study of current trends: these are the distinctive characteristics of Coccinelle products which have always been synonymous with sophisticated style and Italian design. Each product is produced using the most authentic traditional craftsmanship: refined stylistic choices are combined with the use of precious, exclusive materials. The investment in research and technology guarantees the production of innovative collections, featuring a highly precise, recognisable style.

The great attention paid to design and trends, the quality of the hides and materials used, the importance of detail and the special finishes that are combined with high quality-control and management standards allows Coccinelle to produce practical, perfectly crafted products that make an impact.

Being the amazing brand that they are, Coccinelle is sold all over the world through a well-established network of flagship stores, shops in some of the best international department stores and corners in the leading multi brand stores in Italy and abroad. Coccinelle is present in 50 single brand stores and in approximately one thousand multibrand stores throughout Italy and the rest of the world.

Coccinelle – The icons that are to die for

Not every bag is born to be an icon: only those that capture at first glance and wrap the woman in natural elegance. Coccinelle’s icons distinguish themselves by their handcrafted details, their carefully manufactured leather and their shapes, conceived to enhance any style. A timeless bag is every woman’s best friend, the companion for every day and for special occasions.

Perine Bag
Refined, simple, soft: It's the DNA of the new icon bag by Coccinelle. Dedicated to dynamic, independent, happy women. #FeelGood. Coccinelle presents this easy-chic shopping bag, with roomy shapes and minimal design. The particular combination of hides, and the contrast between sharp mats and natural nuances make Perine the season's icon. It-bag for the dynamic and perfectly contemporary woman who wishes to declare her personality with a light and urban chic style.
Arlettis Bag
Arlettis is a new way of thinking of every woman’s favorite accessory, a certainty of style for the contemporary femme loving the iconic design of a bag. The come-back of Coccinelle's it-bag with its musts: essential line, a precious stirrup-shaped buckle, sartorial details. Arlettis' silhouettes evolve for the new season according to the women's urban chic life-style: among others, new variations such as the small and precious Smart, or clutch-bags with hides manufactured to become icons of sport-glam style.
B14 Bag
With its perfectly balanced silhouette, both timeless and modern, B14, the bag first designed for Spring/Summer Season 2015, is still the icon also for this season. A clean shape remains this bag's main character, while its soul is strongly glamorous thanks to the precious silvery metal details that add a touch of light to every version of this "it-bag": from the elegant ladybags to the mini versions and delicious clutch bags. An it-bag asserting itself in its line while meeting new colors, from honey to lime, but also the more vitaminic orange, green and strawberry. And again: precious variations in always up-to-date calf, over to python and net inserts or ultra-chic bags with contrast stitching.

Cocinelle – #feelgood ladies of the brand

Women by Coccinelle are feminine, committed and conscious: Glamour and smart, they are capable of interpreting every trend without forgetting their own personalities. It is to them that Coccinelle dedicates a line of urban and trendy bags and accessories. The season's trends are reinterpreted and not imposed: Simple but never banal shapes, femininity without excess and contemporary details.

Thanks to its expertise in the area of leather industry, Coccinelle is a brand capable of telling authentic stories and of interpreting Italian style in a fresh, sparkling manner. Perfect synthesis of quality going beyond fashion trends, and attention for detail: This makes each bag by Coccinelle a classic to re-edit in time. Not just a bag... pure style.

#FeelGood is a state of mind for all women to identify. What distinguishes them? The color they prefer, the more or less soft silhouette they choose, the rather fresh element or evergreen detail they combine. Common denominator: They to live their own style, their own mood, in total freedom. Coccinelle is the women's companion towards this absolute choice, turning bags or accessories into daily emotions. Natural mood for natural look.

Cocinelle – Getting you ready for the season of love

With summer being around the corner, its time where love blooms and save the date invitations are sent out. Here are some way you can face these beautiful days ahead with style.

A touch of peach, a delicate leaf of mint and a generous bouquet of white roses: spring mood also for the Arlettis clutch bag, iconic, chic, ideal for a wedding en plein
Beach party and relaxed late dinner with dj setting down the mood. Weddings change, outfits too: a must-have is the wrist clutch studded with pink glitter.
The sunlight, the hills of Sicily and scents of the citrus groves to perfume the atmosphere: for the long weekend dedicated to the best friend's wedding, the vitaminic and summery touch of the B14 minibag is essential.
Sunset in a historic Palazzo, suffused lighting, guests seated for a classical and sophisticated dinner: The perfect clutch bag is the Arlettis in veal with crocodile print, even more precious with its jewel-like shoulder strap.
Romantic, delicate, in love: The wedding's witness who fears to be moved to tears finds the solution in this small Arlettis shoulder bag in softest nuances.

No matter if you want the iconic Perine bag or a glittery clutch bag or just a large tote bag for all your essentials, get them today from Coccinelle exclusively at iprice.