Coca-Cola is best known as a beverage in Malaysia but it has other practical uses that will make life so much easier. Here is a list of amazing things you can do with Coke.


9 Unusual Yet Mind-Blowing Uses for Coca-Cola

No doubt, Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soda brands in the world, almost everyone recognizes its ubiquitous logo. Thus, it is not a surprise that many people all over the world love and drink Coke. However, there’s more to Coke than being just a beverage. There’s a lot of other things you can do with it. From removing rust on your car bumper to eliminating grease stains, here are 9 strange yet amazing uses for Coke that will blow your mind.


In some countries, like India, Coca-Cola is used for pest termination since it is cheaper and as effective as a pesticide. The reason why it is efficient in killing pests is because of its high sugar content. However, this claim was refuted by the company as the drink does not have the ingredients suited for making pesticides. Today, this method of pest control is still used in farming by many Indians.


It is known that Coke can get rid of rust. You can use it to polish your rust-ridden car bumper, tools, and many other things. To eliminate rust from your tools, put them in a little container and bathe them in Coke. Let them sit for a few hours, then wipe clean. The same goes when you want to clear rust from your car bumper, just splash it with Coke, wait a few hours, then wipe it with a piece of cloth or sponge.

Eliminates stubborn grease stains

To save money from expensive stain removers, you can use Coke to remove stubborn grease stains. Just put your stained clothing in the wash and let them settle for a couple of hours. Together with the detergent, the stains will be eliminated, making your clothes deodorized. The strong compounds found in Coke like carbonic and phosphoric acid are powerful enough to remove these stains.

A cure for an upset stomach

Many people believe in Coca-Cola's beneficial effects on healing stomachache. But the truth is there is no scientific evidence to back up such claim. There are also claims that Coca-Cola can help restore electrolytes after experiencing diarrhea. But Coke does not contain enough potassium or sodium for it to replenish electrolytes and enable rehydration. Nevertheless, many people feel better after they take a sip from the carbonated drink. This is because they become used to it as a remedy. The burping caused by drinking Coke lowers the pressure and gas buildup in your stomach which in turn can make you a feel a little better.

Remedy for Jellyfish Stings

No doubt, jellyfish stings spoil the fun while frolicking in the sea. So, it’s recommended to carry some protective lotions to treat the pain and irritation in case you get stung. But if you are looking for a cheap alternative to anti-jellyfish sting lotions, then a bottle of Coke is your best bet. To use Coke as a remedy for jellyfish stings, just continuously pour Coke on the affected area for half a minute to stop the effect of the venom and relieve the pain.

Barbeque Sauce

Coca-Cola is not just a beverage but can also be an ingredient for making barbecue sauces. These sauces also work great as dipping sauces and salad dressings. To make a delectable barbecue sauce using Coca-Cola, first warm a saucepan over moderate heat. Next, add 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and 2 tablespoons of minced onions, and cook. Stir constantly until the onion appears translucent. Then, add 1 cup of ketchup, 3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, ½ teaspoon of black pepper, and 1 cup of Coca-Cola. Stir the mixture constantly and increase heat to high. Once the sauce thickens, reduce the heat to moderate-low. If the mixture is thick enough and has the right smoky-sweet taste, turn off the heat and cool slightly. Basting this tasty sauce on ribs or drumsticks will surely make delicious barbecues, perfect for outdoor grilling.

Cleans Burnt Pots and Pans

Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub the grime sticking to pots and pans, there would still be some pesky residue left. Pouring them with Coke, on the other hand, will loosen the grime so you can get rid of it easily. With that, your pots and pans will again be shiny and polished, accentuating your kitchen and dining experience.

Helps Polish Copper and Brass Jewelry

If you have some tarnished copper jewelry or hardware, soaking them in Coke will loosen the tarnish. Together with a stiff brush, scrub the stain off to make your copper accessories and tools become tarnish-free and have a bright finish again.

Helps Clean Frost Off Windshields

Coke can be used to defrost the ice that settles on the car windows in places that experience winter. Just pour it on a frosted windshield and wait until the ice softens to make it easy to scrape off.