Smell great with Coach perfumes in Malaysia. Tantalize your senses and let your imagination flow with the brand's Eau de Parfum collections. Here are some fragrances that you may be interested in.


Coach Eau de Parfum Fragrances that would Elevate Your Senses

Smelling good is part and parcel of a great confidence. We want to not only smell good but have our perfume to complement our natural body smell. One exotic perfume brand brings out this feature perfectly – Coach. Coach perfume consist of Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette. Bringing natural scented oils into contact with your skin, these fragrances give you an amazing olfactory beauty. Let’s look at Coach Eau De Parfum collection and what makes these perfumes elevate your senses. Here are some you might want to get.

You can’t go wrong with Coach Poppy Collection

So you want to smell good. But where do you start? Start right here with the Coach perfumes Poppy Collection. The Poppy collection consists of these lovely scents such as the Coach Poppy Blossom, Coach Poppy Flower, and Coach Poppy Signature. Made with a feminine, flowery fragrance, these varieties bring out a beautiful persona from every spray.

Coach Poppy Flower

One of the long-time favorites among Coach’s Eau De Parfum collection, the Coach Poppy Flower fragrance brings deep floral notes along with citrus and berry top notes. You also get subtle hints of amber wood, sandalwood, apricot skin, and musk. Combined, these elements bring out a moderate lasting fragrance throughout the day. Although the Poppy Flower doesn’t bring a distinct

Coach Poppy Blossom

Another in the collection of floral perfumes, the Coach Poppy Blossom is described as a sweet-smelling perfume. It opens with notes of litchi, Mara strawberry, mandarin, and freesia. It is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP. It is reviewed as a soft to moderate smelling fragrance that is easy on the senses yet tantalizing enough to be used in a seductive manner. Compared to the Poppy Flower, the Blossom is more feminine and gives a cute vibe.

Now that you know more about Coach Eau De Parfum, you might want to get them online. As many of these are available for a limited time only, you have to grab these offers today to get them. Also check out Coach Eau De Toilette here in Malaysia.

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